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now I feel a little ‘Sicilian’

A day dad (Chiatti, his wife, will give birth in these days their first child), Marco Bocci on the screen is already father: his son’s name is Main, a shy boy who after the death of the mother is closed in on itself. A dog will be able to snatch a smile. The opportunity to meet Marco Bocci is “Italo”a movie all Sicilian, except some part of the cast as just Bocci”naturalized”Sicilian. Saturday will debut on TV with Maria De Filippi driving the new series of the reality show”You’ve Got Mail”, while accompanied by the rest of the cast and the director Alessia Worse, previews of “Italo” in Sicily (Gela, Ragusa , Scicli and Catania).

In a few years Marco Bocci has become one of the emerging players on the Italian scene, very popular thanks to the hit series “Team mafia”filmed in Sicily.”Italo”was filmed in Scicli and in Ragusa is the true story of a stray who wins the affection of the whole town that adopts venendone in turn”adopted”. An initiative that sees a combined project ENPA in favor of stray Italian and buying cinema stuffed dog inspired the film.

– Marco Bocci as you tried to interact with a dog as a colleague?

“It ‘the first time on the set that I interact with an animal. I am used as a child to live with cats (my mother was 12) and with dogs since I live in Rome I had one in common with other occupants of the apartment building and now I bought one of my own. “

– So you liked more in turn “Italo”?

“What is a real history hundred percent, even if it seems. Seems written in a clever to thrill audiences as really happened. “

– As part of Scicli people?

“We found in Scicli, Modica and Ragusa a charge of enthusiasm and availability for you to make known this story is really true.”

– From “The beautiful company”in”Team mafia”and now”Italo” you worked so often in Sicily.

“I’ve been so long and so happy that I feel a little ‘Sicilian too. I think, to want to do all, I spent about two years in Palermo, Catania, Enna, Calascibetta, Messina and now Scicli and the province of Ragusa: a land that I feel very close to me for the passion of my character. The Sicilians are so overwhelming, honest … “.

– And yet you brought on TV stories of the Mafia.

“Yes, but it is important not to describe regions commonplace: there are the villains and mobsters. And not just in Sicily. “

Marco BocciMarco Bocci
Marco BocciMarco Bocci
Marco BocciMarco Bocci

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