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Trailer Nº2

Do you know or not know? Believe it or not believe me?

“Do you know.” my first impression was not very positive. I think that there will again be some kind of parody of the American youth film, but then I realized that in Hollywood a film has been removed to. It is useless to transfer their admiration, still those who read reviews are the opinion.

So, the scenario is very unpredictable. Everyone knows that in the end they will stay together, but more interesting is the fact of how it will happen. Each frame of the movie is gaining its momentum, it is becoming more exciting. The film is all jealousy, first love, and failure on the love front. Generally youth comedy gives more profit and I think that this film has brought a huge amount of money for their creators. Yet this film reminded me a good old movie ” What is it love? & Raquo;

I was pleased that the youth was not in the movie, starring no superstars. If there were other actors would have looked all wrong. I remember Imran Khan, though child star, still half of relatives employed in the film industry, but he played very well. Feels talent.

Zheneliya also pleased. Prior to this film, I saw her only in the “Chance to dance” where the entire film was wrapped on Shahid Kapoor, and in this film she showed herself very well.

I remember the songs and music. Especially I liked the song ” Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi & raquo ;. I do not know that, well, it is too much in my heart sunk.

The arguments for viewing:

1) Youth and film there is no any extra social problems. Pleases easy viewing.

2) still mark & ​​laquo; Aamir Khan ” He says as.

3), and of course it is necessary to see the scene at the airport.

9 out of 10. But all the same does not hold up to 10.

Indian teen comedy format

The film is beautiful. I really liked him! Sea of ​​positive, jokes, joy, and of course – love and tears.

acting great, despite the fact that the play ” & raquo ;. newcomers Indian movie fans will discover a new face – Imran Khan, Aamir Khan’s nephew. Beautiful face, beautiful game. Genelia DeSouza is great.

The plot. Something new for India. Two people – man and woman – that can be between them? Love? No – friendship. Yes, such a friendship, you can just envy. But as you know, the friendship between a man and a woman – does not happen. Therefore, assuring that better than them does not know who each other, they decide to find their halves – love. After that they just do not have to go: jealousy, resentment, betrayal, indifference.

But in the ways – they will together. They will understand that going to one – to love.

Excellent youth comedy that fits and old men. I’m sure they have something to remember.

Ajaz KhanAjaz Khan
Ajaz KhanAjaz Khan
Ajaz KhanAjaz Khan

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