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Biography Nick Drake

Nicholas Rodney Drake (Nicholas Rodney Drake) was born in Rengune, Burma, June 19, 1948 Rodney and Molly Drake. The work of his father, an engineer led to the fact that they moved from Burma to India (where she was born Nick’s older sister Gabrielle (Gabrielle), and finally in 1951 returned to England.

The family settled in the county of Warwickshire in a quaint village in the Ardennes forest Tenvorz (Tanworth-in-Arden). Beautiful Far Leys estate was large, but comfortable, and the family was happy there (since his parents moved).

Nick’s family was musical and provided the house a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy the world of music. Nick was an early attraction to classical music and since he was a small child, he had a desire to realize themselves in it. He learned to play the piano quickly and easily.

He attended local schools and eventually enrolled at the Marlborough (Marlborough) for boys. Students of the school prepared for university-level higher. It is here that Drake has become something of an outstanding athlete, winning several awards in athletics (he broke the school record for running 100 meters in a certain time). He also became captain of his rugby team.

He was a member of the school orchestra and as a hobby engaged in playing the clarinet and saxophone.

Nick loved to listen to folk and rock, and was also a big fan of Beatles. He asked his parents a guitar, and, feeling that it could be just a phase, before returning to the piano, they fulfilled his request. But ultimately, Drake has invested in its own six-string acoustic guitar and diligently studied the basics and perfecting his own style of playing intricate bust fingers. Allegedly, he coped with his chosen instrument for a few months and devoted himself to the creation of music.

Drake confirmed their knowledge of the English College in Cambridge Fittsuilyams (Fitzwilliams College in Cambridge), and in addition to writing songs with his head immersed in reading. He loved poetry and was a big fan of William Blake (William Blake).

Nick began performing in Cambridge, and at age 20, he caught the ear Fairport Convetion Hatkinsa Ashley (Ashley Hutchings). Hatkins led him to Boyd producer Joey (Joe Boyd), and after listening to recordings of Nick Boyd offered him a record deal, and in the studio. (In 1970, Island Records bought Witchseason Productions Joey Boyd).

During his career Nick has recorded only three full-length albums – Five Leaves Left in 1969, Bryter Layter in 1970, and finally the Pink Moon in 1972.. His vision of his music, sound, and her performance was something he could not afford to compromise. This force is contrary to his low-key nature. But where the ferocity led him, it’s the desire to make a tour, so a major part of his foresight was deceived. In addition to all albums Drake got sluggish reviews, and was performed a few “live” concerts.

Once Pink Moon Nick became deeply depressed and retired to his sanctuary Far Leys. He began to shun his close friends and his parents became more and more anxious. They finally turned to professional help, and Nick was prescribed antidepressants.

He was able to come to the fact that in 1974 he returned to the studio and recorded four more songs. His last work, tired and gloomy, tells the story of a young man terribly lost and depressed. “Black Dog”, for example, seems to be talking about his acceptance of death.

In October of this year, Drake went to France to reunite with his friend and fellow folk singer Francoise Hardy (Francoise Hardy). Previously, she has expressed interest in recording some of the songs of Nick. Drake returned to England with some optimism.

the night of 24 November 1974, while in Far Leys, Nick woke up. He suffered from insomnia, but was in a good mood. It was not an unusual case, and his mother, Molly often bedridden and was with him. That night, she heard a fragment of his favorite classical music wafting from the player, and, for reasons she still can not explain, she decided to return.

It is known that Nick has mixed his antidepressants (Triptizol) pills to sleep and drink a few to sleep. What never talked to Nick and his parents, was the fact that excess doses of at least one tablet deadly. Nick barely returned to bed and died quietly in his sleep. Molly found him the next day early in the morning. She recalls how peeked out the door and saw “his long, long legs,” his lying across the bed. Nick Drake was only 26 years old.

Nick buried in the far corner of the cemetery in the Ardennes forest Tenvorz. His modest tombstone towers over the countryside, dotted with hills and meadows, the most suitable place of burial of a man so admired the generous gifts of nature.

Nick DrakeNick Drake
Nick DrakeNick Drake
Nick DrakeNick Drake

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