Greta Scacchi

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Greta Scacchi

Born: February 18, 1960, Milan, Italy

British actress, the daughter of an English dancer and an Italian artist. Early childhood Greta Scacchi held in Italy, in six years, moved to England. Accordingly, Greta Scacchi still fluent in both languages.

Filmography Actress Greta Scacchi

Hindenburg: The Last Flight (TV, 2011), the role of Helen Van Zandt

Another World (2010), the role of Christina

The path to eternal life (2010), the role: personal trainer

Capture Anthologies: Love, Lust and Tragedy (video, 2010), the role of Madeleine

A Trojan horse (mini-series, 2008), the role: Helen Madigan

Miss Austen Regrets (TV, 2008) Role: Cassandra Austen

Suicide (2008) Role: Susan Ali

The Phantom Love (2007), the role of Dr. Dubois

Icicle Melt (2006), Short

The Handyman (2006), Short

The Book of Revelation (2006), the role of Isabelle

Broken Trail (mini-series, 2006), the role: Nola Jones

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (mini-series, 2006), the role of Dr. Katie Arlen

Miss Marple: Click the finger only once (TV, 2006)

Confusion (TV series 2005 -.) Role: Dr. Adel Partridge

The Illusion of Flight (2005) Role: Therapist

Maigret: L’ombra cinese (TV, 2004)

By the Sea (2004), the role of Marie Duval

A strange crime (2004) Role: Nicoletta

Il ronzio delle mosche (2003)

The Baltic Storm (2003), the role of Julia Raether

The Afternoon Play (TV series, 2003 – 2007)

Jeffrey Archer: The Truth (TV, 2002), the role of Margaret Thatcher

Daniel Deronda (mini-series 2002) Role: Lydia Glasher

Festival in Cannes (2001), the role of Alice Palmer

Christmas Glory 2000 (TV 2000)

One of the Hollywood Ten (2000) Role: Gale Sondergaard

Ladies Room (2000), the role of: Lucian

Teenager year (2000), the role of Christina Alibrandi

Love and Fury (2000), the role of Agnes McDonnell

Cotton Mary (1999), the role of Lily Macintosh

Tom Magic Garden (1999), the role of Aunt Gwen Kitson

The Manor (1999)

The Red Violin (1998), the role of Victoria Bird

Macbeth (TV, 1998), the role of Lady Macbeth

Ulysses (mini-series, 1997), the role of Penelope

The Serpent’s Kiss (1997) Role: Julian

Emma (1996), the role of Mrs. Weston, Nanny Taylor

Rasputin (TV, 1996), the role: Princess Alexandra

Jefferson in Paris (1995), the role of Maria Causeway

Provincial Novel (1994)

Browning Version (1994), the role of Laura Crocker-Harris

Salt on Our Skin (1992), the role of George

Player (1992)

Turtle Beach (1992), the role of Judith

Vdrebezgi (1991), the role of Judith Merrick

The flame in the soul (1991), the role of Isabelle

The presumption of innocence (1990) Role: Carolyn

La donna della luna (1989)

Poirot (TV series 1989 -.), the role of Mrs. Burton-Cox

Fear and Love (1988), the role of Maria

White Mischief (1987) Role: Lady Diana Braugton

Good Morning, Babylon (1987) Role: Edna Bonano

A man in love (1987), the role of Jane Steiner

Protect Empire (1986), the role of Nina Beckman

The dangerous journey (1985), the role of Julia Matthews

Greta ScacchiGreta Scacchi
Greta ScacchiGreta Scacchi
Greta ScacchiGreta Scacchi

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