Kasia Smutniak

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Kasia Smutniak

The Polish actress and model Kasia Smutniak was born on August 13, 1979 in the town of Pila. The girl’s father was a pilot who told his childhood Kasie all the features of aviation. She even began to think about how to connect his life with aviation and build a career pilot. At the age of sixteen years Smutnyak even got a pilot’s license, but that’s all aspirations in this direction ended.

When the girl was 15 years old the first time she took part in a beauty contest where she won second place. After this debut, she realized that shooting, gloss and catwalk it is much closer than the cockpit. After working for some time model in Poland, it was invited to shows in Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Smutnyak film debut took place in 2000, when Kasie turned 21. The first role was the role of women in the Italian painting of Serena “the right time & raquo ;. At that time Smutnyak three years living in Italy, because of what her and managed to get a role in the project. Some time before she took part in the filming of a commercial Italian mobile operator called”Telecom Italia Mobile & raquo ;. To work with Italian companies actress came in 2009 when she received an offer to become the face of perfume”Idole d & rsquo; Armani”.

The next picture, which appeared aspiring actress, became a Polish film ” & raquo ;, hacker released in theaters in 2002. At this time, an actress turned over – she became a performer of the main female role.

Because Cassia is fluent in English, Russian, Italian and, of course, Polish, she receives invitations to various international projects. The next project in the career of the actress was the dramatic Italian comedy “Thirteen at the table & raquo ;, which appeared on the big screen in 2004. In general, this year has been quite eventful for the actress. Then, with her participation came four Italian project. In addition to the”thirteen at the table”out came the drama”now and for all”and”Radio West & raquo ;. In addition, Smutnyak starred in the TV movie”3 – Scout”.

Once this actress had a two-year break, which ended after the passage of the casting in the mini-series “Chinese wife”and”This is my land & raquo ;, which Smutnyak got bit parts. Kasia again next appearance took place on television. This time, she starred in the television movie”Giuseppe Moscati: Healing Love & raquo ;, which Smutnyak with Beppe Fiorello came in the main cast. In 2007, directed by Peter Del Monte Kasiyu invited to film their drama” all in your hands & raquo ;, where she performed the role of a small girl Mavi.

In 2008, rolling out three projects of the Italian production: films “Quiet Chaos”and”Carnera: The Walking Mountain & raquo ;, as well as a mini-series called”Commissioner De Luca”.

2009 can be called one of the most exciting in the career of the actress. Firstly, if she agrees to participate in four projects. Secondly, this year can be called a truly international. The first film, which starred actress, was a German sports movie “Goal 3 & raquo ;, which Kasia performed one of the leading female roles. The next two films –”Barbarossa”and”All free”- Were Italian. The last film was the musical in which Smutnyak got the main role. The last picture in 2009 was a popular American action movie”From Paris with Love & raquo ;, which Kasia worked on a set with John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The film was a kind of impetus in the career of a young actress, but as early as next year, the actress prefers to return to Italian cinema and starred in the film”Passion”and”clash of civilizations in the elevator on the Piazza Vittorio”.

It’s really loaded for the actress can be considered in 2013. At this time the actress has worked once in five set. They were shooting in the biographical telefilm “Voler – Domenico Modugno great history & raquo ;, and Comedy”all against all”and”Welcome, President! & raquo ;. Now the actress continues to act in the TV series”In treatment & raquo ;, which kicked off the air in April this year, as well as in the TV movie” & raquo ;, Dark premiere also took place in April 2013.

In 2003, the actress began an affair with Pietro Tarikone, with whom she subsequently lived in a civil marriage. In 2009, the couple has a daughter named Sophie. In 2010, Pietro died during a parachute jump that has become a very serious blow to Smutnyak. & copy; hdkinomir.com

Kasia SmutniakKasia Smutniak
Kasia SmutniakKasia Smutniak
Kasia SmutniakKasia Smutniak

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