Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt

Biography Chris Pratt

Christopher Pratt – American actor of television and cinema. The number of paintings in which he played the role of Chris or Audio Dubbing reaches 30. Recent work actor – “Guardians of the Galaxy”and”World Jurassic & raquo ;. For scoring of the main character in the animated film”Lego. Film”Christopher nominated for”Teen Choice Awards & raquo ;, category”Best voice”.

Family and Childhood Christopher

Christopher Pratt was born in 1979 in Minnesota (Virginia, USA). But his childhood was held in Washington. His parents had nothing to do with cinematography – his father worked in the gold mines, and the mother – at the supermarket. However, Chris did not consider himself a mediocrity, and was sure to reach great success in the future. However, absolutely no idea how. On the acting career he had not thought his main hobby was sports.

Reckless Life in Hawaii

Significant results in the formation, he also could not boast of – after the first semester, first year student Chris kicked out of college.

To return the custody of their parents the young man did not, so he began to earn a living: a salesman and waiter, even a stripper. Following the romantic impulse, Chris with friends went to Hawaii. There were no income, which was barely enough for food and drink, fuel for machinery and fishing accessories. They lived in the pleasure in an abandoned van on the ocean and did not think about the future.

Who knows, maybe if Chris was a model student, he never would have been successful? It is here, in Hawaii, its expected success. Once he cute waiter served at the restaurant a couple of – actress and director Don Ray Chong. Irresistible looks, sense of humor and a bit of perseverance made the business – Chris was invited to shoot in a short comedy. The picture did not come out in theaters, but the young actor received a small fee, and finally decided on a profession.

creative way actor

His first role, Chris has played in television series “Everwood”and”OC & raquo ;, and debut in the movie took place 4 years later – in the film”Freevolnaya Life”.

The film, the plot of which was in many ways similar to the life of Christopher – “Take me home & raquo ;. The protagonist could not determine the type of activity and searched myself in different areas, as long as it met the girl. Ironically, the actress, who played in the film the female lead – Anna Faris, was the same person fateful life of Chris. And although the film”failed” All ratings and did not bring the expected success in personal life Chris miraculous changes have occurred.

By the way, this film was not the only picture in which Chris was working in a duet with Anna. Films in which they play a couple in love – “What’s Your Number?”and” Movie 43 & raquo ;. True, in both cases the real relations of actors are fundamentally different from the image on the screen.

Another noteworthy painting featuring Chris is a film ” the man who changed everything & raquo ;. To some extent, Chris also had to change a lot for the role of baseball, in particular, lose a few tens of kilograms and purchase relief perfect body. For this, he spent six months in the gym at least 4 hours a day.

The last actor for his work can be proud of. He starred in the title role in the sci-fi action movie Space “Guardians of the Galaxy & raquo ;, than proved his excellent acting skills and bring investors huge box office. This opened the door for him on the set of another grand project – Film” World Jurassic & raquo ;, a story about the fine lines of the ancient relations between man and dinosaur.

As mentioned above, his personal life actor arranged almost on the set – His choice was Anna Faris, a colleague at a few pictures. They married in 2009 and are still living together. Three years after the wedding in the family first child was born – Jack.


Chris PrattChris Pratt
Chris PrattChris Pratt
Chris PrattChris Pratt

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