Julio Cesar

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Julio Cesar Soares Espindola

The penetration-resistant goalkeeper of Brazil

At the World Cup 2014. Brazil’s Cesar became the first goalkeeper and confidently defended the camp of Brazilians in all the meetings.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Julio Cesar – Brazilian footballer who plays the position of goalkeeper in the English team ‘Queens Park Rangers’ and the Brazilian national team in football. Today Julio is playing in the team ‘Toronto FC’ top soccer league, the team from Toronto’s Brazilian goalkeeper stands on a rental basis. The peak of career Julio was the performance in Italy, where he was 7 years represented the colors of Milan ‘FC Internazionale Milano ‘; During this time he became a five-time champion of Italy, winner of the Champions League of 2010 and the Club World Cup of 2010. Twice – in 2009 and 2010 – Julio received the title of best goalkeeper of Serie A and was nominated for the award ‘Golden Ball’ in 2009. In the Brazilian national team football is played with Julio Cesar of 2004, during which time he participated in 85 games, among whom were both friendly matches and tournament matches.

Julio Cesar, born Julio Cesar Soares Espindola. born on September 3 1979, in Duque de Caxias, Brazil (Duque de Caxias, Brazil). Since childhood, Cesar was fond of football and because of its growth in the majority of cases held the position of goalkeeper. As a teenager he trained and played in the ‘Grajau CC’. The first professional club in his career Julio became ‘Clube de Regatas do Flamengo’, better known to fans as the ‘Flamengo’. In his first season of 1997 about the player did not show up on the field, exercising strenuously under the Klemera (Clemer), the main goalkeeper and a veteran of the club, which, according to the team manager, Julio had come to replace.

In 1998, the Cesar are increasingly began to appear on the field, and soon became a member of the first team. Together with the team he won the championship four Campeonato Estadual do Rio de Janeiro, and by 2004 he was named the best Brazilian goalkeeper.

In 2004, the same Julio secured a place in the national team and a few months later proved correct decision coach – with the team Cesar took first place in the America’s Cup in football.

In 2005, the year Julio Cesar decided to leave his native ‘Flamengo’, where for many years he became a fan favorite and a major star. New team of Brazilian goalkeeper was the Milanese ‘Internazionale’, but before the game in the blue colors of the club he made his debut in the Italian Serie A with the ‘Chievo Verona’, playing on a rental basis. Over the next 7 years César advocated ‘Internazionale’, appeared on the field more than 200 times just in the domestic championship, excluding international tournaments and cups. The team colors it five times champion of Serie A and won perhaps the most valuable and prestigious award in the career of any player – to win the Champions League of 2010. Twice he was voted the best goalkeeper of the championship in Italy home.

In 2012, Julio told fans about the transition to the English club ‘Queens Park Rangers’ and the new 4-year contract with the team. For many Brazilians appearance

in the Premier League was a surprise, but in the first match Cesar was able to prove that it is fit for English football. At the gate of ‘Queens Park Rangers’ he was succeeded by Robert Green (Robert Green), a veteran of the team and the England team. In just 24 matches for his new club owners announced the lease of players on the team ‘Toronto FC’ from the Supreme Football League, which includes both American and Canadian clubs.

A career in Brazil began to Julio in the year 2004, and since then he has become an indispensable player on the team. Alas, in 2010, the Brazilians failed to pass in the last stage of the World Cup, but at his home World Cup 2014. Brazil’s national team, according to experts, it has all chances to win: and the reason is not even a tremendous support of the fans, not the level of opponents and incredible teamwork and confidence masters championship defense, which largely owes Julio Cesar.

Julio CesarJulio Cesar
Julio CesarJulio Cesar
Julio CesarJulio Cesar

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