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Charles Luciano (Charles “Lucky” Luciano)

20Luciano% 20smiling.jpg “/% born. 24 noyabrya1897 in Lercardia Friddi, Sicily

Died: January 26th, 1962 in Naples, Italy.

20Luciano% 20Mugshot.jpg “/%

Charles Luciano Photo 1936

At the age of 18 he was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment in the penal colony “Hampton Farms,”​​on charges of trafficking heroin and morphine (which he sold under the guise of its work, the courier). After the liberation, Charles resumed his criminal activity and joined the five gangs. By 1920, Luciano ran the gang along with Bugsy Siegel. Vito Genovese and Frank Costello.”Lucky”has always been an ambitious person and to expand its business, it formed an alliance with the Jewish”king” Arnold Rothstein. and later with Giuseppe Masseria, a notorious Sicilian boss who controlled a large part of New York. Luciano was not associated with any known member of the Mafia and Mafia was born in the citadel of Castellammare del Golfo and Palermo, but began to make a name for himself thanks to his hard work and influential friends.

The coming to power

In the early 20s, Luciano and his gang engaged in alcohol. In 1922 he participated in the murder of Umberto Valenti Giuseppe Masseria enemy. Witnesses said there were three or four bandits who haunted Valenti to a taxi, where he was shot. During the shooting wounded a girl of 8 years, but she survived.

From 1927 to 1931 Kastelamarskaya war raged between Giuseppe “Boss” Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano boss of Brooklyn. Maranzano was a highly respected member of the Mafia in Castellammare del Golfo, and came to America in 1925. He was supported by immigrants from Castellammare, as mobs of Buffalo and Detroit. Soon, the violence was around every corner: stolen trucks were destroyed breweries and committed murder, it’s all become a part of the business.

In 1929, Luciano was abducted people Maranzano, they beat him and slashed with a knife, then thrown on the shore of New York Bay in the full confidence of his death. However, he survived this ordeal, but was permanently disfigured shameful scar on his face.

At this time, Luciano established a lot of new acquaintances in the criminal world and has established good relations with the Jewish and Irish mobsters. However, Masseria does not support the ethnic groups, it is recognized only Sicilians, or at least the Italians. But after a while began Masseria proigoyvat war. His deputy and former boss boss Peter Morello was killed and his other supporters, such as Gaetano Gagliano, sided with Maranzano.

Luciano and his partners realized that Masseria was useless for the future of Cosa Nostra and consequently supported Maranzano. Luciano met with Maranzano and offered his assistance in the conclusion of the war. Maranzano agreed with the plan and now had a secret agent in the organization of Masseria. April 15, 1931 Luciano and Masseria met in a restaurant on Coney Island. They played cards and at some point the game Luciano pressed the need for, and he walked to the bathroom. Suddenly, several gangsters broke into the restaurant and shot Masseria straight in his chair.

Similarly, the names of the killers are not known. Most sources say that the performers were Bugsy Siegel, Joe Adonis. Vito Genovese and Albert Anastasia. but it is also possible that one of the killers was John ‘Silk Stocking’ bream, who was killed a week after the death of Masseria.

Maranzano won – has become boss of bosses. Therefore, several meetings were held over, during one of these New York was divided into five Mafia families. Now, all heads of families had to pay tribute to the boss of bosses. Maranzano was going to kill anyone who might threaten him. And this list was Luciano, Al Capone (who supported Masseria during the war) and “Dutch Schultz”.

Maranzano had hired an assassin to kill Luciano, it was the Irishman Vincent Coll. But Luciano learned about hunting and decided to strike first. Along with Meyer Lansky, he hired a Jewish murderers (among them Weinberg, and Levine). They killed Maranzano in his office six months after the death of Joe Masseria. When the assassins fled the scene, they met Colla, at this point he was going to visit Marantsano. But Vincent was able to run away.

Luciano headed the commission, and his family took control Manhettenon. His friend Meyer Lansky long been his advisor, along with Frank Costello and Vito Genovese underboss.

20Luciano% 20having% 20fun.jpg “/%


In the mid-30s Luciano organized a network of brothels in New York. The idea was to establish a flat rate, and the maximum load women to squeeze more money out of the business.

At the same time, a young, little-known Attorney – Thomas Dewey began to investigate the case of Charles Luciano. One year ago Luciano ordered “Dutch Schultz,”because he wanted to kill Dewey. That he actually saved the life of a prosecutor. Nevertheless, Dewey and his team”bloodhounds” organized a raid on several brothels and arrested more than a hundred prostitutes. They all spoke about the terrible attitude on the part of the family Luciano, which forced them to work for a long time for a pittance. In 1936, Luciano was arrested. After a short trial he was given 50 years for his involvement in the brothels.


In 1942, the French sent a large and luxurious ocean liner, SS Normandie, in New York. The ship was presented to the US government that they would have transformed it into a military for use in war. On February 9 the ship exploded. Firefighters tried to extinguish the fire, but their attempts were not successful, the next morning the ship sank. The US government has suggested that the explosion was the work of Nazi spies. Over the next few years, the government had to ensure that all court in New York will remain intact. So they enlisted the help of the Mafia since they controlled the docks.

The first government turned to Joseph, “Sock” Lanza. owner Fulton Fish Market, with the request to provide security at the docks. In turn, Lanza reported by Frank Costello, who has said the jailing of Luciano. They all agreed, and his men began to guard the docks. It later emerged that the explosion at the Normandie was organized by German spies, and was organized by the mafia directly to arrange an agreement with the US government. Whoever started the fire, the government concluded a secret deal with the Mafia and transferred Luciano from prison Sing Sing.

The US military intelligence knew that many of the partners Luciano maintained good communication Sicilian and Italian mafia. Once again, the government requested the assistance of the “lucky” to using his connections in the criminal world of Sicily and Italy, without many losses to liberate Italy from the Nazis. And after the war, the US military and intelligence agencies supposedly also used Luciano regard to root out communist influence in the resistance groups and local authorities.

In 1946, Luciano was released from prison, but the government demanded his extradition to Italy. In February Luciano he celebrated his last stay on American soil, along with Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Joe Adonis, Albert Thomas Lucchese and Anastasia.

In 1947, he flew to Cuba to host the Conference in Havana, where he regained control of the US syndicate. It is believed that Frank Sinatra was also present at the hotel in Havana as a cover of the police, saying they all gathered for a concert favorite singer. At a meeting of the commission, it was decided to kill Bugsy Siegel, which cost millions of mafia opening disadvantage casino “Flamingo” in Las Vegas. When the US government learned of the presence of Luciano in the Caribbean, he was forced to return to Italy.

20Luciano% 201947.jpg “/%

Charles Luciano Cuba 1947

involved in trafficking HEROIN

According to the expert on the drug trade, Dr. Alfred W. McCoy, Luciano entered into an alliance with the Corsican Mafia in the 50s and was therefore involved in the so-called “French connection”. This new super syndicate watched the massive increase in the production, purification and distribution of heroin. Using opium derived mainly from Turkey, heroin was cleaned and circulated through an elaborate network, based in Marseille, France. Heroin soon began flooding America and Europe, seeping into vulnerable areas, such as the American jazz scene, due to the absorption of increasing Mafia music venues and other aspects of the entertainment industry. One of the key contacts in the drug trade Luciano was Nicola Gentile, a leading member of the Mafia, with whom Luciano worked before in New York in the 30s, and Frank Coppola. In 1957 Luciano also participated in the meeting in Palermo at the “Dell Peylme”, ​​which mainly has had members of the Bonanno crime family, Family Megeddino and the Sicilian Mafia to discuss drug trafficking. And the Bonanno family and Megeddino manageable parts in Canada that were used to import drugs.

He used to say: “All I need is a week in New York or Miami, so I can die happy.” But Luciano could not go because he was deported after the war. He liked to relax at the California restaurant in Naples, because there he could meet American tourists. In Italy, he found the love of his life, a woman named Igea Laskoni. They were often seen together in the theater or restaurant. But disaster struck in 1958 she died of breast cancer. They have been together for nine years.

Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano
Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano
Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano

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