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Judy Greer / Judy Greer

Biography of Judy Greer AP

Judy Greer was born July 20, 1975 in Detroit (USA) and grew up in the town of Livonia. Her father was an engineer and his mother – hospital administrator. Judy went to school named after Winston Churchill.

Almost 10 years she studied ballet, and after receiving the certificate of continued education at the most prestigious theater courses at the University of DePaul.

Start a career

His first role Judi has received only three days after his graduation in 1997. Soon she started filming, and after a year on the screens out comedy Doug Elling Kiss fun (1998). Starring in the film performed by David Schwimmer. Jason Lee and Mili Avital, and Julie went to a secondary heroine named Andrea. Comedy Kiss fun was for Greer ticket to Hollywood in the literal sense. The actress went to the premiere of the tape in Los Angeles, taking the pet dog, and stayed there for many years. In California offers began to come often enough.

Star Time

In 1999, Judy has played one of the key characters in the crime comedy Darren Stein Jawbreaker (1999) and a few small roles in other films. She glowed in the initial frames tape Three Kings (1999) with George Clooney and appeared in the movie Desperate beauty (1999), where her partner on the film set became Claudia Schiffer and Christine Taylor .

For a couple of years, the actress appeared in a dozen films. Basically it brought down a small but vivid and memorable roles.

In the Oscar-winning film Adaptation (2002) Judy played the waitress, who falls in the main character played by Charlie Kaufman. She also appeared in the tape Wedding Planner (2001) and What Women Want (2000).

The directors and producers were happy with a young actress, and Judy are increasingly invited to participate in a small but attracts attention to the role.

In addition to his film work Greer appeared regularly on television. She starred in the TV series CSI Miami (2002- & hellip;), M Enja Name Is Earl (2005-2009) and How I Met Your Mother (2005- & hellip;).

Greer starred not only in comedies. In 2004, the screens out the mystical thriller The Village (2004), where the actress played a small role, and a year later, she appeared in the horror film Wes Craven Werewolves (2005).

In 2008, Judy starred in the TV series Miss Guided. According to the actress, she always wanted to perform the title role in the television project, watched by millions of viewers.

Not so long ago on the screens out full-length movies, in which Greer got key roles. So, she co-starred with Patrick Wilson in the comedy Barry Mundey (2010), and the tape Descendants (2010), her partner was George Clooney.


September 17, 2011 Judy Greer married producer Dean Johnson.


  • 1998 – Kiss fun
  • 1999 – Jawbreaker
  • 1999 – Three Kings
  • 2000 – What Women Want
  • 2001 – Wedding Planner
  • 2002 – Adapting
  • 2004 – From 13 to 30
  • 2004 – Mysterious forest
  • 2005 – Werewolves
  • 2005 – Elizabethtown
  • 2006 – The American Dream
  • 2006 – TV
  • 2007 2012 – Californication
  • 2008 – 27 weddings
  • 2009 – Love happens
  • 2009 2012 – Archer
  • 2010 – Love and Other Drugs
  • 2010 – Marmaduke
  • 2011 – Descendants
  • 2011 – Henry’s Crime
  • 2011 – Jeff, Who Lives at Home
  • 2012 – Playing for Keeps
  • 2013 – Telekinesis
  • 2014 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Judy GreerJudy Greer
Judy GreerJudy Greer
Judy GreerJudy Greer

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