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Jill Johnson always says that there’s a country lover in us all – it probably rings true, particularly coming from someone who succeeds in conveing a music style the way she does. Even though today’s Jill isn’t just about country. Today’s Jill paints from a palette where country shares a place with rootsy rock, exemplified by one of her latest albums, ”A Woman Can Change Her Mind”. That album took Jill a step towards the status of a ”rock-roots” artist.

”I’d say that “A Woman Can Change Her Mind” is, more or less, chapter two of “Flirting With Disaster”, in the sense that the sound was established at the moment of writing. The last album gave country a rock-edge while this album had a rock-roots sound with a country-edge”, explains Jill.

Jill Johnson’s enormous drive and energy has always lit up her projects and has been the unifying factor throughout her artistic career. It’s not enough for her to allow herself to lean back and just bask in the glow of her success – Jill needs to push the boundaries. She has launched out into the international arena during the last years, with the album, ”Flirting With Disaster” being released across Europe, and a European tour with American country artist, Toby Keith plus a duet with Lionel Richie on his latest album, ”Tuscegee”. The release of ”A Woman Can Change Her Mind” also gave her the opportunity to do a duet with Rascal Flatts; ”Come Wake Me Up” as well as one with Nathan Chapman; Nobody’s Gettin’ Out Of this Love Alive”. In the Summer of 2013 Jill Johnson opened for Rascal Flatts on their European tour as well as doing ”Come Wake Me Up” with them on stage.

For a number of years and on all her latest albums Jill has collaborated with the writing with close friends, Grammy awarded Liz Rose, Lisa Carver and Pam Rose. In addition to them she also worked with Lori McKenna and Stephony Smith (Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks) on the ”A Woman Can Changer Her Mind” album.

”Just women, a lot of experience and a lot of truth”, says Jill with a smile.

”I’ve written with the same women for a number of years and the songs have developed into a more streamlined sound than previously without it being a conscious strategy. This time my new enthusiasm for playing the guitar, even as we write, probably unconsciously, has coloured the sound that comes from my song writing”, says Jill.

Jill has enjoyed a succession of sold out concerts during the course of the years. Jill has also found the time to record several duets with among others, Nina Persson, Kim Carnes, Ronan Keating, Chip Taylor and as previously mentioned, with Lionel Richie, Rascal Flatts and Nathan Chapman. These duets have, together with three newly recorded tracks, ended up on the album ”Duetterna” (The Duets), which was released in Sweden in October 2013.

Jill’s live band – who also have played on her latest albums – consists of musicians with whom Jill has worked for many years. They are all among the elite of Sweden’s musicians, each contributing significantly to both Jill’s and the albums’ sound.

As we’ve mentioned before Jill is very driven but also extremely creative as well as curious of new things, this has made her venture into a couple of brand new projects in fields she’s never visited before; TV and her very own floor show in one of Stockholm’s most legendary show establishments.

In the autumn of 2013 Jill recorded her own TV show with the title ”Jills veranda” (Jill’s Veranda). The programme was filmed in Nashville, and it was about exploring the roots of country music together with one special guest per show. One thing all the guests had in common was their love for country music! The show was broadcast on national TV this Winter and has become a huge success both in terms of viewing as well as critically acclaimed.

At the same time as the TV show was aired, Jill premiered with her very own floor show where she’s performing songs from her long career as a recording artist – the music ranges from pop, rock to rootsy country music! Also here she is accompanied by her live band as well as dancers and not to mention a fantastic scenography that give you the feeling of a Las Vegas show. In the fall they will bring the show to yet another stage, but this time in Gothenburg.

One of the most beloved and best selling artists in Sweden throughout the years is now ready to conquer the world!

Jill JohnsonJill Johnson
Jill JohnsonJill Johnson
Jill JohnsonJill Johnson

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