James Morrison

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James Morrison

At 21, within weeks of the unknown newcomer, he became one of the most popular young rock artists of the UK. A magical transformation occurred in the summer of 2006, when the radio sounded songs from his debut album «Undiscovered», which is a couple of months went platinum. Sensual husky voice, a very emotional presentation, the compound of drama and simplicity charmed music lovers and critics alike.

James Morrison Catchpole born July 10, 1984 in the provincial town of Rugby, in the West Midlands. The first musical experience gave him a home music library, collected by parents. His mother was a big fan of soul, bought records with Otis Redding (Otis Redding), Al Green (Al Green), Van Morrison (Van Morrison). Tastes a little bit different father – he leaned on classic folk and country music. His idols were Leadbelly (Leadbelly) and Woody Guthrie (Woode Guthrie). James absorbed the experience like a sponge. In addition to these musicians who greatly influenced him Cat Stevens (Cat Stevens) and The Kinks.

About his childhood Morrison does not like to talk. What has been reliably establish: childhood was gloomy, he suffered a lot, the family lived more than modestly. One of the most disturbing events of those years – whooping cough, which almost killed the boy. But just him and he owes his distinctive husky vocals.

The first chords on the guitar showed him uncle, when James was 13 years old. The rest, he mastered himself – listening to the radio, I picked up the tune and learned to sing, repeating for vocalists. The first group has collected man in 16 years. Begins as entertainment, the school band soon became a local landmark, forcing James to think about a career in music.

Very early he decided to start an independent life: earned pocket money performing in the streets of Port, a village off the coast of Cornwall, where the family settled after Morrison numerous crossings. Then he traveled across the country, took up any work, writing songs that played wherever he could.

It is not known how many more years would drag the prelude, but Morrison was lucky: his demo tape fell into the hands of managers record label Polydor Records. Discussion of the contract did not last long. Custody of young talent took Terife producer Martin (Martin Terefe), with whom Morrison recorded 13 songs that formed the backbone of his debut album «Undiscovered», released in August 2006.

Promotion of his studio debut began with a tour opening for Corinne Bailey Rae (Corinne Bailey Rae). Active support was provided to him DJs BBC Radio 2. After a successful tour and visiting night talk show host Jools Holland (Jools Holland) Morrison became a popular young artist the UK.

Yes, and his music itself – forever young, sensitive, sentimental blues – it was worth to pay attention to the actor. Launched shortly before the publication of the album’s singles «You Give Me Something» (Thor 5) and «Wonderful World» (Top 10) were the loud hits not only in Britain but also in many European countries.

The fact that Morrison’s debut album will be a success, it was, in general, is understandable. But its popularity has surpassed the boldest forecasts: already in the first week of sales Long-play topped the British pop charts. Opinion of music lovers, this time coincided with the opinion of the critics: the UK music press has met «Undiscovered» wave of positive publications.

The artist soon found many fans. When the young artist came to the festival V, it was assumed that he will perform at one of the small scenes. But his show attracted so many listeners that he was invited to play on the main stage opening for groups Hard-Fi.

In January 2007, Morrison drove with a small solo tour of the UK, in the meantime, the fate of his album on the other side of the Atlantic. While the American press reacted to the release without much bigotry in the US pop charts at once on a disc marked the 24th position.

The album «Undiscovered» It took less than a year, the level of sales reached two million mark. Not far behind and the single «You Give Me Something», which sold half million copies already.

In 2007, James Morrison added his piggy bank three nominations for the award Brit Awards and won in the category “Best British Artist.” Surely this is not the latest achievements of the young artist.

James MorrisonJames Morrison
James MorrisonJames Morrison
James MorrisonJames Morrison

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