Maria Grazia Cucinotta

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Maria Grazia Cucinotta

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Description Person “Maria Grazia Cucinotta”

The actress, model and producer Maria Cucinotta (Maria Grazia Cucinotta) was born in the Italian city of Messina, which is located on the island of Sicily, on 27 July 1969. From his childhood Mary beckoned art world. She dreamed about the world of show business and dreamed of a career as an actress. Maria has appeared amazing abilities: an excellent memory, sociability, extraordinary charisma and ability to enter into the images.

After studying, Maria while working as a model. Photogenic and attractive appearance of the girl were in demand, Maria often filmed, and soon pictures of her appeared on the covers of fashion magazines.

In the nineties Maria Cucinotta, along with the work of the model tried her hand as a writer and producer. Gradually, it has become quite popular. Especially Mary loved in his native Italy, where she spent her childhood and youth and where she received the first of praise and applause. Maria has an outstanding acting talent and her career in this field has developed rapidly. In 1990, she played her first role in “Christmas Vacation-90”, and four years later the movie “The Postman,” the young actress brought international fame.

In 1998, Maria Kuchenotta starred in the film “second wife”, and the following year she played in the movie “The World Is Not Enough.”This was followed by work in the film”Vanilla and Chocolate”(2004),”Invisible Children”(2005),”The Sea Purple”(2009),”The Rite” (2011).

Maria as an actress happy with my game spectators, especially her failed role of James Bond girl in season one of the film “James Bond.”A significant moment in the career of Mary Kuchenotta was its participation in a very popular TV project”Simson”, where in the episode «Italian Bob» she voiced Sideshow Bob’s fiancee, Francesca. Akirisa also participated in an episode of “Isabel,”the television series”The Sopranos».

Now Maria Kuchenotta actively engaged in creative activities and intends to implement a number of projects. Not least in the actress plans to take in a movie shooting. Leading directors offer Mary the role, but it is a serious approach to each offer and choose the best.

Maria Kuchenotti married Giulio Violati. They married in 1995 and now brought up his beloved daughter Julia.

Genre: Drama. Comedy. Melodrama

Movies 18, 1994 – 2015

Maria Grazia CucinottaMaria Grazia Cucinotta
Maria Grazia CucinottaMaria Grazia Cucinotta
Maria Grazia CucinottaMaria Grazia Cucinotta

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