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The WHO HAS SEEN? / Advances and live streaming episode on Sept. 9, 2015: The Case of.

PAMELA MEADOWS, THE PHOTOS FROM BACKSTAGE OF CAN ‘DO – In the first episode of “You can do”, aired tonight on Rai Uno, we will know the contestants of the reality show presented by Carlo accounts and among them there is also the showgirl Pamela Prati. The former star of Bagaglino has posted on his Instagram account a photo of herself backstage of “You can do”: Pamela wearing an elegant white gown and gold and sensually reclines his head back, beside her a beacon used for the photo shoot. The photo has been well accepted by his many fans, who have awarded more than 220 like. Click here to see the photo

YOU CAN ‘DO 2015, WHO IS PAMELA MEADOWS Among the competitors of the program “You can do” there will be Pamela Prati. She is a famous Italian showgirl, which experienced its period of greatest popularity in the nineties. Pamela Prati is the stage name of Paola Pireddu; In fact, the maid has Sardinian origin. After a difficult childhood in his native land, the Meadows moved to Rome when he was 18 to find work as a saleswoman; for her pleasant personality, she was discovered by a modeling agency who suggested they begin to pursue this profession. Among the seventies and eighties he worked in a television broadcast of a local network, and posed for several shots of men’s magazines. Meanwhile, he also took part in the film’s sexy Italian comedy at the time.

Its popularity grew in the field, especially after Adriano Celentano chose it for the cover of his album. Finally, in 1988, Pamela Prati was noticed by Pier Francesco Pingitore, who wanted her as the first woman in the shows of “Bagaglino”, first in theater, and then on television. This was the most successful period for Pamela Prati, when it was also called the co-hosting of many important shows of that era, such as “you know the latest?”Or”Seriously.” At the same time, he also continued to exercise his profession as a model. After a break from the stage, since 2000 has again been called upon to cooperate with the Bagaglino, showing how the passage of time she seems to have no obvious effect.

Even in recent years he has continued to the stage, playing as an actress in a drama aired in 2011, “Do not stop dreaming,” and other productions for the small screen. Besides being a good dancer, Pamela Prati is also a good singer, he recorded several albums containing mostly the initials of its programs. As it is now common for many women of the show, even Pamela Prati few years has a partner much younger than her. The difference between the two is 22 years old and his name is Francis. Despite the many have asked if he plans to marry the beautiful showgirl has always hinted that perhaps his life is now gone in another direction, but declared himself happy because he has so many grandchildren, the children of his brothers. In 2014 he decided to take the sacrament of confirmation, and many thought it was the prelude to a wedding, but the maid has revealed that he only wanted to complete a course, in the way that had not been granted when she was a girl.

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Pamela PratiPamela Prati
Pamela PratiPamela Prati
Pamela PratiPamela Prati

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