Alessandro Preziosi

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Alessandro Preziosi

Alessandro Preziosi (Alessandro Preziosi) – lawyer, who became one of the most successful theater actors Italy, world famous for the films “The Lark Farm”, “blank shot”, “St. Augustine”, “Men against women”, “Women against men “”Alien face”. The star of the Italian television series.

Alessandro was born in a family of lawyers April 19, 1973 in Naples, Italy. Before becoming an actor Alessandro first went in the footsteps of their parents. Intending to engage in legal practice, Alessandro graduated from the State University Federico II in Naples. About two years he worked for a lawyer in Avellino. However, Alessandro time realized that tends to be acting craft and entered the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan. Then he made his debut on the stage. Alessandro Preziosi and subsequently became one of the most successful theater actors of the country (Preziosi played Shakespeare, Aeschylus, Rostand, Agatha Christie and other famous dramatic characters).

At 22, Alessandro became a father – July 4, 1995 he became the father of his girlfriend Andrea.

Once the 25-year-old actor began to appear in movies and on television. Striking appearance, charisma and talent have allowed dramatic actor very soon become the hero leading Italian television series. Preziosi became a TV star at home – “Life in Italian”, “Eliza”, “Captain”and other projects earned him popularity among the mass audience. On the set of”Eliza” actor met with the actress Vittoria Puccini, which began to meet. Soon the couple became engaged.

In 2004 the actor starred in a big movie – turned into unfaithful husband in the melodrama “vanilla and chocolate.” At 33 Preziosi became a father for the second time – 16 May 2006, the actress Vittoria Puccini was born from his daughter Elena.

Soon the actor played in the film “The Lark Farm” (2007), which brought him worldwide fame. Historical drama brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, dedicated to the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, has been successful and has died down to a few well-known film festivals. Alessandro sang the title role in the film Egon.

Following the actor starred in the Italian film “The Viceroy”(2007),”The blood of the defeated”(2008), with Michele Placido. In 2010, the actor turned into a famous hero Augustine, the former speaker and the bishop, theologian and writer in the historical drama”St. Augustine”. And then he appeared in the passionate “family”comedy”blank shot” (2010), about a young gay who is forced to take over the board of the family business after their father was the family clan gets a heart attack from the news that gay proved his older brother. Preziosi played the role of an older brother who got lucky the first to admit their sexual orientation. Comedy was a success and won a nomination for the European Film Academy Award.

Following the actor headed the cast of the “soap opera””Love and Revenge” (2011), he played the mysterious character in the Italian thriller”Face of Another”(2012) and the cynical rich in the”abandonment of passion” (2013).

In his spare time, Alessandro Preziosi is building his music career. And in this field he proved that he is talented – Alessandro has released three albums of their own.

He also loves soccer and often comes to the training of the Italian teams.

And the popular actor also actively involved in charity work. Officially, the idol of millions of women not married, but they live a civil marriage with the mother of his daughter, a successful Italian actress Vittoria Puccini.

Alessandro PreziosiAlessandro Preziosi
Alessandro PreziosiAlessandro Preziosi
Alessandro PreziosiAlessandro Preziosi

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