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The Scottish multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, the musician was one of the founders of “Cream”, and because many consider him a hero of rock ‘n’ roll. However, despite its versatility and work not only in the rock, but in the classical, blues and Latin, the heart has always belonged to Bruce jazz. This improvisational skills and original treatment of the instrument made him one of the greatest bass players of the twentieth century, from which the sample was taken personalities like Sting and Jaco Pastorius. Jack was born in Glasgow May 14, 1943, and spent his childhood and youth traveling with his parents (by the way, is also a musician) in the United States and Canada, replacing the 14 schools already. His formal musical education ended in the “Royal Scottish Academy Of Music”, where he studied composition and cello, and escaped from the age of 17 due to lack of finances and lack of interest of the professor to his ideas. For a while, Bruce traveled to Italy and England, earning a living playing bass in dance jazz band, and in 1962 joined the first serious band called “Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc”.

A year later, along with several colleagues, Jack organized the “Graham Bond Quartet”(later”Graham Bond Organisation”), simultaneously switched to bass guitar. After two not very successful albums Bruce, ever quarrel with drummer Ginger Baker. He moved to John Mayall. and then – Manfred Mennu. These alliances proved to be short-lived, and in 1966 reunited with bassist Baker and ex-guitarist “Bluesbreakers”Eric Clapton in supergroup”Cream”. For a couple of years of its existence the team has sold 35 million albums, and being at the zenith of fame, self-destructed.

Meanwhile, Jack felt that the “Cream”he departs from his ideals, and began his solo career with the album”Song For A Tailor”, made at the junction of rock, pop, jazz, folk and classical. Job had good success, but rather a musician to join fusion band “Lifetime”(both released his second solo album, recorded back in 1968, purely instrumental jazz”Things We Like”). Unfortunately, this project turned out to be unstable, and dejected his departure from it, as well as the death of Jimi Hendrix. Bruce again turned to heavy music, joining the power trio “West. Bruce & Laing”. Before that, he, however, managed to publish the album “Harmony Row”, which, though remain among the favorite works of the musician in the commercial success of the much lost “Song For A Tailor”. “West, Bruce & Laing”stay afloat a couple of years, and after a short visit, a visit to Frank Zappa, Jack returned to his solo career. Despite increasing heroin addiction bassist, recorded in America and progressively oriented album”Out Of The Storm”had a good press, and even entered the”Billboard Top 200”, but the album sold out weakly.

a disaster in terms of sales and drive proved “How’s Tricks”(mostly light-jazz), and the label”RSO”not only rejected another album (“Jet Set Jewel”), but in general broke the contract. In the late 70’s Bruce actively undermining the health of alcohol and drugs, but from further sliding down a musician rescued remarriage. With his new wife, Jack settled in Germany and, after rehabilitation, released a CD”I’ve Always Wanted To Do This”. However, for fans of the old job was too pop, and no one understood him flirting with disco. In the early ’80s, along with musician Robin Trower he became a member of another trio of “BLT”, but this group disbanded after two albums.

Still remains without a major to contract in 1983, Bruce used the services of a small German label “Intercord”, to release another solo album was a pop “Automatic”. The mid-eighties was marked by the acquaintance with producer Kip Hanrahan and switching to Latin music in the style, but at the end of the decade with the help of heaps of guests (including Ginger Baker), Jack returned to rock the territory by giving the program “A Question Of Time”. The next time an apprentice Bruce showed up and Eric Clapton. and recorded with his participation eclectic album “Somethin Els”caused a lot of enthusiasm. Also in 1993, the musician with his colleagues on the”Cream”found himself in the”Hall of Fame Rock and Roll”and its 50th anniversary was marked by a grand concert will serve as a prototype for the double CD”Cities Of The Heart”. After a couple of years, Jack carried away the keys and reseeding the piano and invited to the studio organist Bernie Worrell, wrote him drive “Monkjack”. In addition, 90 with the Bruce Baker and Moore organized the short-lived project “BBM”, and toured as part of “Ringo Starr ‘s All Star Band”.

At the turn of the century musician recorded a CD “Shadows In The Air”, which took fifth place in the British Jazz & blues charts. Co-producer of the album was made by Hanrahan and therefore the work was provided by the Latin flavor. In the summer of 2003, Jack had to undergo surgery for a liver transplant, but everything went well, and that autumn he released his solo album “More Jack Than God”to weave classical, blues, rock and World-Music. In 2005, the long-awaited (and unfortunately brief) reunion”Cream”, and a year later, Bruce had once worked in a completely different direction, playing jazz in the company of “HR Big Band”. In 2010, the musician has published an autobiography “Composing Himself”, and in the spring of 2014 left the disc “Silver Rails”, and on the eclectic mood similar to “Song For A Tailor”. The album was the last in the discography of the artist – he died of liver disease October 25, 2014.

Jack BruceJack Bruce
Jack BruceJack Bruce
Jack BruceJack Bruce

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