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Rock Climber and the last of the seventh cradle

I was surprised such a large number of negative reviews. It’s an entertaining movie and it must be treated with humor. My film is not strained. I liked the special effects. Carrier also has been shown to be nice. A country in which the film was shot, I was impressed. So beauty. Almost visited on tours in many countries. Struck Asia, Munich & # 151; Castle of amazing beauty. A mountain & # 151; I can not even put into words the emotions caused me these pictures, because I love the mountains and visited many times in the mountains.

With this looked fun fantasy thriller, without tension. Such films are necessary. You can not always make films with a negative in the plot. This real-life enough.

Sunstroke Object Cradle

The current Russian cinema is not as hopeless as it is usually described, but in the minds of the audience is already firmly deposited opinion that playing it can only be with a sense of shame (for what is removed in Russia), awkwardness (for the actors, who are forced to carry nonsense), disgust (for being taken off so badly) or, on the contrary, emotion and wild fun (because everything is so bad that even a good). Opinion is somewhat one-sided: not all of us so bad, “ Election Day “& # 151; hilariously funny comedy, with a constant and very dense stream of jokes, and the jokes are good, but not vulgar or simply stupid, as it usually happens. But not without reason: as long as the box office will be dominated by films like” climber & raquo ;, our movies taken seriously, no one will.

As the name implies, “Skalolazka”deducted from Tomb Raider (which, in turn, grew out of” Indiana Jones “). All primary sexual characteristics are obvious: starring militant girl named Alena ( Anastasiya Panina ), which is, and the mountains climbing and ancient languages ​​on the fly converts (” climber linguist & raquo ;, using local terminology); she opposed the regular Masons, the Illuminati with limitless resources of entire countries and governments on a short leash; and it’s all wrapped around the story about saving the world from the solar ejection using ancient artifacts (in the movie Tomb Raider it was a parade of planets & # 151; the same egg, in general).

But all resemblance ends. Alain is trying very hard, but Lara Croft (and the game, and Angelina Jolie ), it is not like, both in terms of appearance, and in terms of charisma, and in terms of physical fitness. Well, she does not know how to fight, but at least let him run and jump frolic. When it begin to hunt, it is clearly visible, with some apparent effort to give her jumping on the roofs. C ” The Bourne Ultimatum & raquo ;, which had a similar episode, this, of course, can not be compared.

Such things as the overall quality of the film, the script, and anything else you can, in principle, and not stutter, and with it all so clear. We should only say two things. Firstly, there is a lot of talk in the spirit of “ Russian & # 151; they are & raquo ;. If we want to somehow please the audience a sense of patriotism, it should be done once more careful, but otherwise it looks like an inferiority complex. Secondly, there is the monstrous product placement: the game”Skalolazka” show first once, then again & # 151; to, damn it, everyone saw.

Summary: The cultural value of the film is close to zero, but after seeing the state of the remains of some idiotic joy. This happens when “so bad that is already well”.

Alena CroftAlena Croft
Alena CroftAlena Croft
Alena CroftAlena Croft

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