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Craig David

David Craig (Craig David) was born in Southampton, May 5, 1981. Music began to get involved at an early age, and most of all loved. Craig’s father also loved music and played in a band & # 171; Eboney Rockers & # 187 ;. He taught his son to play guitar. As a teenager Craig David began writing songs. And since 14 years got a job as a DJ on pirate radio station. specializing in garage music. From time to time Craig David was playing in local clubs.

His works he created in the style of rhythm and blues and reggae, until he met a musician to work with Mark Hill, a member of the electronic group. Marc has written the melody of the song under the code name. and Craig wrote to her words. The result was called co-creation.

The garage sound, plus a soft rhythm and blues voice of Craig have had unexpected success. The single was released on a small independent label, but differed so well in the clubs, which was re-released on a major. Steel & # 8470; 2 in the UK, and Craig David noticed. however, it was made mainly & # 171; for myself & # 187 ;. But first same thing with their debut album. published a single, immediately became the UK & # 8470; 1.

Almost simultaneously it was published the next working together with Craig David. The next single & # 171; 7 Days & # 187; again topped the charts, and, of course, suffered the same fate after released album Born To Do It. Now Craig David has become one of the top stars of the UK. On Brit Award, he was nominated in 6 categories, but for some reason did not get any. But on the festival & # 171; & # 187 black; Music Mobo (Music of Black Origin) Craig David got as much as 3 awards: as the best new artist, best performer in the style of rhythm and blues, and for best song & # 171; Fill Me In & # 187;.

The British soul singer Craig David was born in Southampton, May 5, 1981. Among the artists that influenced his work, Craig David Terence Trent D’Arby highlights, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. At age 14, David begins to take its first steps on a musical career, he finds a job at a local private radio station that specializes in garage music and DJing begins there with their favorite performers. A little later, he wants to become a professional DJ and takes lessons from his father’s friend DJ Flash, honing his skills at the club on Friday Juice. Author David talent seriously manifested when he won the national competition with the song & # 147; I’m Ready & # 148 ;. The song takes the third place in the national charts in the interpretation of the quintet Damage. This single has attracted the attention of David Mark Hill, a member of the famous duo Artful Dodger. Later, united, David Hill and realized that together they can write beautiful music.

& # 171; From the first day of our cooperation, we noticed that we can create a very interesting musical cocktail, & # 151; says David. & # 151; On the one hand my passion for hip-hop and rhythm and blues, and on the other side of Hill with his hobby garage music & # 187 ;. The first fruit of this cooperation was the track & # 147; Rewind & # 148; & # 151; You are dynamic with brilliant vocals David was a real club anthem and was on the second position of national charts. In 2000, Hill helped David produced the album & # 147; Born To Do It & # 148; and officially began the birth of a new star.

Eighteen singer Craig David from Southampton became the youngest artist to climb to the top spot of the national charts with his debut hit & # 147; Fill Me In & # 148; in March 2000. His second single & # 147; 7 Days & # 148; also hit the charts at once on the first position. The same fate awaited his debut album & # 147; Born To Do It & # 148 ;, released on Wildstar / Atlantic Records in summer 2000. In addition to the top spot in the charts in seven countries & # 147; Born To Do It & # 148; & # 151; lightweight blend of American rhythm and blues, hip-hop, pop music and the British dance music & # 151; goes platinum and multi-platinum worldwide. In October, David received three awards at the award ceremony MOBO Awards in London, including & # 171; Best Debut & # 187 ;, & # 171; best rhythm and blues singer & # 187; and & # 171; Best British Single & # 187; for the song & # 147; Fill Me In & # 148 ;. & # 171; It’s amazing. I, a man who came out of nowhere, terribly pleased today to receive all of these awards & # 187 ;, & # 151; David said. In January 2001, Craig has been nominated for the award BRIT Awards in six categories, including & # 171; Best Singer & # 187; and & # 171; best album & # 187; for & # 147; Born To Do It & # 148 ;, but to the great disappointment left from the ceremony empty-handed. His defeat at the BRIT singer compensated victory at the ceremony, Ivor Novello Awards in May, becoming the main winner and received three awards. In November, Craig was awarded two prizes at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The singer was named the best rhythm and blues performer and the best performer of the UK and Ireland. In late 2001, the band went into the first major North American tour. In November 2002, the musician has pleased his fans with a new album & # 147; Slicker Than Your Average & # 148 ;, it has worked in London and New York. One of the songs Craig recorded a duet with the legendary Sting.

Once the next series of concert performances, Craig decided that it was time to relax a bit. & # 171; the second album I recorded straight after the first. Climbed into the studio immediately after the concerts and began to work at full speed – says Craig. – At this time I realized that it is very important not to rush & # 187 ;. So in 2004, Craig just bought a house in London and decided to devote some time to communicate with your friends. When, finally, it’s time to start working on a new album, Craig has already been written about 20 songs. Working in collaboration with longtime partner Mark Hill, Craig wrote & # 147; The Story Goes & # 148; pretty quickly. & # 171; Vocally I’ve become more mature, and now I know their strengths and weaknesses & # 187 ;, – said Craig. – On this album a lot of personal, these things that I would not speak before, because I lacked confidence. Now I’m ready to talk openly about his life & # 187;.

The fourth album by David & # 147; Trust Me & # 148 ;, the singer was recorded mainly in Cuba, whose music he was carried away in earnest. This is especially reflected in the composition of passion & # 147; 6 of 1 Thing & # 148 ;, recorded with the participation of Cuban brass section. The first single & # 147; Hot Stuff (Let & # 146; s Dance) & # 148; was built around a sample from a David Bowie hit & # 147; Let & # 146; s Dance & # 148 ;, released in 1983. Also present on the album track track & # 147; This Is the Girl & # 148 ;, recorded together with rapper Kane.

With Craig David wants to cooperate celebrities. For example, Elton John said he believes his hope of British pop music. Perhaps the truth is that the reason for this in addition to the undoubted talent of the singer was his attractive vneshnostJ. Live classic Stevie Wonder also expressed a desire to record something with Craig. Moreover, it is, according to him, ready to begin work at any time of the young star. And how is Craig? And it turns out, wants to record something together with the sex-bomb Jennifer Lopez. It is quite understandable desire for the 20-year-old guy. Unfortunately, neither Craig nor Jennifer had no time for that. And what will be a beautiful couple! On the personal life of Craig David is not known. Of course, he had some girlfriends, experiences about which he sometimes expounded in the songs (such as & # 171; Walking Away & # 187;). However, it was up to & # 171; era of Fame & # 187 ;. Now the media are looking forward to new adventures that have to cover them in full. It was rumored that Craig had met one time with the former girlfriend of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys Willa Ford. But no one was confirmed. Although the beauty of Will, who has survived the storm of hatred on the part of the young fans of Nick, he could be a decent friend. She already took place.

Craig David is still listening to a lot of music. House has a huge collection of CDs, which he is proud. Journalists constantly ask him what he fed from independent music in pop music. But Craig with dignity, says that he likes to engage in pop music, and he was tired of that all around immediately begin to say that the musician has sold if his songs are successful. Craig still loves style garage and believes that the UK this music the same as the rhythm and blues of the United States.

Craig DavidCraig David
Craig DavidCraig David
Craig DavidCraig David

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