Andy Garcia

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Andy Garcia

Born: April 12, 1956, Havana, Cuba

US actor, director and producer of Cuban origin. He is famous in the late 80’s, played in the movie “The Godfather 3», «The Untouchables,””When a man loves a woman». He also played Terry Benedict in the trilogy of”Ocean’s Eleven” and directed the film «The Lost City».

Andres Arturo Garcia Menendez / Andres Arturo Garcia Menendez was born April 12, 1956 in Havana, Cuba. He has an older brother and sister. Andy’s father was a successful lawyer, their family owned a plantation of avocados, the mother of the future actor was a teacher. When Andy was five years old, the family was forced to move to Miami to start all over again. They lived in a studio apartment, the father went to work in the catering service, and his mother got a job as a teacher of English. Andy contributed to the family budget, collecting bottles on the beaches of Malibu. Later the family Garcia began to prosper again, they opened the perfume business, which a few years later started to bring millions of revenue.

At school, Andy became interested in music – jazz and Cuban mamba – and showed good results in sports, especially in basketball, but due to illness he gave up training and focused on the drama circle.

Once the school Andy Garcia enrolled at Florida International University, simultaneously taking acting lessons and began to appear on stage. After studying his father invited him to the family business, but the thrust of the theater was stronger, and Andy Garcia moved to Hollywood.

acting career Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia

After a few similar roles in 1984, Garcia was a recurring role in the popular TV series «Hill Street Blues». The following year, Andy Garcia made his debut on the big screen in the role of detective Ray Martinez in the thriller «A bad season». In his next film “8 Million Ways to Die» he played a drug dealer.

This role brought him to the attention of director Brian De Palma / Brian De Palma, who invited Andy Garcia on the role of gangster drama «The Untouchables “(1987). In 1989, he starred in Ridley Scott’s thriller / Ridley Scott «Black rain».

In 1990, Andy Garcia was casting and landed the role of Michael Corleone protege of Vincent Mancini in “The Godfather 3” by Francis Ford Coppola.

This role earned him a nomination for the award “Oscar”and”Golden Globe».

In 1993, Andy Garcia made his debut as a director of the documentary «There is no other rhythm as he», devoted to his musical idol shakes / Cachao.

The project brought Andy Garcia “Grammy” as the producer of the movie musical.

In 1994, Andy Garcia has returned to Hollywood to play the lead male role in the melodrama «When a man loves a woman». In 1995, he screens out satire «Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead» with his participation. In the same year he decided to please his father, playing the avocado-growing farmer in the film «One of the two».

In 1997, Andy Garcia played the famous poet and hero of the Spanish Civil War Federico Garcia Lorca / Federico Garcia Lorca in the biography «Disappearance of Garcia Lorca “and the legendary mobster Lucky Luciano in the crime drama« Gangster ». The line of historical figures continued musician Arturo Sandoval in the television movie «In the name of love».

This film brought Andy Garcia two nominations for “Amy” – as the best male performer and producer role.

In 2001, Andy Garcia has joined the stellar composition adventure blockbuster “Ocean’s Eleven,”where he played the owner of a casino and an opponent of the protagonist, Terry Benedict. On the wave of success were filmed”Ocean’s Twelve”in 2004 and”Ocean’s Thirteen” in 2007.

In 2005, Andy Garcia is back in the director’s chair to shoot a romantic memory of Havana 50s «The Lost City».

Not only srezhessiroval, played a role and produced the film, but also wrote the soundtrack in the style of mambo, and played on the congas, guitar and piano.

In 2008, Andy Garcia appear in one part of the anthology “New York, I Love You”, in 2009 – in a supporting role in the comedy “The Pink Panther 2 »and the title role in the family drama« Long Island ». In 2012, screens out the historical drama «cristiada» a Andy Garcia in the title role.

Life Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia

With his future wife, Maria Victoria Lorido / Maria Victoria Lorido Andy Garcia met in 1975 at a nightclub. They married in 1982. The couple has daughters, Dominik Garcia-Lorido / Dominik Garcia-Lorido (born in 1983), Daniel / Daniella (born in 1988), Alessandro / Alessandra (born in 1991) and his son Andreas (born in 2002). The eldest daughter, Dominique went to his father’s footsteps and become an actress.

Family Garcia lives in Los Angeles and Miami.

Andy GarciaAndy Garcia
Andy GarciaAndy Garcia
Andy GarciaAndy Garcia

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