Kelly Slater

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Kelly Slater

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Should someone think of skateboarding, recalls the name of Tony Hawk, the most famous and successful skateboarder in history; When someone thinks of surfing, you name Kelly Slater itself appears in his head, because the young American is not just a legend, and ‘man, riding all the waves’, and those who raised the surfing to a new level and introduced to the sport a number of new techniques and tricks. But exactly how the legend began his career? How old was Slater when he first caught a wave? And what are the plans in a man who proved to the world that the surfboard he and wave – are one?

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Kelly Slater (Kelly Slater, the full name – Robert Kelly Slater) – American surfer, is best known for its unique style and an arsenal of tricks that modified the surf, turning it from a beach competition for the best caught by the war in a truly spectacular sport . During his professional career Kelly Slater eleven times champion of the world, and he won the first title in 20 years, becoming at that time the youngest world champion of surfing. Throughout his career he rides on bulletin issued by the company ‘Channel Islands’, and often engaged in the creation of their own boards, which are extremely popular among both novice and professionals. In total, he earned about $ 4 million in prize money, and received huge dividends from a few roles in movies, musical activities and sales of computer games ‘Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer’.

Kelly Slater was born on February 11, 1972-the year in Cocoa Beach, Florida (Cocoa Beach, Florida), where, incidentally, lives to this day. Since childhood, Kelly started to get involved in surfing and quickly made progress. He himself later admitted that in many respects this passion he owes to his parents, who wanted to live close to the open sea, and from childhood taught her son to love the sea. Even as a professional and toured the best beaches in the world, his favorite surfing spot Slater calls the beach, located a few minutes from his home – where he first thought of becoming a professional surfer and learned all the skills that later made him a champion.

At the time of graduation, Kelly considered the best surfer in the district, and about the glory of his talent went that there is a wave that would not be able to catch this crazy. Despite the fact that at that time surfing significantly different from the current state, Slater was trying to bring him more tricks of skateboarding to make skiing fun and entertainment. At age 20 he became the champion of the world – at that time the youngest champion in history.

Interestingly, the young athlete was so excited after the victory, he confessed that probably never experience the feeling better – because few who can confirm their championship title. Kelly said it, not even knowing that he will be world champion ten times: in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Most of his

career Kelly has worked with a giant ‘Quiksilver’, which made collaboration with the athlete to several million – for many years he was the face of the brand and one of the main surfers in the team. In 2014 the athlete decided to end cooperation with the ‘Quiksilver’ and signed a contract with the brand ‘Kering’.

Over the years, Kelly’s career has starred in over 35 movies – from short films to full-length works and documentaries; He also appeared in two shows: ‘The Girls Next Door’ and ‘Baywatch’. The athlete has written two books: ‘Pipe Dreams: A Surfer’s Journey’ and ‘Kelly Slater: For the Love’, issued in 2003 and 2008 respectively. He also took part in the creation of computer games ‘Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer’.

Today, Kelly took second place in the ranking of the best surfers of the world is not going to stop. According to him, he could always catch a wave – it’s the best there is in this life.

Kelly SlaterKelly Slater
Kelly SlaterKelly Slater
Kelly SlaterKelly Slater

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