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Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton (r.1945, March 30!) – British rhythm and blues musician (guitar). At age 14, he first takes up the guitar, and at 18 became a celebrity, his name is listed twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A family that Eric was born, was “dysfunctional.”The mother gave birth to him in 16 years, the father is unknown. Clapton was raised by his grandparents and uncle and aunt. After receiving a gift guitar, he tried to reproduce the works of the great bluesmen, create a sound as close as possible to the original. Through the study of the classics of the blues, and as a result of intensive work on yourself and on guitar Clapton just two years managed to achieve considerable skill without assistance and was playing in a local band THE ROOSTERS (translated as”roasters”or”bully”). She has immortalized himself in the history of rock music that brought out two talented musicians – Tom McGuinness (Tom McGuinness), better known by groups and MANFRED MANN THE BLUES BAND, as well as Eric Clapton himself. However, neither THE ROOSTERS, any subsequent group Clapton CASEY JONES AND THE ENGINEERS not gained popularity among fans of rhythm and blues, and soon disbanded.

It is time to recognize Clapton came in 1963 when he was invited to play in the group THE YARDBIRDS ; despite the fact that the team hopes it filed before the arrival of Eric, the audience did not notice it. Taking advantage of the temporary departure of their guitarist Tony Tophema (Tony Topham), Clapton has not simply replaced the guitarist, but soon turned the group into something quite different from what it was before he came, and THE YARDBIRDS soon began to compete by THE BEATLES (despite the fact that they did not play a bit, and rhythm and blues, while not yet fashionable!). Guitar solos Eric already at that time led to the delight of all, and even John Mayall (John Mayall) . the father of British blues, was impressed with his game. However, with the increasing popularity of the group have begun to mature business sentiment. This forced Clapton after the release in 1965 of pop was a third single For Your Love to leave the group.

He decided to try his hand at the blues team BLUESBREAKERS . which led John Mayall . With Clapton as guitarist and vocalist gained incredible popularity, live audience never tired of shouting “May God play solo!”, Referring, of course, Eric. The walls were covered with houses London inscriptions like “Clapton – God”. His melodious, smooth and emotional guitar solos were incomparable. And in 1966 released album Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton and today can be considered one of the best examples of British white blues. However, because of the autocratic nature of John Mayall, Clapton left in 1966 for all THE BLUESBREAKERS, to create his own group.

It was supposed that a new group CREAM will play traditional blues, according to Clapton – “something like Buddy Guy (Buddy Guy) from the rhythm section.”The band members and did not expect that their work will make a revolution in the music and give life to thousands of new musical trends. Trio CREAM was doomed to success – because it included three virtuosity and talented musicians of his time. Jack Bruce (Jack Bruce), previously had won fame in the group MANFRED MANN, he was best known for his unsurpassed playing the bass guitar. This seems to be of little significance in the group of tools in his hands could compete on equal terms with the guitar or drums Clapton Ginger Baker (Ginger Baker). Bruce had a classical music education and excellently played cello and piano. By the time he has worked in different groups, but did not stay long in any of them – it is usually fired for excessive desire for experimentation. And Ginger Baker was the most famous drummer in the history of rock music. He has earned such popularity not only because of their talent, tools and extraordinary sense of virtuosity, but because of the fact that one could bang a few African tribes. The characteristic”krimovsky”auditioned sound from the first album – a standard blues with elements of jazz and psychedelia was played with such power and emotional intensity that can be compared perhaps only with the work of Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix). Most of the music for the band wrote Jack Bruce, but the original structure of the composition means absolutely nothing – all three members create songs directly at runtime. Improvisational element is held in their music the most important role. In the group there was an atmosphere of productive competition, and everyone wanted to”beat”the other. For example, during concerts Baker and Bruce are often on the move deliberately changed the rhythmic structure of songs, Clapton forcing desperate to improvise. Concerts for the group had a greater value than the studio work. One song on the album lasts no more than five minutes at a concert can sound more than an hour, during which each of the musicians could play extended solos – Clapton – guitar, Baker – drums and Bruce – harmonica. Released in 1968, the double album Wheels Of Fire . which was the pinnacle of the band, it became also the first album in music history, in terms of sales received a”platinum”. Apparently, he felt that it was the peak of their creativity and success, Clapton, Baker and Bruce decided to give a farewell concert, after which the group CREAM broke, having existed for a little over two years, but the impact they have had on music, in particular, the emergence of styles like hard rock, electric jazz or progressive rock, can not be overemphasized.

Once the collapse CREAM Clapton joined another new group – BLIND FAITH («blind faith») . In addition to Eric and Ginger Baker was composed of Steve Winwood (Steve Winwood) from TRAFFIC, and Rick Gresh (Rick Grech) of FAMILY. The music they played was strikingly different from the music CREAM, TRAFFIC and FAMILY and more like a creative LED ZEPPELIN. Clapton himself later admitted that while he was under the influence of the group THE BAND, which played something close to the roots-music. Despite the fact that BLIND FAITH in the US and enjoyed great popularity in England, the team lasted only a few months. Releasing one plate and committed a triumphant American tour, the band broke up, leaving Clapton again alone with his guitar.

Immediately after the last concert BLIND FAITH Eric joined the group DELANEY & amp; BONNIE & amp; FRIENDS. With members of this team Clapton met during the last tour – they acted as support band to BLIND FAITH and played a good rhythm and blues. The result was a rather dull released a joint album, then Clapton left the band. He decided to go solo career. Taking command of his last three musicians, he recorded the first solo album, calling it Eric Clapton, whose songs sounded sluggish and uncertain. But Clapton did not give up. Adding to the previous composition of guitarist Duane Olmena (Duane Allman) from a known group ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, he recorded a great album Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs . The album was released as a joint working group called DEREK & amp; THE DOMINOS . Musicians few months successfully performed in the United States, and then recorded another record – In Concert – and broke up.

Clapton, who was at that time at the pinnacle of success, disappeared for three years. The reason for such a long creative break turned out to be drugs. Even during the recording of the album Layla And Other Assorted Songs Clapton met with the “substance” and soon fell into a heavy reliance on it. This could result in death if it had not arrived in time to help a friend – Pete Townshend (Pete Townshend) from the group THE WHO. He organized Clapton returned to the stage, arranging for his two concerts and preparing the escort team composed of musicians such as Steve Winwood, Jim CAPALDO (Jim Capaldi) and Ron Wood (Ron Wood). Eric went to be treated in the famous clinic of Dr. Meg Patterson, and came back and started to record a new album.

Released in August 1974 album 461 Ocean Boulevard Eric introduced a completely new role. Clapton once deceased THE YARDBIRDS only because he wanted to play classic blues, now he played something close to the more pop-rock than the blues. The public, especially the US, was delighted: for simple music is always good to get people that have played something complicated. Especially great success enjoyed by Clapton song Bob Marley (Bob Marley) I Shot The Sheriff. This immortal hits are still almost daily executed by the majority of American and British radio stations.

Since 1975 every new album Clapton is usually possible to find two or three classic blues songs. The rest were mostly pop-rock songs.

In 1989, there was a great album Journeyman . not only exalted him to even greater popularity, but also restored to the respect of critics. In this regard, the steel Clapton concerts in the Royal Albert Hall. Those wishing to listen to him were so many that we had to play 24 nights in a row. In 1992 she released an acoustic album Unplugged . which sounded so fresh and interesting, it is possible to think of a time when he did not have an equal in terms of playing the guitar. In addition to album of old things it included several new songs, including a great song Tears In Heaven, dedicated to the tragically deceased son of a friend. The album received six awards in 1993 Grammy, thereby setting a unique record and album sales have exceeded 14 million copies.

In 1994, Clapton repeated the success of previous album, released records From The Cradle . The program consists of sixteen old classic blues songs, demonstrated not only an incredible skill as a guitarist Eric and subtle understanding of the blues style.

In 1996, he recorded a single Change The World, immediately got on top of the charts. In 1998 she released the album “Pilgrim”, and in 1999 – “Blues”. Last released in the US counterpart, and in the UK on one CD.


Dec 1964 – Five Live Yardbirds

Dec 1965 – Sonny Boy Williamson And The Yardbirds (by same)

Jul 1966 – Blues Breakers (John Mayall with Eric Clapton)

Dec 1966 – Fresh Cream

Nov 1967 – Disraeli Gears

Aug 1968 – Wheels Of Fire (2CD)

May 1980 – Just One Night (Live)

Feb 1981 – Another Ticket

Mar 1982 – Time Pieces – Best Of Eric Clapton

Feb 1983 – Money And Cigarettes

Eric ClaptonEric Clapton
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton

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