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Alex Gonzalez: biography, filmography, personal life

Alex Gonzalez – a young Spanish artist, who is now at the peak of popularity, is the idol of the new generation. However, until recently it was known only as the boyfriend of the famous girls. But his hard work, thirst for knowledge, sexy looks and natural charisma made him the idol of millions, and on account of the actor for more than thirty roles.

Alex Gonzalez. Biography: Childhood and adolescence

The full name of the public pet Alex Gonzalez – Augusto Jose Alejandro Gonzalez. He was born August 13, 1980 in the capital of the Kingdom of Spain, in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Madrid. Kid Augusto grew very smart and beautiful baby, and in the age of four, his parents asked to bring his son to shoot a cameo in one of the Spanish series. It was his debut as a young actor. Later, he also had to act in different kinonovell where he played small roles teens: just his face looked perfectly in the frame, and the “filmmakers” it was nice to work with the smartest precocious toddler. However, as an independent actor Alex Gonzalez for the first time appeared on the screen at the beginning of the second millennium – in 2000. Before that his account was about 7 series, and his face was to some extent recognizable. The first adult role was also a serial and twenty actor was able to conquer the hearts of thousands of moviegoers, especially girls. So in the sky lit up a new star of Spanish cinema – it was the actor Alex Gonzalez. Biography slowly led him to the pinnacle of success. Time spent on movie sets as a child, was not in vain.

Essence of Desire

Alex childhood dream of becoming an actor, but the parents did not share his aspirations and held that the boy must do something more serious and a lot to learn. Alex, on the contrary, was convinced quite different. Thus, in the age of fifteen, he followed his dream and left the house, parent family, the school and began to live an independent life. In order to earn a livelihood and to pay the school fees of acting Robert Aron, he had to earn money as an electrician and a waiter. After graduating from the school in 1999, he decided not to stop there and continue his acting training: for two years he took lessons from the famous all over the country clown Nestor Chmiso. Now, if you wish it could perform comedic roles. But it was not enough to Alex: he decided to learn the basics of Dramatic Arts in Internacial Study by the famous Juan Carlo Korassa.

The debut in the movie

As mentioned above, his first adult role young actor Alex Gonzalez, whose biography has turned the age of four in the hard way, played in 2000. It was the television series “Pasapalabra-pasapalabra”in which he played a small but distinctive role of the”macho”and captured the hearts of thousands of girls. This was followed by roles in the film series”General Hospital”in 2003 and”Dancing with the Stars” (2004).

Alex Gonzalez: personal life

It is not surprising that the young artist with a stunning appearance had many girlfriends and famous. The owner of a trained body of Alex Gonzalez, whose height is 179 cm, was often seen among girls with model looks. And on the set it was often necessary to get acquainted with the stars of the Spanish series. He was in his life, even a time when it learned as a guy this or that star. Thus, in the list of girlfriends Alex Gonzalez met such celebrities like the Spanish Monica Cruz (sister of Penelope Cruz), Seon, Beatriz Montanez, Marta Toren and others. By the way, Monica, they were even engaged, and all went to what the actors will soon have the wedding. However, after the shooting of the film in the “Ignition” he met his partner Adriana Ugarte, and between them broke out ardent passion, Alex seems to have made the final choice. For several years, he remains faithful to his girlfriend, even though it appears in the press of various information strife between the couple in love. Besides Alex Gonzalez in many interview he calls his passion most talented actress of the new generation. Initially they did not advertise their relationship, but nothing is impossible to hide from the gaze of cameras: on the Festival of Málaga curious paparazzi camera was able to catch the couple kissing passionately in the frame, and since then their relationship began to gossip in many circles.

Alex Gonzalez: filmography and role

Today, films with the crowd favorite Alex Gonzalez, one can count more than thirty. One of the last – “Love Scorpion”- was adopted by the”cheers”is not only a Spanish audience, but in all Spanish-speaking countries. In general, talent Alex Gonzalez gradually gaining momentum and already can challenge such eminent actors like Antonio Banderas, George Clooney and others.”Land of wolves”, “second round”, “Ignition,””X-Men”,”The Rose of France” “Goya” and many others – this is an incomplete list of all the films in which he participated.

The top of success

Alex GonzalezAlex Gonzalez
Alex GonzalezAlex Gonzalez
Alex GonzalezAlex Gonzalez

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