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In addition to the “Grateful dead”, “ Jefferson Airplane “is regarded as the most successful group of the late ’60s in San Francisco. The gang was founded in August 1965 Marty Balin (Martin Jerel Bachvold, p. 30 January 1942, Cincinnati, USA; vocals, guitar). Other members of the original line-up were Paul Kantner (b. March 17 1941, San Francisco, USA; guitar, vocals) and Jorma Kaukonen (b. December 23, 1940, Washington, USA; guitar, vocals). Bob Harvey and Jerry Pelokvin gave way to Alexander Skip Spence (b. April 18, 1946, Toronto, Canada) and Signe Anderson (Signy Tolley Anderson, p. 15 September 1941, Seattle, USA). They in turn were replaced by Spencer Dryden (b. April 7, 1938, New York, USA; drums) and Jack Kesedi (b. April 13, 1944, Washington, USA). The band performed a mixture of folk and rock, then called West Coast rock. Kantner, already well-known personality in the local folk circles and Balin, a former member of the”Town Criers”and co-owner of the club”Matrix”, soon became very popular locally, playing at concerts organized by promoter Bill Graham.

In the end, they became regulars at clubs “Fillmore Auditorium”and”Carousel Ballroom”, located near their communal home in the Haight Ashbury. Soon after the release of the debut album “ Jefferson Airplane takes off”, who had moderate success of the team dumped Anderson replaced in October 1966 Grace Slick (Grace Barnett Wing, p. 30 October, 1939, Evanston, USA; vocals). Slick was already known with her former band “Great society”and donated for the”Airplane”two songs from her repertoire -“White Rabbit”and”Somebody To Love”. Both the track and went into the band’s second album, “Surrealistic Pillow”, and both hit the American Top 10.

Now they have achieved classic status of the music of that era. Text “White Rabbit”combines the tale of Alice in Wonderland with LSD hallucinations. Reputation” Jefferson Airplane “was increased by a strong performance at the legendary Pop Festival in Monterey in 1967. This national success continued with the release of disks”After Bathing At Baxters”and”Crown of Creation”. At the last of them felt the authorship of different songs and different musical approach. Beylinskaya “If You Feel”, kaukonenskaya “Ice Cream Phoenix”and slikovskaya tragicomic”Lather”were dissimilar compositions. The CD also contains songs by other groups David Crosby”Triad”, which was not included in the album “Byrds”. The team maintained a busy schedule, and in 1969 released a live album, well done “Bless Its Pointed Little Head”. In the same year, “ Jefferson Airplane “appeared at the famous festival at Woodstock. Later, the group was present at the infamous Altamont Festival, where the bastards from the”Hell’s Angels” killing one spectator and attacked Balin.

Slick and Kantner now become lovers and their hippie ideals and political views were reflected in the “Volunteers”. The album is excellent, but it was significantly reduced role Balin in the group. In addition, the team dumped Dryden, a side project Kaukonen and Kesedi “Hot tuna”deprives them more time. In 1970, the group joined the ancient violinist Papa John Creech (b. May 28, 1917, Beaver Falls, at the. February 22, 1994), in time, however, to play in the”Hot tuna”.

Kantner released the concept album “Blows Against The Empire”under the guise of”Paul Kantner And The Jefferson Starship”. “Starship”consisted of various members of the”Airplane”plus Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, Graham Nash and others. This majestic album was nominated for”Hugo Award”. Slick, meanwhile, he had a daughter Chyna, whose portrait graced the cover of the album Slick and Kantner “Sunfighter”. After the release of the collection “The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane “care and Balin, the band released a strange wrapped”Bark”. Sold in a brown paper bag, the album offered some interesting points, especially the song Slick “Never Argue With A German”, performance on the “nemetskopodobnom language”, as well as the composition of the new drummer Joey Covington “Thunk”, sounded in the spirit of a cappella 50s. This disc is also the first release, “ Jefferson Airplane “on their own label”Grunt”. During an unsuccessful album “Long John Silver”was followed by an explosive live album”30 Seconds Over Winterland”. It was the last album the group under the guise of “ Jefferson Airplane “, although later there was an interesting compilation consisting of early singles and studio outtakes, called “Early flight”.

Kesedi Kaukonen and stuck in the “Hot tuna”, and Slick and Kantner released further albums “solo”. The name of the group gradually evolved into “Jefferson Starship”, but that’s another story. Kantner, Balin and Kesedi briefly reunited in “KBC band”in 1986. The name” Jefferson Airplane “was resurrected in 1989 when Slick, Kaukonen, Kesedi, Balin and Kantner released a self-titled album. In the early ’90s Kantner reformed”Hot tuna”in”Jefferson Starship”, and Slick decided to engage with the music business.

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Jefferson AirplaneJefferson Airplane
Jefferson AirplaneJefferson Airplane
Jefferson AirplaneJefferson Airplane

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