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NIC PIZZOLATTO, «True Detective»: «I want to have a beginning, middle and end.” (Part 4)

Here is the 4th part of the great interview with Nick NIC PIZZOLATTO. All parts of the interview, you can find the & # 8211; here.

NIC PIZZOLATTO wrote all eight episodes of “real detective” to break the stereotype that the series should work under the direction of a group of writers showrunner.

What are the notes on the script were at HBO?

HBO was very generous, very tactful. Especially when compared to other cable channels, as far as I can judge from my little experience. They are very well aware of what we’re going to shoot. It is not “Law & Order: McConaughey, Harrelson.” The series was not supposed to look like something like that. And if this were the case, I’m sure someone anyway would want to buy a series of stars. However, I do not think that the stars themselves would want to act in it, and there would not be such a rush on the part of cable networks.

I believe that from the very beginning found a mutual understanding with them. And this is also part of my job. I have written some amount of trial mater, before selling it. I write scripts much faster than prose. I can just make an outline to see if it turns out at me or not. In prose fiction type I say to myself: “I must make an exact phrase, absolutely fine, absolutely fine.” The same approach I use when writing dialogue in the script, but then I can just run, building the best line of the story.

Is it not been excessive surveillance? Concerns? Anxiety? After all, a beginner showrunner …

We were not much more notes than in other series HBO. My job was and what I was supposed to pay off the voltage, which causes my inexperience. In the sense that I & # 8211; open guy. They talk to me, see who I am, they decide whether they want to deal with me. I’m writing a spec script to sell it to them. Sale right there on the spot. I do not want to describe to you the show. Ready scenario & # 8211; here is a description of the series.

And all the episodes you are there and …

Wait. Not for sale. I had two episodes. The first two episodes.

But then they bought everything …

No. They bought the first two episodes. Trade war between the channels has enabled us to say: “You shoot the entire series. You do not just shoot the pilot, and if it works … “As it usually happens. So we really went for broke. And then I’m sure if you’re doing your job as both a writer and showrunner like working with the cast and crew, or you become indispensable, or do not get. I have no doubt that they could have me removed from the project if we were not brought there. But most of all, we have just started filming, they decided to keep aloof. We were surprised that they did not want us to visit. From HBO was not delegation, nothing.

And they as well as we were happy with the footage.

Tell us about the composition of the future series.

You mean unrelated season?

I had two big stimulus that confirmed me that this is an unpopular format support, and that, perhaps, in this format have a kind of nobility. Where I lived, few children were at home on the bookshelves of “War and Peace”and”The Sound and the Fury.” But in every home had a TV. Television gives you the opportunity to improve their level. To read fiction for pleasure, many need to make a lot of effort requires preparation and understanding of many things. Only in very rare cases, people develop these qualities in yourself.

And the TV makes it possible to jump over all these things. The poor and the rich are watching TV. At least the next five years will be so. I think that, thanks to technology, American television has become a kind of conductor means of entertainment, and it looks like a decline. Come other entertainment media, and it allows the previous media release space for the growth of the arts. Television makes it to the movies, and the Internet is now doing it for television. On the Internet you can watch whatever you want, but compared to the TV it does not look so great. If you want, you can watch TV shows online, but let’s be honest & # 8211; “Breaking Bad”and”Deadwood” beat everything done and posted in YouTube.

I was influenced by two people & # 8211; Dennis Potter and David Milch. I was inspired and learned a lot of Dennis Potter’s movie “The Singing Detective”and”Grouchy from heaven.”You can not see most of these films in America, so I had to buy an unlocked DVD-Player ( player that lets you play any disc without reference to the regional distribution of content & # 8211; approx. Lane. ) He was the first guy to our golden age of television, which expanded the boundaries of television and declared that it may have an intimacy and power of Yeats’s poems. And it can cover both pop music and high art. Can combine all of these things at the same time, for us to eliminate the contradictions between them. Something was done in”The Singing Detective».

In general, my main idea regarding the series & # 8211; every year to write a new novel for television. Now it can be sold, because Dennis Potter basically been doing. Six episodes of “The Singing Detective”made. Six episodes of”pennies from heaven”are made. Four episodes of”black-eyed”are made. Six episodes of”Lipstick on your collar ‘made.

All of this was done to “American Horror Story”, so I guess it was in the air. And I believe that this format may be a good idea.

The series is an anthology of stories. This is not a red herring. I do not play games with his audience. I did not tell them that, then what would be wrong. No tricks up its sleeve. I want everyone to subordinate drama. I want to have a beginning, middle and an end, which we very clearly indicated during the season. And I thought that if we could sell this format, we will be able to interest talented actors upscale & # 8211; Of course, under the condition that I will write a good script & # 8211; because they know that the more they do not have to go back into the project.

This is not a five-year commitment.

No. “Instead of the season on Broadway, why do not you come to the”True Detective”and I’ll give you one of the best roles that you’ll ever be able to play.”It turned out that we got a point, especially given the state of American cinema. Over the past two years, Matthew starred in two art-house films, and another on the way.”Mud”, “Killer Joe” and movies such plan is ejected, but they have a very small audience. And if the actor at the same time want to have a wide audience and to do interesting things, he must turn our gaze to the season of the television series.

This anthology of stories, which I had put enough blood, sweat and tears, as much as invest in art books. This is a real chance for an actor to create a long-running character, it can penetrate deeply into the role, to work out every facet of the character. And I’m with them until the end, to be able to discuss the role. Before filming began, I give them full biographies of heroes, descriptions of everything connected with the role.

Are you from the beginning the project was presented as an anthology of channels?

Oh, yeah. We talked about it all.

You already know what will happen in the second season?

I have a pretty good idea for a second season, and have in mind the actor who would you like to invite. Action will take place in California. The two series will remain branded stuff & # 8211; plot moves and examination, as the basis for the story. In other seasons, will not necessarily be the cops. It may be a private detective. Maybe ordinary people. But always it will noir story with a beginning, middle and an end.

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