Linus Roache

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Linus Roache (Linus Roache) – English actor. Linus was born February 1, 1964 in Manchester, UK. Zodiac sign – Aquarius. The main film genres: drama, thriller, romance. Mother actor – actress Anna Cropper, and his father – an actor of the series “Coronation Street” William Roach. Education actors get in two schools: Bishop Luffy (Eng. Bishop Luffa School)) in Chichester, Sussex and independent school of Reed (Eng. Rydal School) in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. And already he taught acting at the Central School of oratory and drama.

Linus began his career as a child. The first role he got at the age of 11 years old – young Barlow role in the play “Coronation Street.”For more than two decades, Roach was the star of the theater scene. In 1986 he has already played a tiny role in the film”syazi”(Link). He attracted the attention of Lynas in 1994, starring in the television series BBC”sea fort”(Seaforth). In the same year, he starred in the title role in the drama”The Priest.”In the American film”The Wings of the Dove” (1997) she played a great supporting role.

Actor filmography includes 42 roles. The first role was in the TV series Coronation Street (1960-2009), and the last work of the role in the movie Air Marshal (2014)

Filmography Linus Roache (Linus Roache): Coronation Street / Coronation Street (1960-2009), Line Onedina / The Onedin Line (1971-1980), one screen / Screen One (1985-2002), No Surrender (1985) Scenario / Screenplay (1986-1993), Link / Link (1986), Saracen (1989), Law and Order / Law & Order (1990-2010), Omnibus (1990), Shakespeare: History / Shakespeare: The Animated Tales ( 1992-1994), Priest / Priest (1994), Seaforth (1994), How High the Moon (1994) Wings of the Dove / The Wings of the Dove (1997) Snipers / Shot Through the Heart (1998), The Venus Project / The Venice Project (1999), Sunset in Siam / Siam Sunset (1999), Resident demons / Pandaemonium (2000), Best / Best (2000), Churchill / The Gathering Storm (2002), R.F.K. (Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy) / RFK (2002), Hart’s War / Hart & # 96; s War (2002), Beyond / Beyond Borders (2003), Blind Flight (2003), The Chronicles of Riddick / The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) Forgotten / The Forgotten (2004), Twelve-year / Twelve and Holding (2005), Batman Begins / Batman Begins (2005), the namesake / The Namesake (2006) Find Me Guilty / Find Me Guilty (2006), Stolen / Kidnapped ( 2006-2007), the Ten Commandments / The Ten Commandments (2006), A Through M (2006), Before the Rain / Before the Rains (2007), Broken Thread (2007), Joe Yonkers / Yonkers Joe (2008), Out Here in the Fields: The Field on Beach Lane (2009), Mean to Me (2010), The Miraculous Year / The Miraculous Year (2011), Dark Horse / Dark Horse (2012), super-capitalists / Supercapitalist (2012), Non-Stop / Non-Stop (2014)

Linus RoacheLinus Roache
Linus RoacheLinus Roache
Linus RoacheLinus Roache

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