Michael Angarano

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Michael Anthony Angarano

On television, appeared as a child, playing his first role in the series – ‘Another World’ (Another World), ‘Pretender’ (The Pretender), ‘As the World Turns’ (As the World Turns) and others.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

Actor Michael Angarano (Michael Anthony Angarano) was born in 1987 in New York, the son of Michael and Doreen Angarano, owners of several theater studios in New York and Los Angeles. He appeared on television as a child, playing his first role in the series – ‘Another World’ (Another World), ‘Pretender’ (The Pretender), ‘As the World Turns’ (As the World Turns) and others.

With twelve years, Michael started getting more complex role. During this period he played a major role in the television drama “Family Secrets Arno ‘(Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family). Serious work demanded by the young actor in the 99-year musical drama Wes Craven “Music of the Heart ‘(Music of the Heart), where he played 7-year-old son of Meryl Streep. The shooting of the boy (and by Meryl Streep) require the ability to play the violin, in which the actor plays to this day.

In 2000, thirteen brilliantly played by the actor in ‘Almost Famous’ (Almost Famous) Cameron Crowe, the film received the Oscar for ‘Best Screenplay’.

Growing up in front of cinema and television viewers, the actor played more adult characters, and by the time when young people begin to think about the eternal question ‘Who to be?’, Michael has been behind several dozen film credits, and therefore the question filming itself. In 2005, Michael graduated from Crespi Carmelite High School, and then settled in Los Angeles.

In the ‘Jockey’ film, Gary Ross ‘favorite’ (Seabiscuit) Angarano got the role of a young Reda Pollard (Character Tobey Maguire), in the family drama Eric Smalley ‘Factory dust’ (The Dust Factory) in 2004, Michael played Rocky and a year later appeared in the drama ‘Dear Wendy’ (Dear Wendy), Thomas Vinterberg removed scripted by Lars von Trier.

007 Angarano appeared with the main character in the film Brad Gann ‘Black Irish’ (Black Irish). His character, Cole just wanted to play baseball team as part of the city. But every day, he was forced to confront the criminal influenced by his older brother.

In the same year he played and Arthur – the main character of the drama by David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels’ (Snow Angels), and also appeared in the baseball drama of David M. Evans’ last season ‘(The Final Season).

Among recent works Angarano – the main role (along with Jet Li and Jackie Chan) in Sino-American film ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ directed by Rob Minkoff, as well as a leading character in the comedy Jared Hess ‘unbridled gentlemen’ (Gentlemen Broncos).

From the personal life of Michael Angarano is known that for a long time, he met with the actress Kristen Stewart. However, there are rumors that his marriage proposal she refused.

Michael AngaranoMichael Angarano
Michael AngaranoMichael Angarano
Michael AngaranoMichael Angarano

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