Lee Donghae

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Actor Lee Dong Hae | Lee Dong Hae | 이동해

Name: 이동해 / Lee Dong Hae / Lee Dong-hae / Lee Dong Hae / And Don Ho

The English name . Aiden Lee / Aiden Lee

Chinese name .李东海 / Li Dong Hai

Nicknames: Fish (actually correct to “Fish & raquo ;, but due to the nature of the Korean pronunciation pronounced Fishy / Fishi), Donghae Pada (” East Sea”), Pinocchio ( inherited from Heechul) Toroppon (as part Ppon fraternity, which has included Heechul and Yunho of DBSA), Tiger (horoscope)

Blood . A

Family: mother Kim Kyang Suk, older brother Donghwa

Religion: Christian

Education: University Mёndzhi (명지대 학교)

Hobbies / special skills: dancing, sports, singing, watching foreign movies, playing guitar

Pets: Pada (Maltese name means “Sea”), Meo (Maltese, full name – Romeo)

Favorite color: black, blue, white, red, yellow

Unloved color: pink. Donghae said that the cabinet Sonmin (which is of particular passion for pink) standing right in front of his bed, he was full of little things pink. Pillows Sonmin were pink, toys Sonmin were pink, wear pink, pink bag, pink shoes. Even hair Sonmin one time were pink.

The most expensive thing: Bracelet, presented his mother, which he always wears, nor charge.

Donghae very sensitive person and easy to emotions. He does not hold back in a sense, always just says what he thinks about the person. In the group, he is the link between all the members, he has a good relationship not only with the members of the group, but also with their parents. He said that parents of other members often call him than his sons, ask how they are doing, everything was in order. When Donghae for a long time with someone does not see, it rings or arrange for dinner. Group for it – it’s family, for that matter, and for the rest of the participants.

Donghae was Dad’s favorite, his father had always indulged and spoiled it. Since childhood, he dreamed of being an athlete and a year spent in team handball, and then he decided to try his hand at football, my father agreed with his decision. In the second year of high school, his father asked if he wanted to become a singer. Donghae’s father was such a dream, but because of the protests of parents, he was not able to fulfill. Donghae agreed after much thought, because I loved to dance.

The first audition he did not pass, but his father supported him, and he has successfully delivered on the second sample. In 2001, he signed a contract with SM Entertainment. Originally it was written down in the group Smile, with Itukom (group leader SuJu), but the project was soon stalled. Then he spent a long time as an intern in SM, he attended courses singing choreography together with Itukom, Eunhyuk and Sonmin, he shuttled between Seoul and Mokpo, because at the time of signing the contract, he studied in the third year. In 2004, the idea to create Boyce-band called Super Junior’05. The suffix 05 on the idea of ​​Lee Suman (gen. Director and founder of SM Entertainment) means the first generation of Sugi, and the group had to be updated annually. The group debuted in the show, which shows the different dance styles, but the show was not broadcast until May 26, 2006 when it was shown as part of the Super Junior Show, the first documentary about the band. The breakthrough came in the Group Summer 2006 From May to August the group was kept high on the music charts and won 7 different awards, including the Award “Best New Act”.

Unfortunately, Donghae’s father was unable to see his son’s performance on the big stage, since August 8, 2006, he died of melonomy. Until now, at the mention of his father’s eyes begin to roll Donghae tears. He does not hide them, and says he emotional person. He can cry with happiness and can cry with grief.

In general, a group of Donghae and Sujit can write endlessly. But I want to say on my own for the first time I heard their song in the drama ANJell, and, of course, immediately rushed to download the clip. The first one I remember in the group, was Donghae. That’s it. His voice was breathy, so innocent and a little sly look, and sweet habit – to bite her lower lip, and still shy smile. Here’s a he. Caring, kind, sweet, leaves no one indifferent.

Lee DonghaeLee Donghae
Lee DonghaeLee Donghae
Lee DonghaeLee Donghae

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