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Curren $ y. Alive smoking room

Shant “Curren $ y” Franklin was selected several times to ensure that become a star, but a suitable case still can not arise.

A native of New Orleans, he started on the label Tuff Guy. When the founder died label – he switched to TRU Records. Head of imprisoned for murder – Shant over to the No Limit, but the album was never released. As a result, the actor met with Lil Wayne, has not become “best rapper alive today”, and has become one of the pillars of the team Young Money. He even had a hit – “Where Da Cash At”, but a full plate, it never came. As a result, Curren $ y began an independent career – has received in 2008 the title “Rookie of the Year”of XXL magazine, and in 2009 he released the album”This Is not No Mixtape”.

This year, he made his debut on a major – record “Pilot Talk”, because of the music producer Ski Beatz, was very interesting sound and virtually not at all like a traditional southern hip hop.

On his intricate biography Curren $ y told the magazine Complex. During the interview, the rapper managed to boast of familiarity with Rick Ross, to speak out against drugs and peacefully resolve the conflict with Damon Dash edition.

“This Is not No Mixtape”It sounded very futuristic.”Pilot Talk” produced by Ski Beatz – he used more live instruments. Which option production closer to you?

Music recorded in the same way as always, and then I read over it. The idea of ​​a live band appeared already after everything was ready. I wanted to release it as a regular studio album, but then I thought, well, you have to switch to something else. I’ve removed the clip on “Prioritize”and”Breakfast”, all heard these songs. I wanted to let everyone know that they will hear something new, and not to delay release of the album.

But on stage you’re a live band to perform with?

Yes, and it’s great. You could say, I give the audience more than just performance. All because I feel the music.

How did you crossed paths with Damon Dash?

One of his friends gave him my number. He asked his son, to whom all things, whether he needs a comeback, and he said – yes, necessary. Then Damon called me, said he was working on a project Blakroc. I came, listened, we have agreed that I will participate in the “Blakroc 2” – Since then we have been friends.

Def Jam interfere in the creative process? You, for example, did not offer to replace one song to another?

No, and that’s the beauty. All have realized that if you want to do business with me, it is necessary to abandon this, otherwise it will turn into a battle (laughs). When you offer something to me, I do not have to execute it immediately. As soon as you start to think that I have to do something, it’s just something I can not do. But each of us trusts the opinion of another.

The press release for the album tracks were listed with Wiz Khalifa, who ultimately did not appear.

Well, you know, as it usually happens in show business! Just – I could not let the track with his Maine. I knew that eventually someone will ask me why it is not on the album, but those are the rules of the game. I myself do not understand why it happened and why the song did not come. Well, I do not know. It’s damn business.

In this case, both of you were on the track Rick Ross “Super High (Sativa Remix) “.

We with him via twitter met. I sat Wiz tweeted, and then we wrote Ross “come, let us stir up remix of the”Super High”. We quickly drove, kurnuli and recorded this shit.

“Pilot Talk” You opened for new listeners who of you almost do not know anything. Tell them about your career.

Well, one day I decided that I wanted to study music seriously. At that time, my brother Mr. Marcelo and his friend Doe Doe created label Tuff Guy and signed to No Limit – so the album was released Marcelo. Then I came and said, “Guys, I want to do rap shit”. But in August 2001 killed Doe Doe, and C-Murder ( the brother of Master P, owner of No Limit – approx. Rap.Ru ) said that he wanted to establish his own label – TRU Records. On it, I let some tracks, wanted to make an album, but then the label was blown away. Master P told me: “moved to Houston, I write a song, we will help you”. I did so, but after two years, their conditions are no longer suit me.

In what year was that?

In 2004. After that I decided to do a Indie-shit. And I bumped into Lil Wayne in New Orleans.

Before that, you were not familiar with him?

Well, we lived in the same city, so often crossed, but this, to sit and talk, I was not. We once exchanged a few words on some talent show, and then I went to Miami and let the music out there, until I got tired and it did not.

Could it be that you are with him as something is written together?

Now we’re both just doing what we do. What we like. I do not know how things will go on.

as long as the time you do without grass?

Oh, one day I had a sore throat, and I could not smoke for four days. This was back in 2008. It was a terrible time. But since everything seems fine. I can not live an hour without pyhnut ( laughing ). Yes that there, even thirty minutes will not last.

New York artists go very far with drugs. Besides herbs you tried something?

No, I just relax. No drugs. I saw all this crap, but I do not want to take part in it. Parties – it’s cool, and cocaine – cool chicks think so. But I do without it.

Yes, the presentation of your album was not all that.

And you were there, huh? They would come up and talked. Be lit bong.

Imagine, then some guy came up to us and said that he was an assistant Damon [Dash]. Like, Damon saw our laptops and warned that we do not write anything, or …

(Deshu) Do you remember about this garbage with laptops? There Complex guys say you threatened to call the guys and to deal with them. It’s not there? (Journalist) He asked when this happened?

No, it was not Damon, and some other guy.

Okay, now give him the phone

Damon Dash: It’s you wrote the lyrics? ( refers to the report of the presentation published on the website Complex – approx. Rap.Ru ).

We all wrote it.

Damon Dash: You know, someday I will meet your creator and ask him why he wrote the truth. I’ll send you a video presentation – see it and correct what you have written.

You do not understand. We wrote that we are not threatening you, but some unknown guy who introduced himself as your assistant.

Damon Dash: Well, perhaps, I realized that something is wrong. But I still send film ( gives the handset Curren $ y ).

Think about, nothing we did not know. We heard that the presentation was some asshole that all molested. We do not know who it was. What a crazy, perhaps.

Well, at least now I know the truth.

Come sometime next time, have a smoke.

Asher RothAsher Roth
Asher RothAsher Roth
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