Ginger Baker

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The present name of the musician Peter Edward Baker (b. August 19), and the nickname “Ginger”he received for his red hair. In his youth he had many passions: cycling and poetry, polo and sculpture, and drawing the rally, but ultimately proved to be the main vocation of music. In this art form the young Baker came as a trumpeter, but quickly drew his drums, and the rest of his life he spent on drums. In 16 years, Ginger has worked in a jazz band on a professional basis, but his fierce and uncompromising manner of execution is not allowed to linger too long in the same ensemble. In the end, this trait brought the young musician on the rhythm and blues scene, and in 1962 on the recommendation of Baker Charlie Watts was in the”Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated”.

In this command, Ginger spent only a few months, after which, together with Graham Bond and Jack Bruce gemmated from it and became one of the co-founders of “Graham Bond Organization”. Despite the name of the project leader in its de facto Baker, and that he was responsible for a jazz flavor that by and large rhythm and blues group.

In 1966, Ginger and Jack went on Bond and together with Eric Clapton organized supertrio “Cream”. This command was short-lived, but managed to leave behind some great albums, which entered the golden fund of rock music. Baker made the next stop in the “Blind Faith”, however, this supergroup has collapsed even faster than the “Cream”. In 1970, drummer brought his own band “Ginger Baker’s Air Force”, has released a couple of records with a mixture of jazz, blues, folk and African rhythms. As Ginger while very interested in the music of the black continent in the early ’70s, he went to Nigeria as a result was born the album “Stratavarious”, made with afrobeat pioneer Fela Ransome-Kuti.

In 1973, drummer Mark on the album “Wings””Band On The Run”, and in 1974, together with his brothers Hurwitz together a hard-rock band”Baker Gurvitz Army”. When the group broke up, and Baker retired from active operations, although from time to time, the light appears some notes on his behalf, and in 1980, he knocked on the album “Hawkwind” “Levitation”.

This return of a musician in the world of show business took place in 1986, when he left the disc “Horses & amp; Trees”. This fully instrumental album contains elements of jazz-rock and World Music, but the game Ginger compared with earlier works has become more relaxed. Later fascination Africa came to the fore, and even his accompanying team Baker called “African Force”. In 1991, drummer took another turn and with the participation of Jonas Hellborga (bass) and Jens Johansson (piano) gave jazz acoustic program “Unseen Rain”.

A little later, Ginger returned to music a la “Cream”, lit up in teams of “Masters Of Reality”and”BBM”, but his heart still belonged to jazz-rock that has been proven solo type “Going Back Home”and”Coward Of The Country”. With the advent of zero drummer I remembered their African passions and reissued work “African Force”, and in 2005 took part in the reunion “Cream”.

Ginger BakerGinger Baker
Ginger BakerGinger Baker
Ginger BakerGinger Baker

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