Erik Estrada

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Erik Estrada

For the first time he appeared on the screens of a child – in the advertising of chips ‘Fritos’. The image of the little-Frito Bandito, which, you guessed it, Erik played for a long time now been used in advertising and, eventually, became a symbol of the company.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Erik Estrada (Erik Estrada, full name – Henry Enrique Estrada), was born in New York, United States (New York City, US), in 1949, the year. His mother, Carmen (Carmen Estrada) earned a living by sewing, and her father, Renildo Estrada (Renildo Estrada), Puerto Rican by birth, had a small business, which, however, did not bring much income.

As a child, Eric loved the movie: it could spend hours watching westerns and action films, imagining that one day he himself would be on the screen. Of course, if one could not have imagined that a few decades Estrada will be one of the most famous Latin American actors.

For the first time he appeared on the screens of a child – in the advertising of chips ‘Fritos’. The image of the little-Frito Bandito, which, you guessed it, Erik played for a long time now been used in advertising and, eventually, became a symbol of the company.

After his parents divorced, the young actor moved with his mother to her new husband – Dostela Pancho (Pancho Dostela). That he confessed Estrada, made him believe that every dream, no matter how crazy it may be, always comes true, if to believe in it.

And he believed, and several years later, after studying acting classes, got his first professional role in the film ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’, which played the role of Nicky Cruz (Nicky Cruz) – evangelist and preacher.

A few years later, in 1974, the actor was invited to the shooting of the film ‘Airport 1975’, which became a hit with the first days of the show. In the picture, Eric played onboard engineer who was killed early in the film while trying to disarm one of the terrorists who seized the plane ‘747’.

Once again, the actor ‘accustomed to the role’, this time so that in 1976 he was invited to shoot a historical picture ‘Midway’ (Midway). And again … he played a board engineer who once again dies a heroic death, but this time under the heavy fire of the enemy’s guns.

At the end of filming Estrada for no reason, no reason at all interested in the martial arts. Under the guidance of the famous Frank Landers (Frank Landers) actor I learned the basics of fighting, which has demonstrated in one of the episodes of the show ‘CHiPs’. Soon, his photo appeared on the cover of ‘Fighting Stars Magazine’, and Article actor talked about his training and exercises.

It seems that too all proud success, Eric forgot about the security during the filming of the next episode fell off a motorcycle at high speed. As a result of the accident the actor received numerous injuries and broke both wrists, not letting go of the steering wheel in time.

In 1983, the show ‘CHiPs’ suddenly shut down, and no longer a young Eric was out of work. Within three years, the actor was forced to settle for a role in the low-budget films and series of cheap, to somehow make ends meet.

Only in 1987 he was offered a role in the serial police drama ‘Hunter’ (Hunter).

One of the most famous works of the actor, no doubt, can be considered a telenovela ‘Dos mujeres, un camino’, stretching for more than 400 series. In such a large-scale staged by Eric played a significant role – truck driver Johnny, who, riding on the country, unbeknownst to himself brings together the rest of the heroes of the series. Shooting complicated by the fact that Eric, as it turned out, did not know Spanish and had to spend three times more time on learning the role. Ironically, the language barrier did not prevent him to negotiate with the creators of his salary, according to unofficial information that reached more than a million dollars.

In 1994, the Estrada became the leading adventure show ‘American Adventurer’, which was in the air up to the year 2004. Around the same time, the actor began increasingly to appear on screens in a talk show and a gala evening, which in most cases was the lead.

However, the overly popular actor could not be called: even though he often appeared on the screen, the audience did not pay much attention to him.

In 1997, Estrada wrote his autobiography, which was called ‘Erik Estrada: My Road from Harlem to Hollywood’.

In the 2000s, Erik Estrada went on to star, but they were already comedic roles or roles in children’s movies and TV series from the studio ‘Disney’ (Disney).

It is known,

Eric – a great lover of music, but, unlike other fans, he prefers to star in music videos of your favorite artists; So, for example, in the early 1990s, he starred in the music video punk band ‘Bad Religion’, and in the 2000s can be seen in videos Eminem (Eminem) and the young Californian group ‘Estradasphere’, which, incidentally, was named in honor of the actor.

But not only is distinguished from other actors Eric: In his free time shooting it works sheriff in one of the counties of Virginia (Virginia). Today, Erik Estrada – leader of many young people and political movements, he actively campaigns against drug addiction and alcoholism, also an actor – an outspoken opponent of smoking.

The very same Eric does not think that doing something special. “If you’re an actor and also the sheriff, people tend to see in your actions that something greater than yourself think about them ‘- otshuchivayas and slightly blushing, he answers reporters.

Erik EstradaErik Estrada
Erik EstradaErik Estrada
Erik EstradaErik Estrada

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