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Dominique Berte, or diminutive, Mimi – the second of four daughters of a professor of Greek and Latin Radames Giuseppe Berta and elementary school teacher Mary Salvino Dato. The eldest daughter is called Leda, after Mimi were born Loredana (which became known as a singer) and Olivia. Domenica was born September 20, 1947 in the town of Bagnara Calabria, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy.

Later, his father was appointed director of the lyceum in northern Italy, and left his wife and children. As soon become apparent musical talent Mimi Mama Maria Salvin takes her to Milan, is knocking at the Recording Studio, brings dating to the right people, and eventually to the point that in the 16-year-old Mimi Bertha recorded his first single I miei baci non puoi scordare / Lontani dal resto del mondo. Later, Mimi appears on the sign at the time of disco Piper in Rome – along with Patty Pravo and Renatino, which then becomes Renato Zero. The period 1963-1966 is marked by the release of a number of singles under the name Mimi Bertha – usually it is the Italian version of the English songs.

In 1969 Domenica Bertha falls in Sardinia in jail – if it were discovered drugs. Father Giuseppe Radames arrives in Sardinia and publicly renounces his daughter, as a result of becoming the hero of the song Padre davvero (the relationship between father and daughter will recover only in the 90s, shortly before leaving Mimi). And while Mimi change name and how Mia Martini (Mia in honor of Mia Farrow and Martini as a tribute recognizable Italian brand, thus emphasizing its Italian entity) in 1971 released his first solo album, Oltre la collina, half of the songs to which (Oltre la collina, Gesu` e` mio fratello, Lacrime di marzo, Testamento, Amore … un corno) writes aspiring composer and singer Claudio Baglioni. In the 70 years Mimi annually produces discs and write to her by authors such as Antonello Venditti (Ma quale amore) Amedeo Minghi (Io e la musica, Ma sono solo i giorni), Franco Califano (Il guerriero, Minuetto), Dario Baldan Bembo (Minuetto, Agapimu`, Donna sola, La nave, Piccolo uomo), Bruno Lauzi (Per amarti, Neve bianca). Umberto Tozzi (Io ti ringrazio). Lyrics and music of many of his songs Mimi writes itself, including the Greek text Agapimu`.

In 1977, Mia Martini represents Italy on the song Eurofestival Libera and occupies 13th place. During this period she married Ivano Fossati and becomes his muse. Musician-wagon, composer and singer of Genoa, the former lead singer of Delirium Mimi writes for one of her best albums Danza (1978), which includes such hits as Danza, Vola and La costruzione di un amore. He also writes for Mimi E non finisce mica il cielo, with whom she will perform for the first time in San Remo and won the critics, which in 1996 will be called “The Prize Mia MartiniĀ».

In 1982, the output of the first video program Mimi Musicalmente Mia Martini (recording of the concert in Switzerland) and one of the best albums of Quante volte … ho contato le stelle songs Ivano Fossati, Gianni Bella (Nuova gente), Mimmo Cavallo (Guariro` guariro` ) and even Riccardo Cocciante (L`equilibrista). After the 1983 live album Miei compagni di viaggio comes six years pause.

Mia MartiniMia Martini
Mia MartiniMia Martini
Mia MartiniMia Martini

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