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Alex Lutz. Childhood, couple. Behind Catherine Petit Journal?

Alex Lutz was only 35 years old but his career is already very busy. He staged performances of Peter Palmade and Sylvie Joly. obtained a great success with his one-man shows. made sketches for Caesar and is found daily on television in Le Petit Journal Canal +, for the adventures of Catherine and Liliane. But behind this blond boy full of talent.

In interview for Cosmopolitan Alex Lutz talks about his love for humor. “ child, I was a little big, not sports. Not to suffer the sarcasm, I quickly understood the power of humor. Anyway, the negative things we saw in childhood are founding. For example, I loved the bad teachers, the more they were stupid and boring, the more I imitated . “The collapse of the couple’s parents also opened his eyes to life.” The divorce of my parents taught me that the conflict does not necessarily breaking a relationship. I’m not afraid of conflict because it can be the beginning of a dialogue.

About torque precisely Alex Lutz offers his thoughts, still in Cosmopolitan . “ We left too. I’ve seen papers on ‘how to succeed her divorce,’ or ‘it’s nice blended family’, but little on how to patch up a couple when the relationship is chipped. With my wife, we’re together for a long time. A nice couple because of its qualities and its successful fighting.

Jean Paul Gaultier. editor once for the magazine Stubborn . also had the pleasure of meeting Alex Lutz and his sidekick Liliane Catherine and Bruno Sanches. During their talks in a relaxed atmosphere, we learn that Alex Lutz turn this summer funny pals film and tender at once, The Talent of my friends . “ Bruno and I play two executives. They succeeded and married chicks who love them. ” But everything will fall apart when a childhood friend resurfaced. The cast also Piaton Julia, the daughter of Charlotte de Turckheim and Audrey Lamy. the sister of Alexandra.

Interview Stubborn also know that Alex Lutz refused to be sworn in France has a Incroyable Talent . “ I do not want my son catches a style of language typology. ‘I returned at McDonalds, and it was a great adventure.’ Ooh. I criticize there. “And the best is for last. Gaultier creator admits in the interview that he would like that Catherine and Liliane parade for him!

Read the full interviews in the magazines Cosmopolitan April and March stubborn.

Alex LutzAlex Lutz
Alex LutzAlex Lutz
Alex LutzAlex Lutz

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