Nigel De Jong

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Nigel De Jong

The strength of the Dutch midfield

Nigel de Jong – Dutch footballer who currently plays as a midfielder in the Italian club ‘AC Milan ‘and the Dutch national team.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

At the age of 9 years, Nigel began to engage in a program of the club ‘Ajax’, that in the year 2002 to become a full-fledged player of the basic structure of the famous Amsterdam team. Two years later, in 2004, de Jong joined the team of the Netherlands and has since represented the colors of his country’s biggest football tournaments in the world. In just a few years, Nigel was able to earn an impeccable reputation midfielder, his level of possession made him not only the center of defense in center field, but often the party line of attack, and the speed and tenacity, even become the object of admiration on the part of analysts and football fans. The latter, in turn, did not miss the opportunity to give the player a few nicknames, of which only two stuck – ‘Terrier’ and ‘lawn mower’. The main teacher Nigel calls his father, Jerry de Jong (Jerry de Jong), which from 1984 to 2001 quite successfully playing the midfield position in several Dutch clubs, including ‘PSV’ and ‘FC Eindhoven’. Himself Nigel decided not to pursue his career at home, so often surprises fans with their movements: in 2006 he moved into the camp of the German club ‘Hamburger SV’, in 2009, started playing for the English ‘Manchester City’, and from 2012 th color is the Italian ‘AC Milan ‘.

Nigel de Jong born November 30, 1984, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Since childhood, the boy was fond of football, training under his father, and his many fellow players. Since 1993, de Jong started training in the program of the club ‘Ajax’, while playing in the youth of the team. In 2002, the young midfielder moved to the first team, becoming it one of the youngest players; his first goal scored by Nigel in February 2003, hitting the gate of the English ‘Arsenal’ in the framework of the Champions League (Champions League). In the 2004-2005 season. De Jong was named player of the season, and appeared on the field almost every team meeting. Over time, however, the management team is increasingly left players on the bench, but because he, Nigel decided not to renew the contract, which ends in 2006.

In early January 2006 okolofutbolnaya press broke the news of the passing player in the German ‘Hamburg’. For three seasons, Nigel successfully performed in the team, but in the camp of the German club he served for most of the functions of the defense, only occasionally appearing on the goal line of the opponent. Over 66 appearances for the club, he scored only three times. Another team of Dutch football has become the English club ‘Manchester City’, whose contract was signed in January 2009. The amount of transfer was 18 million pounds, compared with a contact with ‘Hamburg’ was signed for only 1 million. For three seasons the team player has established himself as a reliable defender and useful player in the middle of the field, through which can start the attack and held the retreat. In total, Nigel went out in the form of Manchester ‘citizens’ 104 times, but scored just about

dnazhdy – in the match against ‘West Ham United’ May 1, 2011, the year.

In 2012, the De Jong again surprised fans with his transfer to the Italian club ‘Milan’. At this time, the amount of transfer amounted to about 3.5 million pounds. The new team Nigel confidently took his former position, but, however, often became involved in the attacks the team, returning to the style of play early in his career.

From 2002 to 2004 Nigel played in the youth team (under 21) of the Netherlands. In 2004, the player was drafted into the main squad and spent his first friendly match against France (France). In 2010, together with a team of de Jong reached the finals of the World Cup in South Africa, but in the last mast team lost to the Spanish national team.

Championship 2014., held in Brazil, formed to Nigel and the team well: they are easily bypassed the Spaniards in the group stage, but in the playoffs confidently headed to the final.

Nigel De JongNigel De Jong
Nigel De JongNigel De Jong
Nigel De JongNigel De Jong

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