Jason Scott Lee

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Jason Scott Lee

Born: 19 November 1966

US actor Chinese-Hawaiian descent. Jason Scott Lee has become famous for his role as Bruce Lee in the film «Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story» (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story). Also starred in the films «Tale of the Mummy» (Tale of the Mummy), «Dracula 2: Ascension» (Dracula 2: Ascension) and «Seventh Son »(The Seventh Son).

Biography Jason Scott Lee / Jason Scott Lee

Jason Scott Lee was born November 19, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. When he was two years old, the Lee family moved to Hawaii, where he spent his childhood the future actor. At age 19, Jason Scott Lee returned to Los Angeles, where he began studying acting in the course and at the end of the 80s played small roles in several TV series.

Fame came to the actor in 1993 when he played Bruce Lee in the film by Rob Cohen. For this role, Jason Scott Lee had studied martial arts Jeet Kune Do.. and his teacher was the Jerry Poteet. a former student of Bruce Lee.

Later, Jason Scott Lee starred in such films as the «Tale of the Mummy», «soldier», «Dragon Dance». Currently, it is not too often appears on the screen, the film «Seventh Son» became the first work of the actor after a long break.

Filmography Jason Scott Lee / Jason Scott Lee

2010 – … Hawaii 5.0 / Hawaii Five-0 (TV) … Detective Kaleo

2008 Toward Living Pono

2009 Strange Frame: Love & Sax … Atem

2008 Dragon Dance / Dance of the Dragon … Cheng

2007 Balls of Fury / Balls of Fury … Siu-Foo

2005 Only the Brave … Glenn «Tak» Takase

2005 Prophecy 5: Abandoned / Prophecy: Forsaken, The (video) … Dylan

2005 Nomad Oraz …

2005 Dracula 3: Legacy / Dracula III: Legacy (video) … Father Uffizi

2003 Timecop 2: The Berlin decision / Timecop: The Berlin Decision (video) … Ryan Chan

2003 Dracula 2: Ascension / Dracula II: Ascension (video) … Father Uffizi

2002 best scenes of martial arts movies / Ultimate Fights from the Movies (video) … Bruce Lee

2000 Arabian Adventures / Arabian Nights … Aladdin

1998 Soldier / Soldier … Caine 607

1998 Tale of the Mummy / Tale of the Mummy … Riley

1997 Murder in the mind / Murder in Mind … Holloway

1997 – 2000 Famine / Hunger, The (TV series) … Craig Yun

1994 Bride of photos / Picture Bride … Worker collecting pay, uncredited

The Jungle Book 1994 / Jungle Book, The … Mowgli

1994 Paradise Lost / Rapa Nui … Noro

1993 Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story / Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story … Bruce Lee

Jason Scott LeeJason Scott Lee
Jason Scott LeeJason Scott Lee
Jason Scott LeeJason Scott Lee

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