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Natalie Martinez

Born: July 12, 1984, Miami, Florida, USA

Natalie Martinez Height: 1.68 m

Natalie Martinez – American model and actress. Known for his film “Death Race“, “Patrol“and the series”187 Detroit“.

Career Natalie Martinez / Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez has Cuban roots on his mother, which certainly affected the bright, sensual appearance of the girl. She attended a private Catholic high school in Westchester, Florida in 2002, and then graduated from the St. Brendan High School.

«I wanted to be a nurse for newborns. I practiced at school and worked as a volunteer in the maternity ward for two years while in high school. I love being around children ».

Natalie Martinez famous for participation in the campaign Jennifer Lopez. It is noteworthy that the casting for this project Natalie Martinez to convince my mother, there is a girl selected from 6000 persons. About his appearance actress thinks so:

«When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a tomboy with scars and bruises everywhere … I just see myself. Natalie. I love food. But this work, and keep a good regime. I am very proud of my volume, but I want to lose some weight, and do not want to lose your ass at the same time. Because I think that it’s my best feature ».

Natalie Martinez was not going to stop there and tried to get on the TV screen as an actress.

Natalie Martinez was to join the cast of the TV series «Chuck» (2007) in the first season, but its role (one of the principal) has been reduced to a single episode, Natalie Martinez does not appear on the set. In April 2008, she won the title of “Miss friendliness” in a beauty contest «Miss Florida». Also, Natalie Martinez has got the role of Michelle Miller on MyNetworkTV telenovela in «Fashion House».

In 2008, Natalie Martinez acted in supporting roles in the film «Death Race», where the entire film is impregnated with the race on expensive cars and testosterone. In «Death Race» depicts a futuristic world system, where criminal convicts people compete with each other in mortal combat on vehicles. The heroine Natalie Martinez makes it one of the convicts (Jason Statham). acting as a kind of navigator. Surprisingly, the Natalie Martinez at that time did not know how to drive a car.

«Jason Statham great sense of humor. It looks tough guy, but actually he is very cute and funny, we just enjoyed each other. We joked all the time and were immediately before the cameras. Sometimes before we shouted “Go!”, He told me: “My God, I really want to go to the toilet”.

The actress often acted in music videos. For the first time Natalie Martinez starred in the video pitbull «Rain Over Me» with the participation of Marc Anthony.

In 2010, Natalie Martinez removed the criminal police in the US television series «187 Detroit» as Detective Ariana Sanchez, working in the department of homicide. The series has made the actress really recognizable, the audience of the series averaged 7.6 million.

September 20, 2012 in the Russian premiere of the film «Patrol» with Natalie Martinez.

Clips with Natalie Martinez / Natalie Martinez

Sean Paul – «We Be Burnin ‘»

Amr Diab – «Ne’ool Eih»

Filmography Natalie Martinez / Natalie Martinez

The coastal Disco (2013) The Baytown Outlaws … Ariana

City of vice (2013) Broken City

Widow Detective (TV) (2012) Widow Detective … Maya Davis

Missy MartinezMissy Martinez
Missy MartinezMissy Martinez
Missy MartinezMissy Martinez

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