Amjad Khan

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Amjad Khan

Amjad Khan

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  • Date of birth: 12 Nov 1940
  • Date of death: 27 Jul 1992
  • name at birth: Amjad Khan
  • Hometown: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Amjad Khan was born on November 12, 1940 in Hyderabad (Hyderabad), the famous “Pearl city ‘of southern India (India), in a Muslim family. His father was the legendary Indian actor Jayant (Jayant), and the brothers Imtiaz Khan (Imtiaz Khan) and Inayat Khan (Inayat Khan) also tried their hand on the set. Imtiaz has played in 12 movies, Inayat – all in one. In 1957, the young Amjad played a small role in the teen drama of the artist ‘Ab Dili Dur Nahin’, and next appeared on the big screen only after 16 years in 1973. He graduated from high school of St. Teresa in Bandra (St Theresa’s High School, Bandra), a suburb of Mumbai (Mumbai), after which there attended the National College of Rishi Dayarama (RD National College), where he was elected general secretary of the student community. However, he has made a reputation as a man who feared and respected.

Before Amjad began acting in films, he was a theater actor. In the late ’60s, he worked on the film director K. Asif (K. Asif)’ Love and God ‘(Love and God) and it played a small role servants. Thus, the ‘Love and God “is considered his official debut. However, Asif died in 1971, the film was left unfinished and left only many years later, in 1986. In 1973, Khan received following his role in the war drama ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’.

In 1975, the actor offered the role of bandit Gabbar Singh in the film ‘Sholay’. To prepare for his role Amjad read various materials about the life of these bandits. ‘Sholay’ Khan made the name famous all over the country. According to many critics, he created the image of Gabbar Singh – the only of its kind in the embodiment of pure evil in Indian cinema, a character who is totally and completely on the side of evil, do not save any grain of humanity in his heart. His mannerisms and somewhat pretentious dialogues have become an integral part of the style of Bollywood (Bollywood) and gave rise not only to imitate, but also numerous parodies. ‘Sholay’ became a blockbuster and, perhaps, the highest grossing Indian films. Although the cast were such superstars as Dharmendra (Dharmendra) and Amitabh Bachchan (Amitabh Bachchan), the audience went to the movie again and again to look at Gabbar Singh – and rejoiced when that has overtaken retribution because sympathize with the villain was impossible. Even after 35 years, viewers remember his cue. Later Amjad appeared in advertising cookie in the form of the character, and it was the first time that the villain character used to sell a popular product.

resounding success militants led to a host of other offerings, and over the next 19 years, Khan worked for wear. He often played the opponent of the protagonist played by Amitabh Bachchan. In addition, in the early ’80s he directed two films as a director and producer made. The leader by nature, Khan led the Screen Actors Guild and often settle disputes between the actors on the one hand and the directors and producers – on the other.

In 1972, he married Sheila Amjad Khan (Sheila Khan), and the following year she gave birth to their first child, Shadaaba (Shadaab Khan), who later starred in several films. Then a daughter Ahlam Khan (Ahlam Khan) and the second son, Shimaab Khan (Seemaab Khan).

In 1976, Amjad had a car accident that nearly ended in fatalities on the road Mumbai-Goa (Bombay-Goa). The actor driving the car and crashed into a tree, trying to drive around a large rock. Medications used to treat, causing serious weight problems, which continued until the end of his life.

Amjad Khan died on 27 July 1992, at the age of 51 from heart failure. Some of the films he completed while he was alive, came only after his death – and went until 1996. The funeral procession with the body of the actor went from his house in Pali Hill (Pali Hill) to the Muslim cemetery in the eastern part of Bandra. All of the major stars of Indian cinema at the time attended the funeral and went along with the rest of the procession through the narrow streets of Bandra.

Amjad KhanAmjad Khan
Amjad KhanAmjad Khan
Amjad KhanAmjad Khan

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