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Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Khan’s mother was educated, strong and beautiful woman. She studied at Oxford, and after graduation returned home and went to work in the service of social protection. She helped troubled teens, organized inter-caste marriages.

Khan’s father worked as an engineer. He was 11 years older than his future wife, and at first the relatives on both sides were against their marriage. However, the marriage was a happy one, in 1959. The couple had a daughter Shenhaz and November 2, 1965 – son of Shah Rukh.

“I remember that while the financial situation of the family was not brilliant – says Khan. – But if I do something very much like I was getting. I often drove to the theater, I read books. My mother encouraged my attempts to write – she made me read poetry in front of friends who came to us”.

Parents since childhood instilled a future star of independence. He is not forbidden to stay up late, go out of the house at will; p>

Khan was 16 years old when his father died of cancer. Trying to save him, his mother nearly went bankrupt. “He was prescribed a course of injections. Each cost 5000 rupees, and all had to do 25 shots – later recalled Khan. – His mother worked from morning to night, to borrow from friends. She managed to scrape together the money, but his father did not help. When my father died, I did not cry. I believed that he died as a hero. I was among those who carried his coffin. On this day, the first time I felt like a man”.

When Khan went to college, his mother even bought him a car.

The mother is still talking to his son that he is free to do what he likes, and insisted that he was a businessman father. When Khan told her that he wanted to become an actor, she advised him to study at the film school. Mother was glad of his success on the stage, but did not see it on the silver screen in 1991, she died of a blood infection.

“Her death helped me to understand that in the world there is nothing eternal – said Khan. – I stopped for something to hope for. When my mother got sick, I prayed for the first time. Although I grew up in a Muslim family, the parents never forced me to pray. For the first time in my life I really prayed. And soon after that my mother died”.

With his future wife Gauri Khan Chibba met during the life of the mother, but sought her hand almost seven years. Khan and Gauri met in college, but her parents were categorically opposed to their marriage. Learning that Gauri was going to marry a Muslim, her mother said that if this happens, she committed suicide.

Six years and Gauri Khan met secretly from her parents. He decided to take the fortress siege and took turns to charm all her relatives – uncles, aunts, cousins. But Gauri’s parents were still strongly opposed their marriage. p>

They were able to get married in 1991, when Khan became a professional actor, was able to earn enough money to support his family. Having decided to burn his bridges, he called his parents and Gauri said that they had secretly married. Gauri’s mother went into mourning and refused to eat, but my father showed himself a sensible man, and agreed to Khan as a son-in.

“I knew her father and felt guilty – says Khan. – Gauri was the most beloved and most cherished child. And suddenly she wants to marry a man of another religion, with a precarious profession of actor. In addition, I have the appearance that the suspect in me a responsible person is extremely difficult. However, they’ve seen me on TV, and they liked my series”.

Khan and Gauri had married twice: to register the marriage in the court (it is a mandatory formality of inter-caste marriages in) and to celebrate a traditional wedding.

It was lit for the first time on the big screen in 1991, in a few years became a star in the mid-90s already was listed in megastar.

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Gauri KhanGauri Khan
Gauri KhanGauri Khan
Gauri KhanGauri Khan

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