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Damon Dash: We are with Jay-Z parted very peacefully

He – a real man, because that honor went through a lot of tests. But perhaps the last – the most serious in his biography. The split within the Roc-A-Fella and break relations with Jay-Z forced him to start all over again.

Damon Dash: We are with Jay-Z parted very peacefully

He laid the foundation for one of the biggest rap dynasties – Roc-A-Fella Records. Manufacture of wearing apparel, movies, alcohol, and other projects have brought him fabulous condition. A native of Harlem said that only overcoming difficulties, you become a man. He – a real man, because that honor went through a lot of tests. But perhaps the last – the most serious in his biography. The split within the Roc-A-Fella and break relations with Jay-Z forced him to start from the beginning. He opened a new label, Dame Dash Music Group, signed an unexpected alliance with RZA and looks to the future with optimism. And to many haters it is very simple …

In fact, as far as peace was your parting with Jay-Z?

As far as the peace? Yes, all was quiet. I believe that I can talk about it – I was kind of surprised that everything went so smoothly, but it was all good. And I can not say that I was very concerned about the outcome of such cases. If someone wants to move in one direction, and someone – quite different, so it was time to leave. We’re with Jay-Z wanted to move in different directions. I wanted to make movies. I am a businessman, and that’s what I do. And he liked what he was doing, so that’s how.

It is rumored that Jay did not see you in the lobby of Def Jam, and that you were very upset by this. Is it true?

This was in Los anzhdelesskom office, I think, in the office of Steve Harley, and I saw him. Damn, and what else is new?

Say, did not you strained your business relationship with Jay?

The relationship is excellent. No stress.

OK. Allegations of rape forced jittery? (Model Kirsty Thompson in January 2005 filed a lawsuit for 15 million dollars)

So, no there was no rape. It was different than in the papers. And I am in no way accused, it was a civil suit. I hope people are smart enough to feel the difference. It is customary extortion. But I will not pay to get rid of the pressure. I do not buy in to blackmail. I’d rather throw money than sign a check. Morality does not allow me to do so. So I went to court and won. If someone thinks that there is something for which I should be punished – especially something as heinous as rape … I believe that rapists in prison. I myself have a daughter and I have a great respect for women.

What do you say to people who say that Dame without Jay – one?

I think this is the only way to respond is to recall brands such as Rocawear, America Magazine, Tiret (the line of expensive watches) . Armadale, Pro Keds – all that I have created without the participation of Jay. You know, I feel sorry for people who try to judge me because of my success is causing them pain.

We have heard what he said about the split you, and what he said about him Jay, but we have not heard Biggs-well. (Kareem “Biggs” Burke, along with Damon Dash and Jay-Z founded Roc-A-Fella Records) .

I can not speak for him – he does not like such things. He talked a little bit with Angie Martinez ( well-known journalist ), but what they talked about, I do not know. It is his right which must be respected.

Tell us about Dame Dash Music Group.

I have built the label Roc-A-Fella in the last ten years. I think that should be in this business and do something that was not done before. I gave the artists more freedom, and the only communication between them. For example, Wu Tang does not need my help, they’ve done an album Ol ‘Dirty Bastard. And I knew that this album could not take place without the Wu Tang and RZA – and it did on the album so much that I said: “action! Do your business and count on my support”.

What is the work RZA album Ol ‘Dirty Bastard?

He made seven tracks. And they’re real!

Who else is on the label?

Noreaga recorded his reggaeton-project. And I gave him his own label, Millitainment Musica. And of course, Cam’ron and Beans ( Beanie Sigel ) got their own labels. I also created a label for MOP First Family I love M.O.P. because they never sacrifice their integrity to fit into the framework of radio format. Billy, Fame and Fox – funny muthaf ** kas, although sometimes they are simply unbearable. But they are real artists. And last but not least important, is the label, in the case of which I’m involved in a little more. I created a label with 7 Aurelius called Dream Factory. So I did sit in the studio with him, and yet I have signed on this label Nicole Wray. And they are working together.

Who Beanie Sigel in jail, and who will leave his album?

Beans-u should work together with Damon-th Dash-eat. I would not want it to look like “you must choose an ally”, but a lot of the artists in this structure ( I suppose Dash has a view of the new Roc-A-Fella ) not happy with the current situation. We were a family, it was our way of being.

You called your company Dash Films, did you call your label Damon Dash Music Group. Using his own name does not interfere with private business and personal life?

And what do you know about my personal life?

I know you just got married.

Who told you? I do not know, look – no ring on her finger. I try not to spread too much about his personal life. Unfortunately, everything that happens in my life and all that, according to spiteful critics may occur in my life becomes public. This is the fate that I myself have chosen – to be constantly in the public eye and do not go crazy because of silly gossip. You can consider it a condition of my contract. The only difficulty lies in the fact that all this hurt my children.

Who is the brand Roc-A-Fella split, and that Rocawear?

C Rocawear okay. It’s still worth 350 million.

And the last. What memories do you want to leave about themselves?

I want everyone to remember that I have always been clean. What I’ve done for everyone who worked with me, and how much fun it was. No one can say that he did business with Damon Dash and he threw it. There are people who can say: “I hate Damon, because it prevented me to throw his artists and punished me for it”. And yet, I hope I was a good example for all the people of this culture.

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