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    Interview Date: 12.12.1985

– Gianni, and what is your favorite song?

– My favorite and most important song, “There once was a guy” – I sing it for many years. But in December of last year in Rome, participating in a Peace March and protest together with its many parties against the plans of the Reagan turn Italy into a base for their nuclear missiles, I especially felt that this song – my arms. With what joy I sang it at Peace March in Rome, and then here, in Moscow. – Tell me a love for music you have with childhood?

– Yes, in my family we loved to sing folk songs. When I grew up, my father sent me to sing in the local festivities. There and fed and given money. In 13 years, he launched the “tour”of the Emilia-Romagna region with”his” orchestra of earning money for the family. – And what brings you to a large variety art?

– I was “discovered”by the poet Franco Migliaccio. It was with a song in his words,”I was driving at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour,”I made my debut. In 1961 he published my first album, where there was this song and”Go-cards a twist.”It was a time of myths, and I was one of them -“simple Italian guy with a guitar.” – What happened six years ago?

– You see, when in the 60s I was singing “The girl’s eyes,””On my knees in front of you.””Toy”, is all arranged. And producer and impresario. and listeners. Let’s just make a reservation: some listeners? Those who took a sample of outlandish hits, mostly American, worshiped primarily to them and from Italian artists demanded absolute copy. But we must not forget that we, Italians, have every reason to be proud of her, the national song tradition. I was sure that this tradition viable. It was necessary to someone to prove truths. But I am, “Pariah village”, is listened to? I had time to leave the scene, forget the way to the recording studio and go to the Roman Academy of Music Site Cecilia. When I started to study, I vowed to return to the stage, for without it he could not. And “guy with a guitar”in front of you. I am eager to move away from the alien Italian folk song hits. Now, together with the poet Jude Mughal, who wrote the words to my songs, I’m working on creating a repertoire of”classical singer,”which no one be confused, and that is really needed by the people. – After 60 years in your repertoire came the song”world has changed”, you nicknamed “mafioso”and”Communist-millionaire.”

– One day, it seems, in 1971, to be held in the theater of my concerts Vigorelli. Perhaps, the organizers have decided to err, but soon they decided one stone to kill two birds: “combined”I was with a group of”Led Zeppelin”superstars”hard rock.” It was a dramatic evening. Coming on the scene, I felt a frenzy room, stunned rock. What business was it of his fellow youths to singing in his native Italian. It was then that I realized that it is necessary to escape. But I did not quit the scene just then, although he could do so immediately. I did not want to disappoint his parents, who taught me to sing, brought into the world and dreaming of the glory of his son. I went to the theater, he began to act in films from Pietro Germi, seriously interested in bel canto music by Mussorgsky, Vivaldi, Rossini. In short, all that is subsequently rendered a repute for admission to the Conservatory and while studying there. – Did you remember the performance of 65-year on the stage of the Green Theater in Gorky Park for your first visit to the Soviet Union?

– a memorable day not only for me but for all my friends – we have members of the popular song festival “Kantadzhiro.” Then we gave only one concert in front of the Muscovites, and they took us to a very warm, very much. To be honest, the idea come to your country with the big tour I was born then. And how could I dream that almost twenty years later, it will be possible! I think of all the awards and honors as the most valuable, I will keep the Gold Medal of the Soviet Peace Fund, handed me a cosmonaut Vladimir Aksenov after a concert at Luzhniki World. – Are you going to come here yet?

– Of course! It will be very soon!

Gianni Morandi

Gianni Morandi (Gianni Morandi) – Italian musician, winner of the festival in San Remo in 1987.

Gianni Morandi was born in 1944. The first album was recorded in 1963. Famous singers brought the song “Andavo a cento all’ora” (“I went to one hundred kilometers per hour”). Morandi peak of popularity came in the 60s. Then its popularity has somewhat subsided, but he remains one of the most famous figures of the Italian show business.

In 1970, Gianni Morandi represented Italy at the “Eurovision”with the song”Occhi di ragazza” (“the girl’s eyes”), where he took the 8th place. In 1972, for the first time he took part in the Festival of San Remo.

In the 80s, Gianni writes various singles, among them: “Marinaio”and”La mia nemica amatissima”. The Last Song became the hallmark of the artist – she wins the popular vote in Totip Festival of Sanremo 1983. In the same year, Morandi performs a tour of the Soviet Union. The film-concert with various humorous scenes with his participation shows Soviet television. In 1987, the singer finally took 1st place at the Festival of Sanremo with the song “Si puo dare di piu” (“You can give more”).

Gianni Morandi also starred in several films, one of them (“The Power of Love”, La forza dell’amore) – along with his daughter Marianne.

During his career Gianni has recorded more than three dozen albums and has sung more than 400 songs. The total circulation of CDs sold exceeded 30 million. At the moment the singer continues active studio and touring.

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Gianni MorandiGianni Morandi
Gianni MorandiGianni Morandi
Gianni MorandiGianni Morandi

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