Joanna Garcia

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JoAnna Garcia

Most Telling Trait. Her lips. Joanna’s full lips imply she is very generous. She is also a great conversationalist. If you call her on the phone, expect to be talking for some time. Joanna’s short upper lip may mean she takes criticism personally and is very conscious of her looks.

The Forehead: People with oval foreheads like Joanna’s tend to be homebodies. Joanna loves to maintain projects and may be interest in health-related topics.

The Face: JoAnna has a wide face. She enjoys open spaces and being by the water. She is also young at heart and highly self-confident.

The Eyes: JoAnna has sparkling, flirtatious eyes. Guys may find her irresistible, which may well get her into trouble. She is a very emotional person and cares about others. She must set some time out for herself and her family or they will feel neglected.

The Nose: Ski-jump nose owners like JoAnna are natural volunteers. Money is not her focus. If JoAnna were in business for herself, she would have a hard time making a go of it unless she had a partner who handled money well. The rounded tip of her nose relates to her inquisitiveness. She loves scoping out the latest news.

The Cheekbones: Pronounced cheekbones imply JoAnna loves traveling and changing up her routine. She is fun to be with because of her sense of adventure.

A seemingly ubiquitous television presence in the later ’90s and early 2000s, Joanna Garcia has been appearing on the small screen since she made her debut in 1992 in Nickelodeon’s popular Clarissa Explains It All. Later taking on a more substantial role on that same network with Are You Afraid of the Dark. Garcia began her transition into film with the sequel to the popular teen sex comedy American Pie. A native of Tampa, FL, Garcia got her first taste of stardom when she landed the lead role in a local theater production at the age of ten. Developing an insatiable appetite for the spotlight following her debut, she was discovered by Nickelodeon while in high school and was soon making the notable commute from Florida to Montréal to appear in Dark. Though she would attend Florida State University for a year after graduating high school, the call of the Hollywood hills was too hard to resist and the aspiring actress dropped out to relocate after landing a role on the made-for-television movie Holy Joe (1999). Turning up in such popular shows as Party of Five and Freaks and Geeks (in which she turned in a memorable performance as popular cheerleader Vicky Appleby) soon after, Garcia also scored with distinctive roles in Boston Public, Providence, and Dawson’s Creek. Returning to television for her role in Reba after her feature debut, Garcia could next be seen on the silver screen as a Tourette’s Syndrome-inflicted cheerleader in Not Another Teen Movie. more less

Birth Name:

JoAnna Leanna García

Birth Place:

Tampa, Florida, United States

Joanna GarciaJoanna Garcia
Joanna GarciaJoanna Garcia
Joanna GarciaJoanna Garcia

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