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Elder British blues John Mayall was born in Cheshire, November 29, 1933. With music, he met as a teenager when his father listened to a collection of jazz and blues records. Initially Man interested guitarists such as Eddie Lang, Lonnie Johnson, Brownie McGee, Josh White, but when he discovered the Boogie Woogie Giants Albert Emmons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis, that he wanted to play himself. At age 14, John enrolled in the School of Arts, where he studied piano. In his spare time he also practiced guitar and later the harmonica. His first team “Powerhouse Four”Mayall amassed in 1955, but he has a long time been able to do music professionally. After his studies, he spent three years at gospovinnost, then worked as a designer, and only when, in 1962, Alexis Korner Blues opened for England, John gave up his civilian occupation, he moved from Manchester to London and began to collect the first version of”The Bluesbreakers”. Although the group is not stable, it has become a real source of manpower of the British blues and rock scene, as passed through its ranks, John McVie, Hugh Flint, Mick Fleetwood, Roger Dean, Dave Graham, Eric Clapton. Jack Bruce. Aynsley Dunbar. Peter Green. Ron Hextall Dick Smith, Keith Hartley. Andy Fraser, Mick Taylor, Henry Lautner, Coco Montoya, Tony Reeves, Chris Mercer, John Haysmen, Steve Thompson, Colin Allen, John Mark, Johnny Almond, Harvey Mandel. Larry Taylor, Don Harris.

Mayall and the company’s debut on the market began to drive giant recorded a live album “John Mayall Plays John Mayall”. Although the sound quality is poor, the album perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of rhythm and blues club. The second LP in general proved to be a classic of the genre, because it shone a rising star Clapton. However, even before the “Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton”became the hero of the charts, Eric left for”Cream”, and in its place he found himself Peter Green.

However, this guitar was too talented to sideman, and after one album and he left. If Green’s style of play leaves a lot of space on the “Crusade”, which debuted future “Rolling”Mick Taylor,”John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers”back to a thicker sound. And this record, and its predecessor,”A Hard Road”were in the Top Ten, but later Mayall decided to withdraw from the team format and with one Cephas Hartley recorded a CD”The Blues Alone”. The work went more relaxation and less Chartova, but here John has fully demonstrated its own ability performer. During the double concert “Diary Of A Band”followed by one of the best”blyuzbreykerskih”studiynikov”Bare Wires”, which is crossed with jazz blues. Later Mayall returned to its roots and get rid of the copper section, but at the same time on the album “Blues From Laurel Canyon”does not bear the name of”The Bluesbreakers”. The album was recorded in Los Angeles, and the musician decided to stay here on postoyanku.

The popularity Mayall in America at that time was quite high, so he drove to easily experiment with acoustic live “The Turning Point”, which had a fabulous sale on both sides of the Atlantic. When recording a disc accompanying the composition does not include a drummer, and John continued unstressed experiments on the album “Empty Rooms”and”USA Union”. The return to the traditional style took on a double studiynike “Back To The Roots”, but at the same time the ratings Mayall began to decline. After the autobiographical album “Memories”a musician again began to flirt with jazz (the gigs”Jazz Blues Fusion”, “Moving On”), but then went back to pure blues in “Ten Years Are Gone”and”The Latest Edition”. The second half of the 70s was marked by experimenting with funk and other styles, and only live album “The Last Of The British Blues” contains proprietary meyollovsky elektroblyuz.

In 1982, John was reunited with the veterans of the sixties and built a two-year world tour “blyuzbreykerov.”Although at the end of a tour of his teammates do their own thing, Mayall assembled a new team (mostly Americans) and continued to operate under the name”John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers”. Gradually, the popularity came back to John, and in the future it could produce discs as on its own behalf and on behalf of the group. The album “A Sense Of Place”was awarded the first after a 15-year hiatus, hit the charts and studiynik”Wake Up Call”in general was so high quality that it was nominated for”Grammy”. In 1993, in “The Bluesbreakers”guitarist Buddy Whittington joined, almost equal in skill titled predecessors and became the Energizer team for the next 10 years. In the second half of the 90th edition of archival records quickened Mayall, but at the same time came and programs such as the modern elektroblyuza”Blues For The Lost Days”and”Padlock On The Blues”. In 2001, the maestro has once again turned to his favorite genre, but did so with the help of many friends, gathered at the “Along For The Ride” celebrities such as Peter Green. Steve Miller. Billy Gibbons, Gary Moore. Jeff Healey, etc.

His 70-year anniversary of the musician said Liverpool concert grand, which as special guests attended Eric Clapton. Mick Taylor and Chris Barber. After a couple of years at a time with the album “Road Dogs”Mayall for his services to the country he was awarded the Order of the British Empire. Next album”In The Palace Of The King”was the last for the”Bluesbreakers”, as in 2008, John announced the final dissolution of the team. Of course, there also rumors about complete withdrawal bluesman well-deserved rest, but Mayall in just three months and recharge the batteries with a new accompanying staff went on a world tour, then recorded a CD “Tough”.

John MayallJohn Mayall
John MayallJohn Mayall
John MayallJohn Mayall

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