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Monica Bellucci / Monica Bellucci

Biography Monica Bellucci AP

Monica Bellucci was born September 30, 1964 in a provincial Italian town of Città di Castello in a family where the father (Pasquale Bellucci) was an agricultural worker, and his mother (Brunella Briganti) the artist.

From childhood she wanted to become a lawyer, and to enter the University of Perugia in the Faculty of Law, Monica worked as a model at the Liceo Classico 16 years. However, the glamorous lifestyle quickly like Monica, and she decided to give up his childhood dream in favor of secular life.

In addition to his native Italian, Monica is fluent in English and French and a little Spanish.

Start a career

In 1988, Monica moved to Milan (Italy), where he signed a contract with Elite Model Management. In 1989, Monica has been glorified as a model in Paris and New York. She posed for well-known in the modeling business Dolce & amp; & Gabbana Elle (France).

Having a modeling career, Monica did not stop has dared to star in the film: in 1990 she made her debut in the Italian cinema. Her first job was: Life sons, bandits, abuse. cameo role in these films have not brought the actress a great success.

In 1992, she was invited to star in his film director Francis Ford Coppola. The role of the bride of Dracula in the movie Dracula was the first major role of Monica Bellucci, then suggestions on filming began, she had many of the studios of Europe and America. stubborn destiny, heroes, Snow, Joseph in these films Monica appeared in Italy in the period from 1992 to 1995.

Star Time

In 1996, Monica Bellucci came success as an actress: Lisa for her role in the movie The apartment Monica won a Cesar nomination budding actress. The next film, where she played Monica, was the French thriller Doberman.

In 1997, Monica Bellucci starred in three films: Stress, Bad Taste, How do you want me to do, and in 1998 four: Desire Festival will not be about those who likes to compromise. Proposals for the shooting continued to arrive from all over the world, but Monica treated them very demanding, trying to select only those roles where her talent actress can open fully.

While continuing to make movies, already known to the whole world has become a model of first-class actress. Her photographs have appeared on the covers of glossy magazines. The film Malena Monica Bellucci acting talent was revealed in all its glory. The beauty and charm of the actress, along with acting skills won the hearts of audiences and critics alike.

In February 2001, the magazine Esquire Magazine & rsquo; s with Desire featured Ms Monica has published photos on the cover and contains information about it on 5 pages.

In 2001, Monica and her husband appeared in the film Brotherhood of the Wolf, where she brilliantly played the role of Sylvia. Next part in the most expensive European film 2002 Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra . The film Irreversible has caused a lot of different reviews and a nine brutal rape scene look so realistic that many viewers to the film in Cannes was bad. (According to another version, many left the hall in protest against the film / passage, and not from the fact that they became ill). Monica herself said about the film the following: ” I am very very scary to review this film! & Quot;.

In 2003, her photos have also appeared on the cover of the magazine, but in Maxim. And in 2004, the actress topped the list of 100 most beautiful women in the world in the list compiled by Ask Men & rsquo; s. Monica runs a modeling career in New York agency Elle +.

The next film become Remember me, Tears of the Sun . as well as the shooting in the cult film the Wachowski brothers The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Monica never stops on the films of the same genre and after action game played in a very difficult film The Passion of Christ.

In 2004, the release of the movie Secret agents, she hates me and The Brothers Grimm, where Monica played the role of the Mirror Queen.

January 27, 2006, the premiere of the film Shaitan . then Brotherhood Stone and N (Napoleon and I) . In 2007, rolling out movie Shoot ‘Em Up and Second Wind.

The actress often confessed that want to stay in a movie with Robert De Niro. In 2011, the actors appeared together in the movie The Ages of Love.

In October 2011, Monica became the face of the renewed series of Royal Velvet (Eng. Royal Velvet) company Oriflame, and in 2012 face of cosmetics line Dolce & amp; Gabbana.


In 1990, in 1994 Monica was married to Claudio Carlos Basso.

On September 9, 1999 Monica is married for the second time an actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she had met five years before their wedding. The couple have two daughters Deva Cassel (rod.12.09.2004) and Leon Kassel (rod.20.05.2010).


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  • 1991 – Lottery
  • 1992 – Fate Ostinato
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  • 1994 – Band of Misfits
  • 1995 – Snow
  • 1995 – Joseph
  • 1995 – Remains
  • 1996 – Apartment
  • 1997 – Doberman
  • 1997 – Stressati
  • 1997 – Bad genre
  • 1997 – As You Want Me
  • 1998 – Delight
  • 1998 – Compromise
  • 1998 – Festival will not
  • 1998 – Bad Taste
  • 1999 – Defiant
  • 1999 – Like fish out of water
  • 2000 – Under Suspicion
  • 2000 – Malena
  • 2000 – Frank Spadoni
  • 2001 – Brotherhood of the Wolf
  • 2002 – Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra
  • 2002 – Irreversible
  • 2003 – The Matrix Reloaded
  • 2003 – The Matrix Revolutions
  • 2003 – Tears of the Sun
  • 2003 – Remember me
  • 2004 – Passion
  • 2004 – Secret Agents
  • 2004 – She hates me,
  • 2005 – The Brothers Grimm
  • 2005 – How do you stand?
  • 2006 – Shaitan
  • 2006 – Brotherhood Stone
  • 2006 – Napoleon I and
  • 2007 – Shoot ‘Em Up
  • 2007 – Textbook of Love: Stories
  • 2007 – Second Wind
  • 2008 – A man who loves
  • 2008 – Rabid blood
  • 2009 – Baar
  • 2009 – Omaggio A Roma
  • 2009 – Private Lives
  • 2009 – Do not look back
  • 2010 – Rose, this is Paris
  • 2010 – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • 2010 – At Goody has all
  • 2010 – The Whistleblower
  • 2011 – A Burning Hot Summer
  • 2011 – Love. Instructions for use
  • 2011 – Sentinel harem
  • 2012 – Rhino Season

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Nikita BellucciNikita Bellucci
Nikita BellucciNikita Bellucci
Nikita BellucciNikita Bellucci

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