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LYKKE LI: happy buying

Sweden have long learned to surprise the music community and continues to do almost every year. Lykke Li ( Lykke Li ), whose nickname reminds the Norwegian word “lykkelig”-“happy” – and in fact can be called happy acquisition of Swedish indie scene. Intelligent pop music in crisp, slightly whimsical arrangements, flavored electronic, folk, rock and soul in one bottle, childishly pure and fresh vocals and delicate melodies – such chances in the hands of 22-year-old singer has easily won the Swedish scene.

Li Lykke Timotej Zackrisson (Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson) was born on 18 March 1986 in Stockholm. The family she found most suitable for the cultivation of her artistic talents: his mother – a professional photographer, his father – a musician. As a child, she often had to move with their parents. Five years the family lived in Portugal, not just one winter Lykke held in India or Nepal, enjoying maximum freedom, which he could get a child hippie parents.

At the age of six her idol was the Madonna, which seemed to her the most stylish, self-confidence and a bright star and a role model: “I admire the way she started from scratch, and not having a lot of talent, has done everything to fulfill his dream “. The first disc that Lykke bought herself was Madonna’s album “Immaculate Collection”. As early as ten years old girl knew what the club life and protracted party. Parents took everywhere with her and his younger brother, who happened to sleep right under the speakers.

In a difficult adolescence, music became for her, as for many teenagers, jewelry outlet, a place where she could run away from everyone, which could be what has never been in reality. “When I feel bad, I turn on the music, I lay down on the floor and dreaming – she confessed in an interview. – No matter what I did, I can not help feeling that all this is a movie in which I live. My Music – a soundtrack to my life “.

If to talk about musical influences, then, had been ill in early childhood, Madonna, in her youth Lykke Li switched to the more original artists – Kate Bush (Kate Bush), Shangri-Las, Velvet Underground. Later, the “Pantheon” favorite artists is filled with new, and very different names: Dizzee Rascal, A Tribe Called Quest, Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse).

As for other sources of inspiration, the Lykke loves visual art, literature, and live chat. Her inspire talented photographers and original people who live life to the fullest. One of the most favorite directors – Spanish maestro Pedro Almodovar, in the tragic and ironic movie that almost all of the female characters in the shower lesbians.

It is worth noting that, in addition to music, she danced a lot Lykke. In five years, she took lessons in dance, house and watched clips of Madonna and Michael Jackson’s movements and repeat them in the mirror. In high school, she was for a time worked as a dancer at the different shows on Swedish television. But she soon tired of it – she wanted to do.

The fame did not fall on her like a bolt from the blue. By its purpose, it was a long time, taking advantage of every opportunity to prove himself. She played and sang in different bands, preparing demos of his songs, familiar with all who could help her, she wrote letters and sent their tracks on a mail record companies. In 19 years, as once Madonna, a young Swede arrived in New York and plunged into concert life, performing in clubs and another’s songs and conquering the attention of the public. Then it acquired the pseudonym and by moving the two first names and turned to Lykke Li.

But the impress of American Publishers to her and failed. Starting music career had at home, but no artist likes to Sweden and does not feel wholly Swede. “My father always tells me to leave Sweden as soon as possible – says Lykke. – I would love to live in Argentina, drinking red wine and chatting on philosophical themes and settled in New York and gave concerts “.

Back at home, Lykke, had accumulated enough material for a debut, has created his own record label, LL Recordings, to independently control the entire creative and commercial process. In tandem with producer Bjorn Ittlingen (Bjorn Yttling), behind which was a successful project work with Peter Bjorn and John. Artist engaged in preparation of their debut mini-album, “Little Bit” (2007), and then the first Long-play, called «Youth Novels” (2008). Fragile, childishly pure vocal Lykke producer surrounded by a flower garden of sounds, this bouquet decorated with unique tools such as the theremin, kazoo, celesta and harpsichord. They created, along with the traditional rock and pop instruments and carefully dosed e texture, pleasant in all respects and graceful sound. The album is different and stylistic diversity, cross hip-hop, folk, blues, old school indie pop, electro, soul and rock.

“This is a very personal album – says the singer, who co-wrote all the songs along with Ittlingen. – It all revolves around me. I am by nature, as if to say, egotsentristka. I really like singers who always know what and why they sing, then their art is truly sincere. I must be honest with the audience “.

Her sincerity and naturalness, gentle melodies and imaginative expression of her songs have found a lot of fans at home and across Europe. In Sweden, the album “Youth Novels”became the leader of the charts and in the United Kingdom caused a warm response in the music press. The singer began to appear on the air of the Swedish MTV, and the video for the song”Little Bit”was nominated for an analogue of the Swedish Grammy. We do not make it past this release and American labels. In the US,”Youth Novels” comes out in summer 2008.

Meanwhile, the artist performs in the European neighborhood, introduces students to the Swedish version of modern indie music, which is so widely understood that Lykke writes lyrics in English. Her live shows produced no less impressive than the studio recordings. To stage it has a special relationship. “In general I am very shy, – says Lykke. – I would never openly talk about the person with whom to build a relationship right now. However, the scene is changing. The show – that’s all. I gave him entirely. As if it solved the problem of life and death. I have to give everything I can, even then I will beat the willies. For example, my sister in my life – a soldier, a star. And I, on the contrary, very quiet. But on stage I can do everything that I can not in reality. And she would have died of fright at the thought that she would have to go on stage “.

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