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Modern Italian cinema – in 2009.

«Sicilian Rebel» (La siciliana ribelle, Marco Amenta, 2009, Italy)

1985. The small Sicilian town. Don Mikel respected and mafia boss, and loves pampering his young daughter Rita. But one day Don Miquel killed in front of Rita.

A little girl who grew up in the mafia environment, rising to the idea of ​​a place for a few years she wrote a diary where indicated names, passwords, and other appearances, photographs, remembers. But when they kill her older brother, 17-year-old Rita decides to seek help from the justice official.

According to the witness protection program, girl transported to Rome, where it is hidden under other names, changing apartments. The matter is complicated by the fact that it began to hate her mother and a former favorite.

The film is based on real events (but free interpretation): the prototype of the investigator, who became very close to Rita, served as Paolo Borsellino, Rita Atria herself – she really existed.

«Today married» (Oggi sposi, Luca Lucini, in 2009, Italy)

The film tells the story of four couples who decided to get married, but before this important step, they get into a whole bunch of funny situations. Funny comedy in which lit up a whole bunch of great actors: Luca Argentero, Isabella Ragonese, Michele Placido, and so on.

«Stranger» (La straniera, Marco Turco, 2009, Italy / France)

The film is about the life of Moroccan women prostitutes in Turin. about her love of Moroccan architect, who for many years lived in Italy and forgot their homes and roots, how it is caused not only love in the heart of the architect, but also brought back memories of the homeland.

«Two casual life» (Due vite per caso, Alessandro Aronadio, 2009, Italy)

The two most common friends Matteo (Lorenzo Balducci) and Sandro (Riccardo Cicogna) spend the evening in the bar, one of them injured finger cans, the other sits behind the wheel, and lucky friend to the doctor. They take the time in the car playing loud music, and in the dark tunnels of the police car stopped without turning on lights.

Then the film is developed in two scenarios.

The script #1. Friends crash into a police car with a bad cop, which strongly beat Matteo. He gets depressed, life is seen in a dark light. Starts dating a girl-bartender (Isabella Ragonese) from the same bar that started it all. Stay and work in the floral conservatory, where he worked. And participate in the meeting.

The script #2. Friends brake at the last moment and did not crash into a car with a bad cop. Matteo begins dating a rich girl who looked into the greenhouse to pick flowers for mom. He is full of life and fun. He had a letter that he was admitted to the Carabinieri. He leaves from the plant, lives in a housing the Carabinieri, trained. And the first serious work – control of the rally, which takes part of the script Matteo #1.

I will not write the end of the film, if somebody decides to look. And, knowing the end is not so interesting.

«On the way to paradise» (Verso l’Eden, Costantin Costa-Gavras, France / Greece / Italy, 2009)

Riccardo Scamarcio plays Arab Elias, who illegally smuggled from his native country to Greece and the coast is rich in hotel Eden. There happens to him a lot of different adventures, he plays different roles and meets a magician from Paris. who gives him a card with the words: “You’ll be in Paris, come!»

This is the idea-fix for Elias. And the beginning of his way to adventure in Paris, no money, no documents, with almost no knowledge of the language. In the end, he comes to Paris. is a magician who tells him the following: “You found me and you in Paris! Happily stay! “. )

However, the magician gave Elias the “magic wand” that ignited not only the Eiffel Tower, but also hope.

«How wonderful that you are» (Meno male che ci sei, Luis Prieto, Italy, 2009)

At Allegra (Chiara Martegiani) parents are killed in a plane crash. Living with his grandparents is not a gift, but Allegra is a common language with his father cute mistress Louise (Claudia Gerini) and moved to her life.

Everything is complicated by the fact that Allegra also terribly worried that the death of his father, is seriously in love with a boy from her school for which Allegra feeling too strong, too intrusive and too serious.

Louise and her two girlfriends Allegre trying to help.

Louise tied romance and during the trip, she finds out about her pregnancy. Louise hopes for a life together, but her man is not ready, not only is it comforting Allegra, too interested in the process, and comfort turns into sex.

But in the end, it puts everything in its place: Allegra back to live with Louise, helping her with the child, brilliantly passing exams and returns love the guy.

«Infidelity Clara» (Il caso dell’infedele Klara, Roberto Faenza, 2009, Italy)

Luke (Claudio Santamaria) – a musician who lives in Prague, he will experience a manic zeal to his bride Clara (Laura Chiatti) . And even hires a detective (Iain Glen) to monitor Clara.

Detective Dennis lives in an “open marriage”and in love with his assistant. So he understands and does not understand Luka. Clara tired of being a”no-fault guilty” and she took the same sex with the detective during a business trip to Venice. But the detective Dennis watched the other detective, because Luke all maniacs maniac. ))

«I fall from the clouds» (Cado Dalle Nubi, Gennaro Nunziante, 2009, Italy)

An amusing comedy about Checchi (Checco Zalone, who plays himself) – the singer from Puglia, who wants to conquer the world. The first step, he goes to Milan, stops at his brother (who hides from his family sexual orientation), is trying to take part in musical competitions, falls in love with a girl who is in love with another and in the process falls in a heap of funny situations. Happy ending, of course, is attached.

Draw Woman (La donna di nessuno, Vincenzo Marano, France / Italy, 2009)

The story takes place in Paris. Rich, successful, married judge, ready to do anything for his career, (Laurent Lucas) .

Young, beautiful and expensive prostitute Sarah, has for several years, the relationship with the judge, in love with him and ready for love even to give false evidence in court (Candice Hugo) .

A young girl and pushy journalist (Helene De Fougerolles) . which is experiencing affection to the judge, he reciprocates her and that has managed to make friends with Sarah.

My brother judges – simple and crude Investigator (Thierry Fremont) .

All of them together confronts a trial with “Madame» (Anna Galiena) .

Not all remain alive.

«Different from whom?» (Diverso da chi. Umberto Carteni, 2009, Italy)

«Daddy, daddy, mum and I – together happy family” – that is the main idea of ​​the film.

A comedy with elements of melodrama. End of the good – is the main idea of ​​the film.;))

The film looks with ease: handsome Luca Argentero plays great, Claudia Gerini is convincing in the role of the bitch in the role of a woman in love, blue-eyed Filippo Nigro – very touching.

Christina (Christine Cristina, Stefania Sandrelli, 2009, Italy)

A film biography of the medieval poet Christine of Pisa. Christine was born in Venice. but in early childhood with his family moved to France. Her father was an astrologer and physician at the Charles V. Christina grew up at the court, had access to the library of the Louvre and increased education of women. After her husband died she left two children, and after the death of Charles V and his father, Christina was left without a livelihood. She wandered for a long time, but thanks to friends and patrons, found shelter and the opportunity to write.

The film begins with her wandering and finding new friends and enemies in the face of an impossible love cleric Gerona (Alessio Boni) .

Christine de Pizan was a remarkable man, and her works are considered to be the beginning of the feminist dvizheniya.V movie a lot of poetry.

The film’s director Stefania Sandrelli – the well-known 63-year-old Italian actress – this is her debut as a director in the role of Christine, she took off her daughter, Amanda.

«Friends of the bar Margarita» (Gli amici del bar Margherita, Pupi Avati, 2009, Italy)

The film tells the story of the bar regulars “Margarita” in a street of Bologna in the 50s.

«I am – this is love» (Io sono l’amore, Luca Guadagnino, 2009, Italy)

The film is about a simple rich family from Milan. The mother of the family (Russian married to an Italian, English actress plays her Tilda Swinton) has an affair with another senior syna.Chto win love or duty?

«Barbarossa» (Barbarossa, Renzo Martinelli, 2009, Italy / Romania)

The north of Italy, XII century. 2-hour history of Frederick Barbarossa (Rutger Hauer) – the emperor of the Roman Empire and opposing it the Milanese led by Alberto da courageous Dzhyusano (Raz Degan) .

«I am, they Lara» (Io, loro e Lara, Carlo Verdone, 2009, Italy).

The comedy about family relationships: adult children, elderly father and his young wife, a Moldovan, her adult daughter, rapid Italian temperament types of Rome in the background.

«first line» (La prima linea, Renato de Maria, in 2009, Italy / France / Belgium / UK)

Late 70s early 80s the tumultuous political events in Italy, the student unrest, the workers’ strikes, the Red Brigades, the “first line” – a terrorist group with a distinct radical methods.

The film tells the story of love between two members of the “first line” activist group Sergio Sege (Riccardo Scamarcio) and at least active girls of Susanna Ronconi (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) . a story that develops between the arrests and killings, explosions and shoots.

But love is just a backdrop for the story through the mouth of Sergio of the days of the action groups of the great political struggle, how prepared and executed the famous terrorist acts (in the film shows documentary footage), and, of course, about relationship with Suzanne.

The film is based on real events, and Sergio Sedge and Susanna Ronconi real characters, and the basis for this film is the biographical book by Sergio Sege.

«Black people» (L’uomo nero, Sergio Rubini, 2009, Italy)

The film is set in a small town in Puglia. The station (Sergio Rubini) is interested in painting a picture, not merely interested, but lives a beautiful passion, dreaming of their own exhibition and about to become the second Cezanne. Creative people know that this pernicious passion and hard for the people around him, the more so that the villagers do not see the chief of the railway station of Artists.

His wife (Valeria Golino) – the plight of his wife misunderstood genius, but a strong woman to cope with everything.

Little son Gabriele (Guido Giaquinto) – the protagonist of the film – their children’s lives, hooligan and eventful life.

My brother’s wife, who lives with them (Riccardo Scamarcio) teach the little Gabriel as seduce women, and is his closest and beloved man.

This bright, kind, a little sad movie with vivid characters, full of flavor southern Italian cities.

It is also worth noting that in a small role matured love the little Gabriel played Margherita Buy.

«Big Dream» (Il grande sogno, Michele Placido, in 2009, Italy / France)

The film is set in the late ’60s, during the student riots in Rome. Laura (Jasmine Trinca) – a student from a wealthy family and an active fighter “for peace in the world».

Nicolas (Riccardo Scamarcio) – the police, who dreams of becoming an actor.

Their fate brought during the student revolt, the state send for a purpose “their”people as the”eyes and ears”, and Nicola was so “kazachkom mishandled.” But a great love for Laura forced to change his whole life.

The other things I loved Laura – Nicola or ideological mastermind the riot in the Roman University Libero (Luca Argentero) – hard to say.

The prototype himself served Nicola Michele Placido, who like Nicolas came to Rome from Apulia, to become an actor, but was forced for a time to serve the police, to make a living.

«Raise your head» (Alza la testa, Alessandro Angelini. 2009, Italy)

Single Father (Sergia Castellitto) has a son, brings in almost military fashion, hoping to bring in his son his dream – to become a professional boxer.

«Purple Sea» (Viola del mare, Donatella Maiorca, 2009, Italy).

The Sea Purple – hermaphrodite fish, the female who change their sex from love. So simple Sicilian girl Angela (Valeria Solarino) decided to become Angela to live with my girlfriend Sarah (Isabella Ragonese) .

«accomplice silence» (Complici del Silenzio, Stefano Incerti, 2009 Italy / Spain / Argentina)

1978 FIFA World Cup in Buenos Aires. Maurizio – Italian sports journalist (Alessio Boni) and photographer Hugo (Giuseppe Battiston) went to observe this event, the more so in Buenos Aires living uncle Maurizio with a large family, ie definitely will not be bored.

Fate brings Ana with Mauricio (Florencia Raggi) – the former wife of the Argentine immigrant from Italy. The fate of the spark ignites, which runs between them and goes into a lot of love.

But it turns out it’s not so simple that Ana is an organization that actively opposed the military dictatorship in Argentina.

«White Space» (Lo spazio bianco, Francesca Comencini, 2009, Italy)

Maria (Margherita Buy)

45-year-old teacher at night school, she falls in love with a young man with a small child, they tied a whirlwind romance, which ends the pregnancy of Mary. Young man sensibly decided that a second small child he did not need and left pregnant Mary.

Seven months later, Mary gave birth to a daughter, preterm weak girl was placed in an incubator and attached to artificial light.

The film tells about the experiences of women, she does not know the baby will survive or not, every day just sitting next to an incubator, touching her daughter through the window of the handle, she sings. And nearby is still exactly the same woman, waiting for what will happen to their children.

“Baar” (Baaria, Giuseppe Tornarore, 2009, Italy)

The film tells the story of a Sicilian family, beginning with the 1920s. ending of the 1980’s. Ie “Baar” covers a large time period, during which we will see how to change Sicily, growing up, growing up, and changed the main character Peppino (Francesco Scianna) .

The film is very atmospheric and colorful touches and war, and the Sicilian way of life, and love, and the theme of the family, and the Communist Party and the mafia. “Baar” stylized for the older color films, it also creates an additional aura.

The film opened the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar. In the film flashed Monica Bellucci, Raoul Beauvais, Laura Kyatti, Michele Placido.

«Julia walks in the evening» (Giulia non esce la sera, Giuseppe Piccioni, 2009, Italy)

Julia (Valeria Golino) does not walk in the evening, because she is serving a sentence for killing a man, but in the afternoon she works in the pool swimming instructor, where she meets a successful and well-known writer Guido < i> (Valerio Mastandrea) .

But each of them has its own life: Guido’s daughter and wife, with whom relations are hopelessly fall apart, Julia (except murder) ex-husband and daughter, whom she left for a new love, and that it now does not want to see.

So I want to believe that arose between Julia Guido and sympathy will lead to a good end, and fortunately the two men, but in life it happens rarely.

«Double Hour» (La doppia ora, Giuseppe Capotondi, 2009, Italy)

The film mixed and reality, past and future, and the visions in a coma. Starring Kseniya Rappoport and Filippo Timi . The film was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Ksenia Rappoport was awarded the prize for Best Actress.

«Win» (Vincere. Marco Bellocchio. 2009, Italy / France)

He – the young Benito Mussolini (Filippo Timi) . It – Ida Dalser (Joanna Metsodzhorno) .

It is full of ambitious plans, perseverance and thoughts about the revolution, ready to do anything for Italy.

She was in love, in love, to sacrifice, to self-destruction, ready to do anything for the sake of a loved one.

She – Mussolini’s secret wife, who gave birth to a son. He – a dictator whose family relationships are weighed, fed up, were not needed, so Ida was deported with her baby out of sight.

It is my whole life trying to prove their right to be called the wife of the Duce, after going through hardships hospital for psihbolnyh, separation from her son.

“Fortapash” (Fortapasc, Marco Risi, 2009, Italy)

The film is based on a true biography of a young journalist Giancarlo Siani, killed Neapolitan mafia – chamber.

The film is set in 1985, a young journalist Giancarlo Siani (Libero De Rienzo) has written articles about mafia, mafia showdowns, politicians, organized crime and so on. She does not just write, and conducting its own investigation, which greatly hinders ringleaders of the chambers and prominent politicians.

The film shows the last four months of the life of Giancarlo.

The film begins with the beautiful songs of Vasco Rossi «Ogni volta». “So it was great to come back home by this beautiful music. On the radio a song Vasco Rossi. This evening in Naples held his concert and I had to go there. If I knew that after 5 minutes will kill me, maybe I would have to listen to each song, who knows! »

The film was honored with several awards.

“Italians, Giovanni Veronesi, 2009)





“Io, Don Giovanni, Carlos Saura, 2009)



i>(Lorenzo Balducci) p>

«L’uomo che verra’, Giorgio Diretti, 2009)


b>(Greta Zuccheri Montanari). p>

b>(Maya Sansa). p>




«Questione di cuore, Francesca Archibugi, b>


b>(Antonio Albanese) – p>

b>(Kim Rossi Stuart) – b>(Micaela Ramazzotti) .



«La bella gente, Ivano De Matteo, b>

b>(Monica Guerritore) p>

b>(Antonio Catania) p>

b>(b> p>

c b>(Elio Germano). p>



«Ex, Fausto Brizzi, b>


6 p>



b>Cladio Bisio, Fabio De Luigi, Claudia Gerini, Silvio Orlando, Alessandro Gassman, Nancy Brilli p>

«La cosa guista, Marco Campogiani, b>

b>(Ennio Fantastichini) b>(Paolo Briguglia). b>(Ahmed Haflene). p>



«Generazione mille euro, Massimo Venier, b>

b>(Alessandro Tiberi) i>(i>. p>

b>(Carolina Crescentini) b>(Valentina Lodovini). p>

b>(Francesco Mandelli). p>

«10 Dieci inverni, Valerio Mielli, b>

10 b>(Isabella Ragonese) b>(Michele Riondino) p>



«Il compleanno, Marco Filiberti, b>


b>(Michela Cescon) b>(Alessandro Gassman) p>

b>(Maria de Medeiros) b>(Massimo Poggio) p>

b>(Thuago Alves). p>


«Amore 14, Federico Moccia, b>

14 p>

b>(Veronica Olivier). b>(Giuseppe Maggio). p>


«Marpiccolo, Alessandro di Robilant, b>


b>(Giulio Beranek). p>


b>(Michele Riondiono). p>



«Cosmonauta, Susanna Nicchiarelli, b>

1957 p>

b>(Miriana Raschilla) b>(Pietro Del Giudice) p>
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