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Salman Khan: collector female hearts

March 11, 2014 –

Personal life and public activity of the three Khans of Bollywood is under the close supervision of the press. Media India leads a shortened list of girls who attracted the attention of Salman. The first number in the list is Drashti Dhami, born. in 1985 a famous Indian teleaktrisa and model. ( The first time I heard about it – approx. KYUF ). Next on the list, without stopping (2) Sangeeta Bidzhlani; (3) Somi Ali; (4) Aishwarya Rai; (5) Karina Kaif and (6) Julia Vantur * (Iulia Vantur), TV presenter in Romania She twice visited India. The first time came with his battle – Friend Marius Mohr 29 years. They visited holy places and gained access to the Indian way of life. After the break with Marius Julia came to India in the summer of 2011, I spent a month here. What does half term near Salman.

* TV presenter, actress and model Julia was born in the city of Iasi, Romania July 24, 1980 began his acting career in 2011 at the theater Metropolis in the play “Lautec la bordel” (rezh.Horstiu Malaele), which was in the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu.

Julia Vyntur for 10 years led the news program on TV Pro – TV. It – one of the few stars of ether, who successfully led the live broadcast. For his television work has received numerous awards. Together with Stefan Banica Jr., he has worked with – leading to one of the popular TV – show “Dansez Pentru tine” (“I dance for you”).

The list is not complete, since Salman Khan does not belong to the popular in India among artists caste hijras – eunuchs in gareme.Kak all know, 48 – year-old Salman Khan still remains convinced bachelor. I do not know it – another of his joke or seriously, but in an interview with “India Today”Salman said:”I am now in a transition period, and it suits me. Since the 15 years I have not had such a period. The first time I was able to breathe. I was breathing so two and a half years. It’s time to stop, because all may soon happen in my life.””I – a supporter of the humane treatment of people. Muslim, Christian and follow the right way of life, as it is able to do. I have to some extent a blessed people. The father (Salim Khan) I – Pathan, mother (Sushila Charak Khan) – Hindu, a second mother (Helen) – Catholic and son – Punjabi. Wife, I think, take a foreign land.” – Continues the actor. – & Quot; When you live in a civil marriage, then you do everything to keep it. You try to be good. You cry, beg, and when anything does not work, tell her:”Go”. The Indian press, as well as Amir Khan would like to see Salman married.

Newspaper “The Times of India” to find potential brides 5 movie star: (1) The first in the list runs the Romanian actress Julia Vantur. It certainly like the actor, which – while living at his home. It is often seen together with Salman on set. It promotes even T – shirts, products of his charitable foundation Being Human. Although from – for they are a family intervention which – while a break from their relationship, but, as reported by the press, the actor can meet her during a visit to Romania.

(2) The Swede – Greek model, which became an actress Elli Avram appeared in the body – show “Bigg Boss”. Salman in awe of her, praising her performance in the film “Mickey Virus”. He not only does not compare her with his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif, but in the company of close friends and family members call her “my”. Alley Ellie, in turn, makes every effort to charm movie star. She danced in his room Fevicol Se, quiet and heartfelt singing songs from the movie “Yum Dil De Chuke Sanam”.

(3) Great Sana Kahn won the hearts of many when he took part in the body – show “Bigg Boss”, Season 6. She also enjoys the favor of Salman Khan. TV – the show has opened her way in Bollywood and she starred opposite Salman Khan in the movie “Jai Ho”. Salman has not only helped her to start an acting career in Bollywood, but also stood up for her when she was accused in the scandal related to the kidnapping of 15 – year-old girl.

(4) Daisy Shah not only starred in the film with Salman “Jai Ho”, but it is also a “close” other. They say that it makes a romantic walk with him, and together they ride bikes around the hills Lavasa. It is said that the actor was the sponsor of her cosmetic surgery.

(5) Machek Chahal was also a favorite Salman Khan in the body – show “Bigg Boss”, Season 5. When she was evicted from the TV studio, it is thanks to the patronage Salman Khan came back. ( I think everything – again, that Salman Khan has not lost for the family life, and he will still be legally married and children are small salmanyata – opinion KYUF ).

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