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Faisal Khan, the TVMaharanaPratap is winning hearts of the audiencesfrom past two years now. First by his electrifying dance performance in DIDLi’lMasters Seasons 2 and now by setting the silver screen on fire by his acting as the YoungMaharanaPratap. Though it ishardly two years since Faisal Khan came into limelight, his fan following makes one believe that he has been in the TV industry from years.p>

Let us now see some of thelesser known facts on Faisal Khan, the boy who is adored by almost every TV viewer:

1. Faisal Khan OnlyWantedBicycle and Video Game from His Winning Bootystrong>

When Faisal Khan won the trophy of DID Little Masters Season 2 and a cash prize ofRs. 10,00,000, the dance winneronly craved a bicycle and a video game from his winning amount. The rest he wanted to give it to his parents.p>

2. Faisal Khan’s Tutor Often Came on Maharana Pratap’s Set to Teach Him

Faisal Khan, now 15 and also a class 10th studentdue to his hectic schedule, could only go to school twice in a week and so a tutor was appointed for Faisal who could come and teach him on the sets during the breaks.So, while all the senior actors went in to some relaxation in break time, the young Faisal studied the academic History, Geography, Science and Mathematics!

3. Faisal Khan is from Hussain Khan Pathan Chawl ofGhatkoparstrong>

4. Faisal Khan Went to a Dance Class Which TaughtBasic Dancing Steps to Slum Kidsstrong>

Being a kid from not so privilegebackground, Faisal Khan began to learn the basic dancing steps in a local dance class ofGhatkoparwhich taught the slum kids. Surprisingly, Faisal Khan who had no formal training in dance bagged the Dance India Dance Little Masters Seasons 2 trophy by defeating some of the best dancers who were trainedin various dance forms.p>

5. Faisal Khan had to Rehearse a Lot to Get the Dialect of YoungMaharanaPratapRight

Speaking inShuddhHindi is not an easy task and that too when you happen to be one of the most famous historical character in reel life. It wasn’t easy for the young Faisal Khan to speak in the dialect at the initial stage. No wonder with extreme hard work and lot of rehearsals he could manage the lingo.p>

6. Faisal Learnt Horse Riding and Wrestlingstrong>

For all the fighting sequences inMaharanaPratap, the young Faisalwent in for some realtraining of horse riding and wrestling. The dedicated Faisal rehearsed timely so that he could religiously shoot the sequence correctly.p>

7. Faisal Khan Shares Great Bond Both With Rajshri Thakur (Jaivanta Bai) And Aashka Goradia (DheerBai)strong>

Although in reel lifeDheerBai isn’t much of aPratapfan but when it comes to their bonding in real life, Faisal Khan bonds withAashkaGoradiawell. Along withAashka, Faisal also shares a close bond withRajshriThakur, his onscreen motherJaivantaBai.

8. Faisal Khan Is A Hard-Core Hrithik Roshan Fan

Every Indian dancer especially children, not only loves Hrithik Roshan but even idolizes him, Faisal is no exception. Faisal who wants to be a choreographer and even aims to open a dance academy some day is a complete Hrithik fanatic. Dancing, being his first love and passion – we only hope his career graph scales higher and higher!

Faisal KhanFaisal Khan
Faisal KhanFaisal Khan
Faisal KhanFaisal Khan

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