Massimo Ranieri

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Massimo Ranieri.

Massimo Ranieri (ital. Massimo Ranieri; b. 3 May 1951, Naples, Italy) – Italian singer, actor, theater director and television presenter. The winner of the Festival of San Remo in 1988 with the song «Perdere L’amore» . Two-time participant of the song “Eurovision” from Italy (1971, 1973). According to many, one of the greatest Italian pop singers in history.


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Kalona Giovanni was born the fifth of eight children in a poor family of Umberto and Giuseppina. In order to somehow help the parents, Giovanni very early starts (one of the first professions – Apprentice courier, newspaper vendor, baristas and singer in the holidays). In 1964 his vocal notes Gianni Aterrano, who later introduces a gifted child with Sergio Bruni. They leave in the United States, where Giovanni gets his first alias Gianni Rock . which performs at Academy in Brooklyn. Under the same pseudonym is recorded and the first mini-album. His first fee Giovanni decides to give her older sister, who really wanted to get married and raise a family.

1966 became a pivotal year in his career, as a result of which Giovanni Kalona will forever Massimo Ranieri. This name was chosen to show ambition (um. massimo – the maximum), and the name – a tribute to Prince Rainier of Monaco III. However, the first works were signed simply – Ranieri, later added the name – Massimo. In the same year he participates in the popular television transmission Canzonissima pop with the song L’amore è una cosa meravigliosa . It was the first big success.

In 1967, Massimo Cantagiro won the festival with the song Pietà per chi ti ama . The following year, the first time takes part in the Festival of Sanremo with the song Da bambino .

In 1969, Ranieri performs at Sanremo with the song Quando l’amore diventa poesia . He will return to the festival only after 19 years. Later involved in Cantagiro with Rose Rosse . The success of the song was deafening. She is 13 weeks did not fall below second place in the national charts and was ranked sixth in the Italian ranking of sales in 1969. The song was also performed in Spanish, but not only for release in Spain and Latin America and even in Japan. Also in 1969, Massimo involved in the transfer Canzonissima with Rose Rosse . ‘O sole mio and takes the third place with the song Se bruciasse la città . In January 1970 he released his first album, Massimo Ranieri .

Since 1970, active in films and theater plays.

Massimo twice represented Italy in the Eurovision Song “Eurovision”, finishing fifth in 1971 with the song «L’amore è un attimo», and in 1973 – the thirteenth place with the song «Chi sarà».

Massimo RanieriMassimo Ranieri
Massimo RanieriMassimo Ranieri
Massimo RanieriMassimo Ranieri

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