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Dan Auerbach (Dan Auerbach)

A very talented musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, was born May 14, 1979 in America, and his name Dan Aurbah. Dan was born in a family where music played an important role. Little Mary and Charles Aurbah – Dan’s parents, were directly related to the music industry. My uncle and brothers were good musicians and it is not surprising that of the boys got sense. From early childhood Aurbah not imagine myself without music, he just listened with delight father’s vinyl records. While in college, the boy did not show any particular desire for knowledge, and all listened to recorded music by such masters of their craft as Junior Kimbrough, Robert Johnson, Hound Dog Taylor and many others. Aurbah fell in love with the blues.

To show their creativity Den started in the group «The Barnburners», which is performed in bars and clubs in Northern Ohio. In the period of participation in the group, he wrote the famous song called «Meet me in the city». The group has existed for about 6 years, Aurbah left it, joined the group «The Black Keys». The band members heard in his work pure garage rock. After meeting with Dan in France, they offered him to become a member. As a vocalist he did not replace. In this group, creativity musicians have been evaluated fully, and it was during this period in the career of Dan be the most successful. In 2009, was released a solo album «Keep it Hid», in a tour of the famous artist took part «The Fast Five».

Damon Dash, a well-known music producer, was struck by the work of the group «The Black Keys» and invited her to mutually beneficial terms for the new album. Surprisingly, in the recording participated rap star Jim Jones, Mos Def, Raekvon and many others. The album was given the name «Blakroc», and critics adequately appreciated collaboration of musicians positive assessment. For a long time the album has held leading positions in the music charts. Later will be released album, “El Camino”, which also earned a decent estimate of the listeners and positively evaluated, becoming the best record of the year according to the RS. In 2010, some differences of participants nearly destroyed the band. But a new joint album «Brothers» joined the musicians again. This album differs from previous drives their most high-quality sound and “softness”, for which he was in the top three disc version «Billboard».

Vocalist Dan Aurbah accidentally became the producer of the Los – Angeles rock musician Hanni El Khatib. It happened quite by chance, going to the bar to relax after a speech, Deng listened carefully to the music plays DJ. After a brief conversation in which both Dan and Khatib found a common language, they decided to work together to continue the conversation in the joint creation of the decks. This is not the only case of producer activity. Michael Kiwanuka appreciated the help in creation of the track «Lasan», for which he praised very highly Aurbaha in an interview.

According to Classic Rock Den Aurbah included in the list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, compiled in 2009. This list includes guitarists playing in the direction of jazz, blues, country, skiffle. Classic Rock did not allocate place and put one above the other guitarist. Was presented to a list of music publications were shocked. Among the greatest guitarists and the youngest, which include Den Aurbah and musicians born in the beginning of the 20th century.

If you really want to listen to the original approach to the blues, with a lack of musical nonsense, the work of Dan Aurbaha will like.

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Dan AuerbachDan Auerbach
Dan AuerbachDan Auerbach
Dan AuerbachDan Auerbach

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