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Daniel Bedingfield


The modern pop scene reminds huge incubator for growing fledgling winners of the “Be a Star!”, similar to each other, like Barbie from the same batch. Times nuggets have sunk into oblivion – in place of Michael Jackson, Lisa Stansfield, George Michael has no serious challengers. Specifically, it was not. Still. 23-year-old singer-songwriter Daniel Bedingfield ( Daniel Bedingfield ) – the first candidate for the vacant throne, is unique in its kind character, not stained participation in such contests, but with a bright talent and a fair share of nahaltsva to shine brighter than Robbie Williams. The latter, incidentally, is not very much and objected, calling Daniel as his successor. But what to say if Madonna herself, famous nose for everything new and perspective, has its eye on the young artist, offering him released on her label.

Daniel Bedingfield – pop star a new era, a self-made with their own hands. In other words, its current status – only the result of perseverance and self-belief. According to the musician, he already knew from an early age, and that will be the star of the whole life preparing himself for it. However, the first time he saw himself on top of the charts, he experienced no incomparable shock. Talking about this, Dan not afraid to show enthusiastic eccentric: in fact known – show your weaknesses – and the audience will carry you in my arms. Such sincerity, flavored healthy pinch of arrogance, and earned him the love of the audience, tired of a modest, but nothing of itself is not «next big things». Now Daniel can afford to ask journalists not to compare myself with Michael Jackson; saying, “Jackson’s number two”- this is certainly good, but what about the person who wants to become a”Bedingfield number one”? Who knows, maybe someday the next talented newcomer will be compared not with Jackson, and with Bedingfield.

Daniel Bedingfield was born in 1980 in New Zealand. His father and mother participated in social programs on the adaptation of homeless children, and tirelessly traveled around the world. At the age of three months, Daniel went to London, where it took root, but still considers himself a New Zealander, and grateful for their homeland given to him at birth ‘desire for independence. “To make music the future winner of the charts began in high school. He recalls that composed his first song when he was six years old (“It was globalization, deforestation and ice cream” – half-jokingly says Danny). Three years later, together with his friends, he began rapping in the school band.”Are you good read – tell me – but, Dan, you’d better try to sing!” – Says the singer. Having such advances, the guy decided to create his own band, which was promptly done. Danny’s partners in the group were his younger sisters – Natasha Nicole. As the musical accompaniment to the workshops of his mother, the trio traveled all over the UK and even acted in several European festivals.

We must give parents Danny: seeing that their son has a remarkable talent, they have revised the family budget, and carved out a certain amount to buy a synthesizer. “Our family was not rich, and to buy a synthesizer, we had to tighten their belts”, – says the singer. Be that as it may, having received sixteen his first musical instrument, Danny is completely immersed in music composition. Bought two years for work purposes the computer (the first time a guy made a living Master Web sites for different organizations) eventually became a loyal friend and comrade in musical Exercise. Realizing that to minimally provide for themselves, it is enough to create some cool sites per year, all of his remaining time devoted to the music man. Who later became his trademark single «I Gonna Get Thru This» Daniel Bedingfield composed and wrote in his own bedroom, with a single computer and a microphone. Tested the effects of a hit on their friends and relatives, and realizing that it’s really worthwhile thing, Daniel rolled him on CD, sent to him by famous labels, and sat down to wait for the sea weather. The effect is not long in coming: on the brink of traditional pop and club distortions dynamic dance song immediately entered the collection of «Pure Garage 4″, produced by an independent label EZ, after which it began to actively twist DJs clubs of Ayia Napa. Elastic bit simple but catchy tune, three chords, basic programming – «I Gonna Get Thru This» had everything to become a hit (remember – the same can be said about the «Days Go By» Dirty Vegas or «Groovejet »Spiller). The rest was a matter of technique: «I Gonna Get Thru This» has become number one in the dance charts and gave the occasion to invite the young and an unknown artist in the broadcast of the popular British television program «Top Of The Pops». Played in an acoustic version with only one guitar (it is placed on the bonus disc of the musician’s debut), the song was so impressed bosses Polydor, that Daniel Bedingfield immediately offered to sign a contract to release the album.

His birth of «I Gonna Get Thru This», as often happens with great songs, owes unrequited love. During his travels in Europe, Daniel met a red-haired dancer from Leeds, but fell in love, he could not muster the courage to confess her feelings for more than two years. “At some point, walking on Tower Bridge, I realized that I could no longer wear a unspoken words – says Danny. – Then I went home, sat down and wrote a song. ” Which in December 2001 for three weeks he topped the official UK chart. What could be simpler?

The debut album of the musician, named as – «I Gonna Get Thru This», was released in August of 2002. In anticipation of the release of this album, the eponymous single was launched in the United States. By the end of August, he was already in fifth position single-coil hit parade magazine “Billboard”, and in November topped the dance charts. “People who like this song, can not go out and buy the single, and the whole album – explains the musician, his decision to call an entire album of his most famous song. – I hope they will do so. Then they will know that Daniel Bedingfield – is not only the title single «I Gonna Get Thru This».

The debut album of the musician and really turned out quite varied: there came and lyrical ballads, and rhythm and blues numbers and dance tracks. “Yes, he got so disparate – even scary somehow. The funny thing is that I did not try to make it so. Just the music I listen to and love – it is very different, and the album is very noticeable. “And what is music prefers Daniel Bedingfield?”I really like Bob Dylan, – he says. – I love The Beatles. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sting, Simon and Garfunkel. But at the same time I listen to Dr. Dre and Rage Against The Machine. Very much I love Coldplay. Their latest album – simply incredible! Ms Dynamite is very talented, I like it very much. And what do Neptunes, I’m impressed. So my preference is not limited to one style of music ».

«Impact» Tom Morello and the company is not as obvious as, say, Jackson (specify: Jackson at the height of his career in the early 80s), but there are available: «Gotta Get Thru This» is different from the vast majority of the inhabitants pop charts unprecedented intensity and expression, both musically and vocally against. The guy turned out to be a great emotionally charged rhythm and blues vocals by which Daniel often compared to another star of the “pop-garage”, a favorite of the British Craig David. With this we can agree, listening to soul ballads «If You’re Not The One» and «Honest Questions», written, apparently, with the sole purpose – to show vocal range freshman. Impressive, I should say, the range.

But the highlight of the album does not just act ballads and dance-oriented “militants”. The title track of the album is still a welcome disco; slightly different from «Gotta Get Thru This» and the following track – such as stylish and catchy «Right Girl» with rap recitative from Solid Rock. The hits dance floors, in addition to the above, labeled with a clear pulsating rhythm «Friday» and kvazibondovskaya «Inflate My Ego», using a sample of the musical design classic television series «Peter Gunn» 50s. And especially for those who do not believe in the “authenticity” of Daniel as a musician and vocalist, recorded a bonus track is the same acoustic version of «Gotta Get Thru This» and, you know, it is in no way inferior to the club’s version!

Most of the material debut album, according to Danny, recorded just in the historical bedroom with all the same single character: a computer and a microphone. But this does not mean that the music of Daniel Bedingfield is simple and unpretentious – to work on the album had a hand in the best specialists Polydor, to work thoroughly on the arrangements and mixing the album. However, the main thing in the studio, too, was Danny. “I produced all its own, – he said. – With me were two co-producer, who actually were just advisors. I asked, “What do you think about this or that?”And they said,”Well, here you could do better.” Of course, there were people who drove and mixed the record. And two guitarists who recorded guitar and bass, and keyboard – one track. But everything else I wrote and he is responsible for his head! »

In December of 2002 the British charts headed next single Daniel Bedingfield – ballad «If You’re Not The One». At the same time on the other coast of the Atlantic in the Top-40 entered «James Dean (I Wanna Know)». According to Danny, this song is inspired by another artist friend – a blonde named Daisy. And if you believe the dedication on the booklet of the album, the muses for the young singer served as many as four women – each in his time. “Girl prototype for« Girfriend »- the same that inspired the« Gonna Get Thru This », – will explain Daniel. – «I Can not Read You» – about my girlfriend Polynesian, about her as a «Friday». «James Dean» is dedicated to the blonde. In general, these songs for different girls. ” Let’s hope that Daniel will not soon settle down and will delight us with such dedications for a long, long time.

In February of 2003 «Gonna Get Thru This» was nominated for a “Grammy”in the category”The best dance track of the year” – great recognition for the novice artist. The reward, however, went to Dirty Vegas («Days Go By»), but the fact of the nomination speaks for itself.

A talented writer and musician Daniel Bedingfield is now in demand and on the side – he was invited to write hits for other stars. However, Danny is in no hurry to work for his uncle – he and itself is not enough time. “Most likely, will be different, – he says. – I’ll write a song that does not fit in my album and not to throw away, give it to someone. That’s more like the truth ».

Affairs musician really full – he wants full control of his art: “I want to do it all yourself – write music and lyrics, to write the party all the tools to design the cover, shoot video. For me it is very important to understand the meaning of what I’m doing. ” To understand the meaning of what you’re doing and what you want to convey to the public – it is just what is lacking in the modern pop-performers. Such a position can not command respect.

If an alternative Sugarbabes Spice Girls. Daniel Bedingfield is quite able to oust from the hearts of listeners and Gareth Gates and William Young. With Ronan Keating bargain. And there, staring, and Robbie Williams will understand.

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