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Full Name: Brian Tomas Litrell Nicknames: B-Rok, Mr. Joker, Seaver, Frick Born: February 20, 1975 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States Height: 1 meter and 73 centimeters Eye color: blue Hair color: brown Pet: cat named Missy Favorite musicians: Boyz II Men, Shai, Jodeci My favorite color: blue Favorite movie: “Star Wars”Favorite actors: Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock Relatives: mother – Jacky (dentist), Father – Herold (computer engineer), brother – Herold Likes: pasta with mountain cheese, ice tea , comic books, T-shirts and jeans”Baggy” Hobbies: loves to read, listen to hip-hop, collect shoes, golf, movies, dancing Dream: a large family, three children, a good car and a collie that is pleasant to the girls: blonde, blue eyes , slender legs, long nails, intelligence, sense of humor, confidence, dedication, willingness to have fun. In the group: clown with heart and brains

“It can not be done!” – This prohibition Brian often heard as a child. In five years he cut his hand and he’s got blood poisoning. When he was taken to the hospital, it was found that he had a bad heart. Brian does not follow the doctor’s: playing basketball, and soon became the heart healthy. The school Brian’u had to learn from younger students, t. To. The hospital delayed his education at the school. His school was a dream car, so in his school years he worked in McDonald’s restaurant, and saving money.

Brian – athlete, especially likes basketball, but is afraid of heights! Favorite food – Poppy & cheese from McDonalds. Brian adores his “water”bed, which was bought for $ 50. Actually, he’s a big fan of sleep and gives the case a lot of time. Singing learned a little boy in the church choir. Brian, who became the fifth, the last member of the group, is a cousin Kevin, another”bekstritboya.”Brian, who wrote the song”That’s What She Said”, often says that he needs to get used to a healthier diet and more take care of yourself, you have to give up two bad things – McDonald’s and nail biting. He seems to have succeeded in this. Last year, Brian was taken to hospital where he underwent heart surgery. The operation was simple, and nothing happened, he is now in great shape. Another point: all his friends from BSB sure what Brian married first.

Brian Thomas Littrell is the soloist of the group “Backstreet Boys”

Bryan was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in the family of Jackie and Harold Littrell. Brian – the youngest child in the family; he has a brother – Harold Littrell Jr. He began singing in a Baptist church. Attended school Tates Creek High School. In the 1992-1993 year, there was a formation of the future composition of the group Backstreet Boys. Kevin Richardson, Brian’s cousin invited him to become the fifth member of the band. Although Brian and planned to enroll in Cincinnati Bible College (dreaming of becoming a pastor), he decided to go to Orlando and audition.

«Welcome Home», 2006 g C 1993 Brian is a member of the group Backstreet Boys. He decided to record a solo album with a religious orientation, while continuing to remain a member of the group. In summer 2005, they released their first single, «In Christ Alone». The release of his first solo album of Brian «Welcome Home» was held May 2, 2006.

3 songs became singles:

«Welcome Home (You)»

«Over My Head» (2007)

Brian Bailey and Leanne Littrell 2006 iB 1997 video shoot group Backstreet Boys «As long as you love me» Brian met his future wife, model and -aktrisoy Leanne Wallace. Wedding Brian and Leanne took place September 2, 2000. November 26 was born their first son Bailey Thomas Littrell (Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell).

Hobbies: basketball, swimming, his silver-gray Toyota

Favorite color: dark blue

Brian LittrellBrian Littrell
Brian LittrellBrian Littrell
Brian LittrellBrian Littrell

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