Joss Stone

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Joss Stone

More recently, it was an ordinary girl, a student at the school is typically English, but now the identity of Joss Stone can be safely put into a list with such famous soul performers like Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin. Joss Stone’s voice has truly unique features – many listeners can not believe that this charming and profound singing belongs to such a young girl. Even more unusual, and that the girl has a “Scandinavian”appearance, which is not typical for the artists of the”southern”soul. As acknowledged by the singer, it seems very strange that people share music on”white”and”black”because the voice does not depend on the color of skin. In addition, it adds Joss perform any song, it can only be when her soul will survive everything what the song says. This harmony of simplicity and nature of philosophical thinking helped the singer get love from critics and ordinary listeners, who are already fed up similar to each other soul stars of the scene. Joss Stone’s first album came out about six months ago and is called «The Soul Session». After the release of their debut album, listeners began calling the singer”the future of blue-eyed soul.” Just it learned that Elton John offered Joss to sing a duet, and Simply Red singer was invited to tour together in America.

Joss Stone – the stage name of the singer, now also the name – Joscelyn Eve Stoker. Joss was born April 11th, 1987 in Dover, United Kingdom. With eight years old girl lived with her parents in the eastern county of Devon, in the provincial city Uffkulm. Together with Joss family consisted of four children. My parents loved music, so they are often in the house was music: idols or mother – Aretha Franklin and Tracy Chapman, or the idols of his father – Jam and the Clash.

According to Joss parents, they always knew their daughter has a unique voice, but no one could not imagine that in the future Joss Stone will be known to the whole world with his talent. Joss herself says that her experience of singing has never been in the choir, she did not speak, and only occasionally put a record on the turntable, and sang to her. After hearing the first time a song Whitney Houston «I Will Always Love You» starlet long been under the impression. After a while, Joss saw on television advertising of a new collection of songs Aretha Franklin, and he asked my mother to give this drive for the Christmas holidays. And that’s the song that the singer subsequently changed the life of a young girl.

Joss young career began with televizinnogo competition «Star For A Night», where she was involved. As she recalls Joss, she sought to win this competition, and decided just to take part, as was sure can sing better than some of the participants. And she was not going to get on TV, after many auditions. Joss said that to take first place helped her usual luck.

After winning the TV contest, managers Boiler House Boys signed a contract with the young talent. They immediately took up the device hard career Joscelyn. The first step was to change her name – Jocelyn Eve Stoker became Joss Stone. Though the singer and liked the name, but she agreed to share the stage Joss Jocelyn from home. Says the girl, some part of the family I had to stay.

The next stage of career advancement Joss was the choice of professional producers, who would be able to teach students all the hidden talents of the singer in the best possible way. Such people were few, and managers, without thinking twice, chose the founder of S-Curve and former chief executive Steve Greenberg Atlantic Studios (Steven Greenberg).

Steve Greenberg, listened to Joss, was delighted with the singer’s voice and immediately agreed to sign a girl on his label. Recording the first album Joss Stone was held in a professional recording studio in Miami, where they had been brought well-known stars of the genre Nile Rogers (ex-drummer of Chic) and Desmond Child. To give shape and faceting voice Joss Stone asked the famous soul singer Betty Wright, who learned about the world in the 70 years after the song «Clean Up The Woman». At the end of the recording Betty Wright said that this voice – a gift from above, it can neither explain nor understand.

In 2003, Joss Wright and Greenberg began working on a cover version of the song «I’ve Fallen In Love With You», which performed Carl Thomas (Carla Thomas). The result is a rather unusual version that has sent all the work the other way.

According to the memoirs of Greenberg, a cover version of the song does not fit to the future of the album, but when Joss sang it, all were delighted with the quality and beauty of performance. Then Steve got the idea that you can record a few cover songs, which will be like the initial stage before the release of the whole album, thereby Joss released to the public even before the radio will twist her songs. Album «The Soul Sessions» was published September 16, 2003-th. On the cover of the disc is very Joss Stone, whose face was hidden in the shadows, she stood behind the microphone, used forty years ago. As she says, the idea is to cover the fact that it is much more important than the music itself, not the style of the artist. This is not normal when people buy CDs because the cover is stylish, pretty girl. The image will not be able to make a man of the singer, so it’s best to listen to the singer, and not to look at it.

The album «The Soul Sessions» instantly interested critics and journalists, and then the usual audience. No one could believe that such a charming, but at the same time a strong voice belongs to a very young girl. In an article the journalist wrote Rolling Stone that the singer looks like Britney Spears, but sings like Whitney Houston, and then called it a future of young talent, “blue-eyed soul».

The first single of the album «The Soul Sessions» was the song «Fell In Love With A Boy». According to the singer and producer, the single will be happy as younger and older generation. It is noteworthy that «Fell In Love With A Boy» released immediately in the form of “video single” without performing on the radio.

Normally, before the release of their debut album on the radio pilot run single on which then prepared the opinion of the artist. But, according to Greenberg, the album «The Soul Sessions» does not require a single. Steve plans to fruition just as expected – the rumors about the singer began to spread very quickly, on the advice of friends and acquaintances, people come to the store and bought the debut album. Once students started talking about Joss, Steven Greenberg decided to release the video.

In 2004, the video Joss Stone hit the charts on MTV and VH1. This in turn significantly increased the number of sales of the album. In March 2004 «The Soul Sessions» went gold, that is, it has sold more than 500,000 copies.

February 24, 2004, the year Joss took part in the TV show Jay Leno «Tonight Show», and after five days – 29 February at the Grammy award ceremony she sang a duet with Elton John (Elton John). Sting Joss invited to perform at his concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Joss said that was very afraid for the album «The Soul Sessions», because it consisted entirely of cover songs, but it might not appeal to the audience. But Joss still have not heard a negative comment about the album. Currently Joss fears that students may not like the songs of her own composition, but hopes that there will be people who will be delighted with her voice, and that the number of students will continue to grow.

In February 2005, Joss Stone has received 2 awards Award BRIT Awards as the best singer in the style of Urban and as the best female vocalist. At the ceremony in Joss duo Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams) performed the song «Angel». In the same year she received three statuettes Grammy at the Grammy Awards in nominations «Best New Artist», «Best Pop Vocal Album» for the album «Mind, Body & Soul» and «Best Female Pop Vocal Performance» for the song «You Had Me» . In summer 2005, Joss has recorded the soundtrack to the film «Fantastic Four» called «What Ever Happened to the Heroes».

In 2006 came Joss Stone released the album «Duets», which included songs sung with famous artists, including Sting, Elton John, Jessica Simpson, Donna Summer, John Legend and others. The singer took part in the filming of «Eragon», where she played the role of the witch.

The third album Joss «Introducing Joss Stone» was released in March 2007. And, of course, not without Grammy. At this time in the category «Best R & B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals».

In 2008, the media reported that Joss Stone finds due recognition at home in Britain. Singer focuses his artistic career more on overseas listeners. She recorded a song for the campaign of presidential candidate USA Barack Obama (Barack Obama), is also involved in the creation of the composition of the American hip-hop duo Clipse. In addition, at the end of the year in rolling out the film «Snapper», where Joss Stone played a major role – the role of controversial – role of a bad girl.

The next album Joss world saw 20 October 2009. Its name Colour Me Free! continues the theme of the previous plate on the cover naked body of Miss Stone ukrshaet intricate pattern with motifs of love and peace.

The last to date album LP1, the singer has released on his own label Stone’d Record, like critics and fans. Now Joss has full freedom of expression. She writes what he wants, writes as he wants, issues that she sees fit. Her lyrics are great, and the music, as always, superb. Her talent is not in place, and working in the right direction.

Discography Joss Stone:

Introducing Joss Stone (2007)

Duets (2006)

Mind, Body & Soul (2005)

The Soul Sessions (2004)

Joss StoneJoss Stone
Joss StoneJoss Stone
Joss StoneJoss Stone

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